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Bras » Victoria's Secret » Dream Angels Demi Bra (328-793) » 32D 32:4

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage78.9
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band81.8
Band Length65.8
Cup width13.7
Cup depth18.4
Wire length20.8
Cup height14.6
Cup separation3.3
Gore height5.1
Wing height8.4
Strap width0.0

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  1. 2

    Hasn't set fit

    This is one of my favorite bras and also one of the few VS bras I can wear due to my size. I am 30 D and the sister size 32 C wasn't comfortable. I tried the Dream Angels demi in 32 D after a suggestion from a friend on the tightest hook and tightening the straps and it works perfect. I have this in the solids and lace. The ones that have the lace patterns (white base color with black and white lace around bottom of cups) seem to fit a little different in the center and aren't as comfortable as the solid or lace ones. I look forward to getting some feedback on the bras I've posted.

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    • 1

      In light of all I've learned about bras this year, I'd have to re-evaluate the quality of product that VS makes if I were to start wearing their bras again. Which is not an option because they do not deign to offer bras in a size that would fit me. And this saddens me, because I think they make beautiful looking bras. Always have.

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  2. 1

    Didn't fit

    First off, I have no idea why mine is considered "silver violet lace", as it is not violet in any way, shape, or form." alt=":p" />

    Aside from that, I spent literally about 3 hours in VS yesterday trying to distinguish between certain bras and see which ones fit me.
    I noticed that in this model, I can wear a 32D or 32C, depending on the material used. Oh, VS. So in the "coconut lace", those run rather large, and in the plain colors, they also run semi larger. In this lace one, it ran smaller. Wtf indeed. Also, as I suspected in the past, ... the "Dream Angels" bras, which have always been my favorite overall, fit my shape best, as long as they're not push-ups.
    This one and the others I tried have narrower wires and deeper cups compared to say, the Body By Victoria Demis. The cups are also a smidge closer.

    This bra in particular has wider wires than I need, but they still aren't particularly wide- just for me personally.
    VS has also started making tighter bands recently, so I'd say this fits more like a 30-31" band. I noticed this during Christmas when I was trying things on. The only bands that have remained really stretchy seem to be the Body By Victoria's. Panties are also running smaller. I'm a little confused, but whatevs! VS's where I've been in east and west PA and Delaware seem to be sizing a little better also, which is how I even ended up here in the first place since I had always worn 34-36A-C's until 2014. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'll have smaller bands and more varied shapes soon, just because it's much more convenient for me to head over to a mall when I need just a basic T shirt bra once in a while.

    Speaking of the band, I would actually not recommended buying this particular bra. In the plain colors, yes, but not in this one. The band is VERY itchy and kind of irritating. I unfortunately didn't notice this even though I tried it on several times to make sure I wanted this one xD
    I've owned various DA bras and never experienced this before.

    But anyway, this is probably the one VS bra that I tried that is almost perfect. I would actually recommend this to anyone who still likes VS but realized their bras don't work for their shape. I found a similar DA bra that is a true half cup shape and has removable straps, which also mostly worked. My only issue with that was that it was closed on top and gave me bubble boobs because of that. Perhaps it would have worked in a 32C, but I couldn't find one to test.
    This one will work for average projection to slightly more projection (I've lost alot of tissue, but looking at myself, I am still clearly projected), and average-slightly narrow width.

    I find VS's sizing differences rather annoying, as their width is about 1" more as you go up, but depth is only a few centimeters. I am getting the 32C in the plain color which worked better overall, but is lacking in depth by only about 0.2", I swear. This isn't an issue for my right, smaller side, but it's a little annoying for my left.
    In any case, I've needed plain beige/blush T shirt bras, and I had a gift card, so might as well until I can order some Basics from Comexim..which will likely be after this coming order.

    About the rest of the bra, the straps are fully adjustable, cup distance is less than in most VS bras, cup depth is a little more, bands in the newer DA brs are a little tighter, and cups are overall comfortable. Band is itchy in the "silver lace" overlay bra, and not very comfortable.

    Appearance-wise... it's funny, because the more Polish bras I buy, the cheaper VS bras look, and the less appealing they look as well. And they are relatively the same price. This was the less practical bra of the few I was considering, but probably the most sexy. I can't get over the cheap appareance of many of their bras lately, but overall I like this one. It has light pink lace cups with a minimal silver foil overlay, same material for the band, and black straps. Yeah, the straps are what did it for me. I had almost this exact bra before with the same pink straps and I didn't like it nearly as much. xD

    Overall, I like it, and it will work for now while I'm preparing/waiting for my Comexim order." alt=":)" />

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    Silver Violet Lace colorway

    Updated on Mar 16, 2016 Flag this

    • Were you able to try this bra on?
      I want to know if the band also runs small.
      And jeez at VS's bra prices. They used to be cheaper.

    • Prettyncharmeuse I tried one similar to that but not that one itself. I had tried the padded ones and the longlines and they were just a little tight.
      I am going back in an hour to pick up a hold though, so I'll take my measuring tape and see if I can find one :D
      And omg yes -_- Their prices are ridiculous. I remember buying my first Body By Victoria bra there in 2008 and it was so much cheaper >_< Even those are mostly around $55 now.

    • Prettyncharmeuse They didn't have it :( I'll keep my eye out for them though

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  3. -

    Hasn't set fit

    Didn't write a review

    Pink and White Striped colorway

    Added on Nov 07, 2015