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Bras » Wonderbra » Ultimate Strapless Lace Bra (9474) » 34FF 34:8

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage83.5
B. perimeter36.3
Stretched Band85.2
Band Length72.5
Cup width19.1
Cup depth25.3
Cup height18.6
Cup separation2.8
Gore height6.7
Wing height12.1

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  1. 0

    Didn't fit

    this is an incredibly strange feeling bra. its just....odd. i cant quite figure out whats up with the fit, maybe the cups are too large? it feels like, while the band is snug and the cups are technically covering and touching my boobs, its not really making much contact. especially at the outside upper corner and outside of the cup, it feels quite empty. there's not really a feeling of being pushed up or in or anything, its just kind of a nicely shaped boob hat? which i guess works, since my breasts arent heavy or in need of a ton of support, just coverage and a nice ... shape for under a bridesmaid dress. the bra is very firmly molded, so i get the nice round shape that it has under clothes, without my boobs really being a part of the equation. its a bit like wearing a piece of armor, hah! i cant say i enjoy wearing it so far, but it'll hopefully do the job.

    im concerned about the band, because ive only been wearing it about 15 minutes so far, and its already uncomfortable. while im standing its not a problem, and feels snug but not strangling, but while sitting it digs into the top of my stomach. its and oddly shaped band in the front, so im not surprised, but i hope if i wear it for a while before the wedding, itll loosen up a smidge there. im going to be doing a lot of sitting down there, and i dont want to feel like im being cut in half.

    the cups are quite tall, and when i sit with my arms in front of me (like now when im typing) its especially noticeable how high up in my pits they get. i havent tried it with the dress yet, but i hope its not so tall that it shows! i also can really tell about the empty space, i feel like i could cut the top half of the cup off and it would fit better. i dont have much upper fullness, so i kind of knew going in that strapless bras and i were likely not going to mesh, and im guessing thats why i have so much empty space in there.

    all in all, itll do the job, but i probably wont reach for it as a daily wear bra, because its just not worth the awkward feeling of strapless bras. im not really sure how to measure this thing, since i cant discern any wires and its oddly constructed, but i'll do my best!

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    Didn't fit

    Holy moly.

    Yeah, you want cleavage? This'll give you cleavage. I thought for sure this would be too shallow for me or would mangle my squishy breasts, but it works like a charm.

    My only complaints are:

    1) Based on reviews, I expected the band to run tight. I sister sized over from my current 32G to a 34FF. Turns out it wasn't necessary. This feels best on the tightest hook, but dealing with that is better than dealing with international exchanges. So a word of advice: Go to +1 or maybe +2 on this bra, but not +3.

    2) I'm short with high-set breasts, so the upper corners are barely ... clearing my armpits. This is more an issue with my body type than the bra itself, but it's worth noting for my fellow hobbits.

    3) Why, OH WHY, don't bra companies make wardrobe staples in (lots and lots of shades of) fleshtones? I got stuck with the ivory because it was all I could get in this size, and even on my pasty skin, its going to show under everything--at least at the armpit of the one-shouldered dress I bought it for. What is the POINT of this color?

    TL;DR: Thumbs up on the bra, thumbs down on the color, don't go crazy sizing up in the band.

    UPDATE: After wearing the bra for a day, it is definitely too loose in the band and too tall at the armpits. In fact, there's now a nice little right-angle crease in the corner of each cup from my arms crushing them down (which went away after washing, but still). Somewhat uncomfortable, but not a deal breaker in the world of strapless for me. I do wonder if a 32G would dig too much.

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    Didn't fit

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    Added on Sep 04, 2012

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    Hasn't set fit

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    Added on Mar 27, 2013

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    Didn't fit