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Sep 12, 2023 » All bra adventures

Sep 12, 2023

What's the difference between plunges and balconettes? is one better or worse for people with short roots/people who are pendulous?

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  • Balconettes have a shorter cup height, a little wider set straps, and come in a variety of gore heights: some could be short and others could be as tall as a full cup, though usually they are categorized to have medium-ish gores. It is suits any type of neckline (except deep Vs) and can give you the ‘soft hills’ look. Wile plunges on the other hand have minimal cup coverage in the center (for V shaped necklines) and more coverage near the armpits (to bring your breasts towards the center), so an overall taller cup. Plunges also have short center gores, sometimes even no center gore and straps are closer set. I think balconettes would be better for people with shorter roots because the cups are usually shorter and the cups of a plunge bra are usually taller (though you can find some with shorter cup heights). I also think balconettes are better for people with pendulous breasts because it doesn’t let them spill in the center. Unless you have wide set roots and you can fit one and a half/two or more fingers in between your breasts while supported, then you could wear plunges too. But who knows, I could be wrong and you could find a plunge that works for you too.

  • The plunge vs balconette difference will be more visible in the center gore measurement.

    Plunge bras have deep V necks, designed not to cover much of the center part of the breasts. While Blaconette bras will not have such a deep V front look, where the center edge of the cups will be higher, thus like a boob balcony where they sit and chill.

    Plunges are good fit if your breasts are very close together since there won't be much room for center fabric and wires between them.

    Blaconettes is a much wider range, and will depend on the brand and model to see their particular benefits, there are even "Plunge balconettes" in some brands, so they're not fully disjoint.

    For your shape, maybe something with more cup depth is important, in order for the underwire to fit under the Infra Mammary fold , Usually balconettes have more cup structure and allow for more depth, since plunges are smaller cups (side wize, not in cup size) because of their half V shape.

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