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Why *exactly* shouldn't you use more than one extender? » All bra adventures


Why *exactly* shouldn't you use more than one extender?

I'm sure it's not good for a bra to use more than one extender,but what exactly will it do to the bra and how bad is it?

Asking because, with some 30/65 bands feeling somewhat loose and slipping around, I've been watching for bras with 28/60 bands, knowing that I would probably need an extender. I came across an EM S Magnolia in 28K. And I probably should have known better, but I think it may be discontinued and the style is so cute I convinced myself that maybe I can make it work. Without an extender there's no way. The only extender I found around the house adds about 3cm and is not stretchy. With the extender I can clasp it upside down and backwards and it seems find, but when I try to do it normally my boobs get too much in the way and it's hard to do it behind my back. I really just need maybe one more row, would adding a second extender be so bad or should I admit defeat? I've also seen some extenders online that seem longer and have a length of elastic between the section of eyes and the part with the hooks, would that be a better option? I'm fairly certain the wires aren't distorting but it would be easier to tell if I could get it on fully lol.

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  • I've never heard of extenders being bad for bras?? Try it with 2!

  • I believe it's more so if you need 2+ extenders when buying a bra it's probably just not a good fit, but in your case where you already have the bra, why not?

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