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Bra fitting help » Cups definitely too small, but by how much?

Panache » Wired Sport (5021A) » 32DD 32:5

Hello Bratabase community!
This is my first post, so I hope I'm providing enough info.

Here we go... I ordered this bra in a 32DD because pre-pandemic I was a 32DD, but the cup size is waaay too small. The band is okay (I can pull it out an inch, maybe a bit more), but my breasts are coming out the sides, top and everywhere else possible. I don't really know the bra lingo, but the side of the underwire is not reaching my rib cage. In the center, the underwire is lifted 2 or 3 cm off my body and there is no separation of the breasts (in fact the opposite, there's excessive cleavage coming out the top).

I have searched the internet high and low to find the right bra size, which is how I found this lovely community, but I'm still at a loss. Bra calculators have told me everything from 32DD to 30GG (all in UK sizes). I've also had 2 virtual fittings- one said (for this bra) I should take a 32F and the other said a 32FF. Based on the measurements I inputted here, Bratabase suggests a 32G. So confused! Haha

Granted, I am a bigger cup size than I thought, but I still don't know which size to buy. Apparently, the cups of this bra fit a little large.

This time around, I want to try as hard as possible to order the best size for my measurements. I am ordering internationally (I live in Chile), so the customs, shipping and currency conversion add up quickly when I have to keep returning the items to other continents.

Thanks!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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