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There is nothing wrong with east and west » All bra adventures


There is nothing wrong with east and west

When you lean over are your nipples pointing straight towards the floor or do they face slightly outwards? Like in the image of Bettie Page.

If the latter then your boobs are probably naturally east-west. I have been like that all my life.

If I lift up my boobs naturally my nipples are 4.5 cm from the sides of my body. Gore to nipple 13.5 cm. They have the least volume in the gore and they tapers towards the apex. The apex is also almost parallel with the side of my body. You can see the same phenomenon here where Jayne Mansfield has gotten a nipslip Almost straight line from side paralell to nips. And tapering.

Projection won't happen in the front, but on the sides of the body. Natural east-west projection. Forcing that front and center goes against the shape of the boobs and are at least on me painful. My bobs has the fullest parts where everyone wants to flatten them and make them invisible with side support panels. They has the least volume where all bras expects it to be; at the front of my body.

I can force my boobs front and center. They are convertible so that I can simply turn them like 30 degrees around and make side tissue turning into top tissue. But is it really sensible? It's not.

I've had a lot of wishful thinking about my boobs and how they should be able to "act normal". Because something must be wrong with my thinking. There must be a missing link there that I haven't figured out. Something that would miraculously make me have a fitting bra. I was promised one by the fitting guides and bra fitters and bra bloggers wasn't I? I was told it was so easy. Why don't I fit into the bra fitting bras box? Everyone says it's so fantastic.

It's hard. Because I have to constantly hear how wrong, ugly, terrible, unusual and whatnot east and west is seen as. Be it bra bloggers complaining about Curvy Kate, be it bra fitters saying boobs should be forward, be it Balkonetka or Polish bra companies saying "boobs are always at the front".

I wonder how many more out there that struggle with this. And if people even know how much all east west hatred hurts. Both physically. And emotionally.

Because the way I see it the bra fitting world isn't one bit better on fitting boobs like mine than Victoria Secret is at bra fitting in general. And even plastic sergeants are more aware of naturally east and west boobs than bra fitters. I find that very very sad.

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  • Boobs come in many shapes and for a lot of women, forward projection fits their natural shape. Since this shape is fashionable right now, I can see how it makes it hard for you to find style that fit properly. I definitely can sympathize there, as over the years certain trends have made it difficult for me to find clothing and even shoes that fit. Lucky, with the fashion aspect you are free to choose what you like and disregard what you don't like or doesn't work for you.

  • So now you try fantasie fullcups? :D

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