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Bras » Parfait By Affinitas » Charlotte Padded Bra (6901) » 40H 40:11

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage99.1
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band105.7
Band Length85.6
Cup width20.1
Cup depth31.9
Wire length36.3
Cup height0.0
Cup separation2.0
Gore height11.0
Wing height14.2
Strap width2.7

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  1. 4

    Didn't fit

    *edit* not able to make this into a fit check because I did not take measurements of the bra before returning it to Amazon.

    I really wanted to like this bra, and the design with the blossom pink print too. Unfortunately, I think the cups are perhaps too shallow for my projection and that I maybe ordered the right band (I think) but not the right cup, which would only make the fit that much shallower. Gore does not tack at all to sternum and the sides of the cup have extra space as well as the top having gaping with wrinkles in the fabric. I did also swoop ... and scoop myself in, on loosest hook, and sat with it on for about an hour and the wires under my arm are either too high or just does not fit me right. Also, I am only 5'5" but have a relatively short torso, and fat around, for anyone looking to compare. The pink blossom print fit exactly the same as the Rio Red design.

    Anyone able to take a look at me and give suggestions would be appreciated as I am still looking for the right shape/style of bra.

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    Rio Red colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

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    • I am far from an expert but I will try my best to be helpful. Sorry if I tell you things you already know.

      When you push the gore in and make it tack, does the fit of the cups improve or change at all? When the gore is floating you can get a better idea of how the cups actually fit by pushing the gore down onto your sternum.

      I think the straps on this bra might be set too far apart for your frame. I have that problem quite frequently and it makes the cups do what yours are doing.

      I don’t know if the cup size is wrong, but the cups may just be the wrong shape - maybe too wide in the wire and not projected enough at the bottom?

      A band that is too big for you could also cause the wires to be too wide and the straps to be set too far apart. How far from your back are you able to stretch the band out? Shouldn’t be more than four fingers’ width or so on a well fitting band.

    • 1

      I will take any form of advice I can get. Feel like a teenager finding her first non-training bra doing all this research. So thank you.

      When the gore was pushed down, the cup on the inside fits the girls much better but does nothing for the outside of the cups.

      I never thought that straps would be too far apart for me bc I have such broad shoulders. Guess I might need to test this out now.

      Any suggestions for not so wide of wires but fuller in the cups styles/bras?

      Yeah I can't seem to decide between having thicker bands or not. I almost feel like I should bc I am overweight but then i think of my smaller frame...

      I returned the bra so I can't check how many fingers but I would say no more than 3 fingers if that.

    • 1

      I hear you on the feeling like a kid having to learn and figure everything out again!

      I am very inexperienced with which brands and models have which kinds of wires and cups, so I’m pretty useless there. Sorry.

      Have you been on A Bra That Fits?

      This is a very helpful guide for terminology and assessing the shape of your breasts and the fit of your bra.

      When you talk about the band poking you in tbd armpit, that part of the bra is called the wing, and if it’s too tall it can poke. I have that issue a lot since I’m like 5 ft, so many many things are just too long/tall in all sorts of places.

      When I ask about the band being too big, I mean fitting too loosely. You shouldn’t be able to pull the band away from your back far enough to get more than 4 fingers (stacked on each other - so your hand is turned sideways abd only the side of your pinky touches your back- the side of your index finger touches the inside of the band) between you and the band.

      As for straps... yeah, if they are somewhere in your armpits or cut in on slide around and it bugs you, they are probably too far apart. The straps should sit on top of your shoulders right where your neck muscle joins your shoulder.... it’s nearer the armpit than the neck. You might try looking for some bras with center pull straps and see what you think of those. Plunge and balconette styles will have wide set straps. Center pull straps are set more narrowly and often have lower wings that won’t give you armpit poke.

      I would recommend trying to figure out where the roots of your breasts are, so that you know how wide the wires need to be (ie, how far under your arms your really need to have the wires reach), and that will really help you evaluate cup fit as far as shape, and help minimize wire poke in the pits. This blog is VERY helpful. You’ll have to scroll past the first post (about wide horizontal oval shallow boobs) to get to the posts about wide roots and narrow roots. It has pix. Soooo helpful.

      You can have as thick a band as you want, as long as it doesn’t poke you!

    • 2

      I have seen that sibreddit. In fact, I found this site bc of ABraThatFits. But I never feel like I can get the answers needed from there. I know I am close-set, wide and tall roots (no question there, trust me), acts FOB but have even fullness when bent 90°, projected, malleable tissue, and shaped somewhere between pendulous, bell, or teardrop shape.

      I always feel I need the wider/taller wings bc of how massive my boobs are, but I will look at some bras that are not as tall as I have previously ordered. Hopefully that solves that problem of poking wires.

      Yes, the 3 fingers I mentioned do correlate with what you are saying of the sideways hand.

      I only think the straps did that bc the cups were too big. But bras that I did fit in the past that were full coverage bras did that so I think I need not as full of cups. And I do have broad shoulders so I almost need the wide straps bc any narrower and it really digs into my shoulders uncomfortably.

      And I have checked out that blog as well and it tells me that I got wide roots. But thank you for sharing regardless.

      Again thank you for your help. I very much need it lol

    • Yep, you’re definitely beyond my skill level then! You’re welcome for what help I was able to give. Thank you for being so gracious. I wish you lots of luck finding awesome bras that fit. 😃

    • 1

      Can you submit this as a fit check? I have some theories. The first is that the cup is way too big and that is why the gore isn’t tacking (gored don’t rack if the cup is too small, but also if the cup is too big! Not too many people talk about that). Second, I think the band looks ok at the bottom but at the top by your shoulders it’s way too loose. That’s because the band is made for a V shaped back but you have a more | | shaped back. With your next bra if it feels too loose try hooking the top hooks in one or two more hooks. I do this and it does wonders for my bra fit. You can also by a smaller band and use an extender to add a hook just to the bottom of the band.

    • 2

      cupandahalf Just added an edit stating that I cannot fit check as I did not take measurements of the bra itself before returning it. Was not aware that was possible until yesterday.

      Definitely agree the cup is too big. I did try to confirm whether the gore not tacking would have been bc of the cups being too big. Glad to know that that is in fact a thing. Thank you

      I have to admit, not entirely sure what you mean by hooking onto 1 or 2 more hooks. Would you be so kind as to further explain that or share a link to do so?

    • 1

      Sure- I’m talking about hooking it like this so it’s tighter at the too and looser at the bottom:

    • 1

      So, seems liike your doing great in figuring out your shape (quote "I know I am close-set, wide and tall roots (no question there, trust me), acts FOB but have even fullness when bent 90°, projected, malleable tissue, and shaped somewhere between pendulous, bell, or teardrop shape.)

      Hoping to help a little, perhaps you've done this already: if you measure yourself / your boobs as guided on Bratabase, you can start comparing your body measurements with the added bra measurements on this site, and work out what bra 'dimensions' work for you!

      This is often a trial-and-error process; but for me it helped out immensely, especially figuring out what band measurement, gore height/width and cup depth & width suits my needs. (Like I'll find a certain bra online, and then decide whether to order it or not based on the stats here. That works best with more 'popular' brands / models and sizes though).

      As for specific suggestions, I'm thinking you might try a bra like Panache Jasmine - a good unlined 'diagnostic' bra to figure out your shape? Maybe you can do a fit request on that?

      Perhaps Curvy Kate may work for you as a brand as well. Their wires are generally on the wider side, and after some growing pains when they just started out, they've stepped up their game on 'scaling' their bras for larger cup sizes. Good luck!

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  2. 0

    Didn't fit

    Wow, that’s a pretty bra! Sadly not a good fit for me. The band is nice and firm, but the cups are way too small.

    I should have heeded the warnings in other reviews to go up in cup size. Instead, I tried my regular size (40HH) and a SMALLER size (40H). Silly me.

    There’s a good chance that a 40J or 40JJ will work like a charm for me, and I will probably order again at some point in the future.

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Jul 11, 2014 Flag this

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  3. -

    Hasn't set fit

    Didn't write a review

    Added on Feb 12, 2015