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Jan 29, 2022 » All bra adventures


Jan 29, 2022

Weight gain/ loss and boobs question:

I gained about 20 pounds in 3 months due to medication, bringing me from a 32FF to a 32H (in Panache) - and to this wonderful website because department stores no longer carried my size. About a year and a half later, I'm off of this medication and trying to loose the weight because these dense boobs are uncomfortable. (Sending out love to those who are even bigger than me!!!!) I've lost 10 pounds - I can tell my belly and lower half are smaller, but boobs are the same size. I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts, suggestions, experience on the matter to share. Thanks!

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  • This may depend on what kind of medication caused the weight gain. (Not trying to be nosy about your medical issues, promise!) Something like an anti-depressant, you may lose weight fairly "evenly", i.e., lose the twenty pounds and be roughly the same measurements as before, because the gain was likely mostly fat. If the medication was something like hormonal contraception, your breast tissue itself may have developed more, so you might not lose all the size simply by burning the fat and building muscle.

    In my experience, my breasts get less full with weight loss, but I haven't really seen major cup/band size changes, though I did not really do "proper" measurements until I had lost about half the weight I wanted to lose. If you put on weight in your breasts first, that will likely be the last place you lose it.

    Congratulations on the weight loss and good luck with the rest.

  • AllyBra Thanks! I have noticed that they seem to be less full on top and i can't remember where the weight gain happened first. While the med shouldn't have messed with my hormones, my chronic health problems worsened significantly after the weight gain while still on the meds, so who knows! Thanks for the comment. :)

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