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Bras » Panache » Andorra Full Cup Bra (5675) » 38E 38:6

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage95.1
B. perimeter28.7
Stretched Band96.3
Band Length78.0
Cup width15.4
Cup depth27.0
Wire length30.8
Cup height20.2
Cup separation2.0
Gore height9.2
Wing height11.3
Strap width1.7

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  1. 2

    Didn't fit

    Every time I wear this bra I hate it just a little bit more, which breaks my heart, since it is so pretty and give me a nice, subtly uplifted shape. The band is very snug for a 38 -- I have to use an extender to keep from distorting the wire, while the band on 38E panache Ava fits just fine. I was hoping that it would stretch out a bit, but it isn't showing any signs of that so far. More annoyingly, it rolls whenever I sit and I have to readjust in when I get up. On the plus ... side, this is the perfect time for me to pull it back into my IMF, which it acts like it is going to sit in when I put it on, but it is just teasing while it plans its escape. So I'm guessing that my FoB breasts are just too much for it.

    The gore and sides are also quite high for my high-set breasts. The gore is okay if I am standing up, but if I sit a lot, it gets quite stabby. The wings aren't poking so much, but they are high enough that they chafe, especially when I am driving.

    The cups fit nicely, though maybe a bit wide, (I'm still having a hard time figuring out root width confidently) with a slight minimizing effect. And they creak like a boat every time I put it on.

    I wanted so badly for this bra to fit that I pushed the wires from the gore up the other end of the channel and put in a couple of stitches to hold them in place. This helped with the gore but made the sides fit so badly that I had marks in my armpits for days, so I took the stitches out again and considered that experiment a failure.

    In short, I don't believe this bra is a good fit for me.

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    • Ugh. I can't wear this bra either.

    • 1

      I tried 34G - Panache » Clara Full Cup Bra (7255) (my usual Panache size) and 34GG - Panache » Clara Full Cup Bra (7255) . Clara is based on Andorra. Neither size worked for me because the cut is too shallow at the wire for my immediate projection.

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    Didn't fit

    Sept 2018 update: As I've worn this bra more, and as I've gotten used to wearing bras that really fit well, Andorra has become a favourite. I have grown accustomed to the tall wires and don't have a problem wearing it all day. Despite my early issues with Andorra, it has become a gold standard to which my other bras are held: do I fill the cup as well in x as I do in Andorra? Does this bra hold my tissue like Andorra? Is is as comfortable? The stretch lace panel on the top of the cup is still my favourite thing about this bra and a ... hallmark advantage for me, because it creates an illusion of fit, even if the top shape wasn't built exactly for my breasts. It truly is made to last, and it has a place in my heart now, even if the wires ARE a bit tall!

    I want to love Andorra. I really do. But man, it--it being the bra--can be pretty tough. Panache underwires are very firm, and I have a lot of squish, so my squish gets poked a lot. In part, though, this is because the underwires are very tall on both ends. The poking was much worse before I bent the ends outward, to alleviate some of the pressure on my sternum and under my armpits. I still get marks on my chest from the gore, but for the most part, I'm no longer stabbed constantly.
    Now, for all the good, and why I still wear this bra a lot: beyond the wires, Andorra is so comfortable! The lace cups and the mesh band are both really, really soft, and I am all in on a stretchy lace top of the cup. The stretch is very forgiving for FOT breasts, since the stretch creates a customized fit. The shape Andorra gives is not the most rounded look I've ever seen, and the seams might show through slightly on the cups. I own the pearl colorway, and it's very pretty--much more beautiful than it looks in model photos. There's only one bow on the bra, and it's more substantial than most accent bows I've seen on bras. The top edge of the cup is scalloped in a beautiful, detailed way. The straps are soft and easy to adjust, and they have extra padding on the front half, though that means it's probably very hard to adjust the straps all the way to the top of the cup. Andorra is very well constructed and made to last.
    Overall, Andorra's a solid bra. I wish Panache would bring back the plunge--I'd love to try out a version of Andorra with shorter wires.

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