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Got a breast reduction, now what? » All bra adventures


Got a breast reduction, now what?

I got a breast reduction surgery a couple of weeks ago an started to think about what type /size/ brand bras I will able to wear and realized I have no idea what is out there anymore.
I stopped visiting brick and mortar bra lingerie stores 15 years ago when i reached G (UK) cupsize.
Then I got kids, and things got even more out of control and reached the K and KK (UK) cup range that made it impossible for me to buy anything than a couple of polish brands. To makes things worse i had narrow roots, even Ewa Michlalak had too wide wires for me, and Comxim wires were just not supportive enough.

Anyway, I ended up finding the brand Nessa and in the past 5 years I pretty much just kept ordering the same couple of bras in the same sizes 75O (34K UK) and 75P (34KK UK) for during my period.
Now I got a total of 6.5 lb (almost 3 kg) tissue removed , I hope finally I will able to get to buy bras in stores, but I do not even know where to start.
I still have some swelling and my under-bust measure 35" right now, (was 33" before surgery), and my full bust is 42", which may shrink further as the swelling goes down.
Anyway, a bra that fits calculator says i am still a 34FF/G, which I do not think is accurate (or hope is not accurate).
I have a couple of post surgery bras that fit quite well (no spilling out), they are Amoena brand,one model is the Ester 38 DD and the other is Frances and Amoena Frances Medium E/F (label also says EU: 80/85 E/F).
Any size suggestions? Or personal experiences with bra sizing after breast reduction?

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  • Crazy! I'm in the exact same boat (as in similar starting size and ending size) except that I am almost 3 months post-op. Replying so that I remember to post later.
    In short, good news is that reduced breasts are shallower, that is wider and taller than not surgically altered breasts. That means that your narrow roots might not be a problem anymore. Bad news is deswellling may not bring you to a smaller size. ABTF calculator had me at 34FF/34G 2 weeks post op and at 34G/GG 2 months post-op. Only difference is I initially felt more comfortable in a 36 band. Advice: not to invest in too many bras as things may still change/fluctuate quite a bit.

  • Yay twinsies! That is crazy! That is a rare size to start with, and having same end result is even more crazy.
    I am 2.5 weeks post op.
    Have you started to wear wired bras yet? I am going to start with a 36 band for sure, I was so glad that started with 38 band post op bra .
    I also ordered a size 3 Enell Lite bra to start with. It is similarly constructed as the post op bras, so I think I use that as the middle step . Later it can serve me as sports bra for light - medium impact activities.
    Thanks for the reply , not I a, going to stalk tour posts, lol.

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