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Bra fitting help » Is this a bad fit? Not sure if it's really bad or being unused to wearing a bra

Marie Jo L'aventure » Tom Strapless Bra (012-0828) » 75B 34:2

I got this bra some years ago as my 'one good bra', but I've almost never worn it. The last 2 years I've mainly worn stretchy bralettes or no bra. Recently I got inspired to actually measure myself and also decided to see how this bra compared. Perhaps not surprising, the size doesn't match. However to my unexpierenced eye there are no obvious big problems and I find it hard to determine if any discomfort is due to a genuine bad fit or just because I haven't worn an actual bra for so long.
The band seems not too tight and not too loose, and the cups are not obviously too big or too small. But it doesn't 'feel right'. So my question is: does this look like a good fit? And secondary, what are things I can try to figure it out more clearly?

My suggested sizes on this site are UK 32E - 32F - 34E - 34F, and the calculator from gave me UK 32D-32F.

The bra picured is UK 34B 🤔

(At some point I'm planning to get some other bras to try in the here suggested sizes, but since I'm lucky enough to not really need a bra to feel comfortable day to day this is not really a priority.)

Edit: I'm also not entirely sure I got the right description of my breast, like if they are shallow or projected etc. If there's anything I've listed that seems wrong please let me know!

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