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May 21, 2020 » All bra adventures


May 21, 2020

I tried Panache Envy in 34JJ, band was a size too big. (As well as the gore being superwonky it must have been a manufacturing error). I tried the new Panache Imogen in 34JJ, band was 4 sizes too big. Tango in 34J is at least 1 band size too big. Cleo Hettie in a 34J was also too big in the band.

I wanna try the new Panache Corrine and Amelie, they are black so they should be smaller in the band but since almost all Panache I've tried seem to run big I don't know if I should just go straight for a 32 band instead. I emailed panache about Imogen being huge and they shrugged and was like "no the band is made the same way as always". I could have bought a whole bra at this point with the amount I've paid for shipping and returns. So tired of this, I just want a bra that fits.

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  • Hello! Sorry to hear you haven't found your perfect fit yet :\
    Have you ever used a band 34 that suited you in Panache?
    I did a comparison of the bras you tried: They all stretch to around 90cm, except the Imogen, which is indeed bigger, like you experienced.
    By comparing other similar bras from Panache, 3 out of 4 also measure up to 90cm stretched: This seems to be the standard for them in the 34 band.
    If you don't feel comfortable in those bands, then yeah! I think it would be a good bet to try the 32 one :)

  • I have 34J Andorra which is too small in the cup but the band is very snug. Slightly too snug. I have it in beige and navy. The cups are much too small so can't really try it on other than testing the band. I tried a black Jasmine which was too snug (Bought it in a black print in 36 which is too big tho lol).

    Corrine is supposed to be based on tango and Amelie on Jasmine&Envy. So maybe 34 in those are ok, because they are black.. but then because they are new they could have the same fate as Imogen..

    It's such a gamble!

    Meanwhile I really love Bravissimo's bands because they are TTS , but their cup depth is all over the place and is another yolo-purchase because of that.

    I'm in bra-prison hehe.

    Also that's a really cool tool, I didn't know there was one!

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