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'loose ribcage' and 'stetched band' relashionship in band sizing » All bra adventures


'loose ribcage' and 'stetched band' relashionship in band sizing

Just got an account, and still trying to figure things out. I've put my measurements in and was very eager to look at recommendations (should mention that I'm very new to proper bra fitting and I didn't even know it was possible to have a properly fitting bra, so I don't have any that fit me right now)

Got a newbie question though. Bratabase sizes me at a 30 band size(most of my recommendations) And the bras in that range stretch out "stretched band" to high 70s(cm), but I've put in on 'loose ribcage' 82cm. Surely that would lead to painful digging (especially when sitting)? I would have thought 'stretched band' should be at least as high as 'loose ribcage' Is bratabase inaccurate in this regard/doesn't take 'loose ribcage' into account? Or is this actually how bras are supposed to fit?

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  • Brands can vary, styles within brands can vary, and even different runs or colours of the same style can vary. It’s can be very confusing! As I understand it though, the stretched band measurements should be fairly close to the snug measurement because you are looking for the support of a snug band. This means a 30 band should stretch to 30” or so. That said, people in sub 32 bands often prefer to sister size up for comfort because they have less rib cage squish. Same thing if you’re in between sizes. In some cases, I’ve seen suggestions to look for stretched bands half to a whole inch larger than the snug measurement (usually the sub 32s again). For example, my snug under bust is 28” or so (sometimes closer to 28.75”). I prefer 29-30” stretched measurements in my bras based on the experience of the bras I have tried on and determined what is and isn’t comfortable. For me this means a) a true to size (tts) 30 band b) a 30 that’s either a little bit loose or a little bit snug c) a loose or stretchy 28 or d) tight/snug 32. My “technical” size is 28FF/G with the calculator, but it also says that I might be more comfortable in a 30F/FF (it’s slightly overstimulated my cup based on the soft and pendulous tissue so I’m usually a cup size down from the suggested sizes) and some Polish brands run tight so I need a 32. Lastly, there can be a bit of human error in the measurements...some might over stretch and others may under stretch. Also, entering in used bra measurements can lead to looser measurements. But it hopefully averages out.

    I’m not sure of cm equivalents, sorry, but maybe this helps?

  • Ok, so basically the 'stretched band' should be closer to the snug fit rather than loose. But I should try a band size up if I don't find it comfortable on any individual bra...

    That helped a lot! Thank you! (Also for taking the time to detail it for me)😊

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