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Sep 13, 2023 » All bra adventures


Sep 13, 2023

I've heard so many interpretations on root height, and some of them seem conflicting. I've pretty much figured out my shape and size, but I'm stuck on root height. Which of these interpretations I've heard/read on root height are correct:

I have tall roots because my roots end above my armpit.
I have average to short roots because the top of my breast tissue is 4 fingers away from my collarbone.
I have IDK roots based on the ratio of my hemispherical size compared to the height on my chest wall.

I think I might also be conical based on what info I've seen on the shape: how does that effect subjective root height?

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  • What is the “ratio of hemispherical size”? I haven’t heard of that before so I’m curious about that.

    I usually measure from were my boobs start (when supported) compared to my armpit versus how high or low set my boobs are on my chest wall.

  • @Loxus fFom what I recall, it was a reposted comment on the Reddit from here. I've been trying to read a lot of information, so I'd have to go back and find it but I can do that. I think what it's saying is that, compared to your horizontal hemisphere, an average root is somewhere close to that same number from I guess IMF to the top of your root? I didn't really understand that one myself, but I decided to tack it on just in case it was correct.

    Supported, I don't have a very obvious bulge or line at the top of my tissue, it's fairly smooth as a transition. If I press and push up, it definitely has a distinct point where the breast tissue does not go any higher. The top of that point is approximately the width of four fingers, almost a full palm, from the bottom of my collarbone to the top of the mound where it attaches to my chest wall. I have a fairly long torso so I know that can skew things. The top of the mound is about equal to my armpit. It's kind of hard to describe, but I can post a picture if need be.

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