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Breast shape

I used to think I was high-set but maybe I'm more average? Idk, I swear the base of my root is a little further down that is used to be *shrugs* oh well..

Question though..I've honestly been trying to figure this out but where do you draw the line between tall vs average vs short when it comes to roots? (I've read the reddit posts but I'm still no closer to figuring it out)

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  • Short roots look like a lower case b when supported in a bra. They often get a gap at the strap of a bra.

  • The way I see it, it's easiest to determine short/average/tall roots based on bra fit rather than in an abstract fashion. Do most bras in your size tend to poke in the arm and have too tall wires and gores? Or there's usually empty space at the top of the cup/ the part where the cup meets the strap? Then most likely it's short roots. Do most bras, even when they seem to fit otherwise, tend to cut in the upper tissue or there's often tissue escaping from the wing? That can be tall roots. If neither is the case, then it could be average height roots :-)

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