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Bras » Valea » Perla Soft » 65F 30:6

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage76.8
B. perimeter22.2
Stretched Band70.2
Band Length52.3
Cup width13.4
Cup depth23.1
Wire length24.3
Cup height15.1
Cup separation2.1
Gore height6.5
Wing height8.8
Strap width1.2

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  1. 6


    My shape: mid-height front-facing teardrop profile (ski jump with no "jump") with tall shallow roots, low apex, lots of immediate projection underneath but moderate overall projection, wide roots with lots of side fullness and shallow tails that wrap all the way to the shoulder blade, extremely close-set center tissue (possibly a trace of natural symmastia), and very firm self-supporting tissue that when pushed out of shape will push right back.

    This is a lovely bra I received as a swap from another user all the way from Bulgaria! And when I say "lovely", I meant it. It is so delicate and pretty, almost perfectly transparent, and so incredibly light. ... The lace embroidery is a satin stitch done in shades of ivory and silvery grey, with the barest hint of pink on a few of the flower petals.

    When I first tried it on, I was completely surprised by how well it fits, especially considering that I had never heard anything about the brand or model and it was a total shot in the dark. It is a half-cup style, though, which probably explains it: two panels with a single vertical seam + that nice side sling are really all the shaping I needed. The top edge doesn't cut in at all! I think that makes it good for even-shapes and moderately full upper roots, no matter their height (however, I don't think this is a FOT-friendly shape). The tags seem to have been removed, unfortunately, so I don't know anything about the brand's manufacture or sizing.

    It is about a cup size too small, but only in the wires - the cup depth and other dimensions seem to suit me fairly well. In fact, this might be one of those fabled mythical bras that have enough immediate projection! The outer curve of the wires doesn't quite follow all the fullness of the breast tissue, but I haven't worn it for more than an hour yet to see if that will bother me (usually not a problem, since most cups rest on the tails of my roots, but unsure in this case).

    The wings are quite short, which I think would be a concern for a lot of ladies, but because of my unique side root shape (like the long tail of the Nike swoosh) and my self-supporting tissue, I can get away with lots of different wing heights and various wire widths in combination with the wings. Although I certainly prefer them higher, these don't bother me. The band is quite narrow around the back as well, but I think this will make some of my lower-cut summer tops easier to wear, and again, not that much of a problem for me. It is sufficiently tight on the loosest hook for now, in spite of being pre-owned.

    The gore is a bit tall, and too wide and thus a little poke-y for my taste, but there are very few in the world that aren't on me (still looking for my unicorn; a half-cup with enough immediate projection and a super-plunge gore!). I can't quite tell if my tissue meets on my sternum, or if there is simply less than 1 fingers' width of space, but either way, I've never met a gore that wasn't too wide. I'm not sure how much taking the gore in would affect the shape of the rest of the bra, but it might help.

    My chief complaint is the straps, how thin they are, how far apart they are, and by association, the super wide width of the top cup edges. It is bad enough that there is some buckling in the cup fabric whenever I relax my posture at all. Unfortunately, that means that this brand, or at least this model, scales poorly down into this size range. However much it pains me to say, since I love basically everything else about this bra, for posterity I must: I do not own nor have ever tried a bra, even a Freya, that has straps set farther apart. They are removable, but the bra isn't really designed to be worn strapless, and I am not certain if they would adjust long enough for me to convert them to racerback (although that would certainly help keep them on my shoulders!).

    I'm still going to wear this anyway, but it might need some help keeping the straps on my shoulders. On the other hand, I can't wait to try this in the summertime! Maybe I finally have my sheer summer bra!

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      This is a very pretty bra! It somehow reminds me of the Gorsenia bras I tried once (Miriam, Selma, Audrey). Looks great on you.

    • 2

      This bra gives me the chills. Like full on choirs of seraphim, hordes of unicorns, faeries in green meadows chills.

    • Ethereal. Beautiful.

    • O.O
      It's so beautiful!
      I can totally see you shrinking into a little twinkling fairy, lol.
      (Sorry, I must be dramatic at times!)

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  2. 1

    Didn't fit

    This bra can be a good decoration but it gives neither lift nor support for heavy bust. It's too delicate and sheer.
    The design is very nice and the fabric is soft ( may be too soft for the bra of this size).
    The cups are unlined with a side sling and a thin band of elastic at the top (both have no effect on how the cups fit).
    The band is comfortable snug, but usually I prefer 28 band.
    The straps are removable and very thin ( the thinnest ones I've ever seen for this size)

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Jun 08, 2017 Flag this

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