The ideal scenario of a closed listing on the site would be for the new owner to re-list the bra on the site in order to have her perspective of the bra, whether or not it fit her and her own take measuring in order to decrease measuring error from the original user (if any).

This doesn't always happen :-(, and most of times nor the site or the bra seller can keep track of where did her bras go other than go back to her messages.

So! I've implemented Bra transfers, they are a better way to properly transfer a bra to another Bratabase user, this will:

  • Set your listed bra as not owned any more
  • Close your listing as "Sold to another Bratabase user"
  • Create a new Transfer from your bra to the new owner

Tell to which user you gave the bra to

Then the new owner will get notified that there's a new bra on her way, she will be able to see all her upcoming bras and once she gets them she can indicate that they made it there.

Indicate when you get the bra

By doing so, the site will automatically create a new bra for her with the original bra's characteristics so she can start adding her own information of it :)

PS: Yes~ I need an artist to help :P