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Bras » Masquerade » Antoinette Basque (7157) » 30F 30:7

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage74.9
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band75.6
Band Length62.1
Cup width13.5
Cup depth21.9
Wire length25.9
Cup height15.2
Cup separation1.9
Gore height23.4
Wing height23.5
Strap width1.5

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    I bought this basque in black/ruby as a birthday gift to myself after finding out (super belatedly) that Masquerade had gone out of business. It is so very pretty, and I love it just for that! I also decided to get it because I have had great success with vertical seam cups, and because I didn't have any real lingerie that is bra sized.

    So, I am pretty accustomed to lacing myself into a corset. It can take 15 minutes and requires some twisting and my arms get tired, but I can even get modesty panels straight by myself, so I consider myself flexible and pretty self-sufficient. Well, all ... that did nothing for me with this basque. I'm not sure how other ladies get into them, but it definitely required the assistance of my fiance (he likes it too, though, so that's good!). 3 rows of hooks all the way up is great, though!

    The straps aaaaaalmost don't extend long enough. I don't have particularly low-set breasts (I think) or tall shoulders, but it was almost not enough, so watch out for that. I also have not checked the length on the suspenders, and they look a tad short, too. Luckily, they are all just black satin ribbons, so if you are handy with a needle and thread, you could just replace them.

    The gore tacks and doesn't hurt! This is a super duper important thing for me, not least because of how close-set my breasts are but also because I apparently bruise easily from bad gores (looking at you, 65G - Chantelle » C-chic 3 Part Cup (3582) ), and of course it is a super rare thing to find. Something slightly wonky is going on with the left wire at the bottom of the U making it poke if I slouch at all, but I think I can sort that out easily enough. Otherwise it's as comfy as my Fauve half cups!

    The cups are also projected enough for me. !!!! I don't even get that with all my Fauves! I wore this thing for two hours as a trial and the wires never migrated, nothing ever wrinkled, and I stopped noticing it after 5 minutes. How awesome is that? Definitely going to invest in an Antoinette bra now, before they disappear forever.

    I must say that I am a teensy bit disappointed, although really not surprised at all, by the fact that, since this thing fits me well like a bra up top, it offers no support for me whatsoever anywhere else. This is a thing I deal with all the time, though: pre-made clothes are cut for people straighter than I am, simple as that. On top of that, I like me some corsets and dig the hug-feeling I get from decent compression in a custom rig, so I was kind of hoping to get a little of that, but alas, it is not to be. Still, it's super comfortable and the boning doesn't buckle or poke (although it might with wear, because it does feel like it's plastic, so I'm not 100% sure yet), and it reminds me to keep decent posture. The sheer lace powermesh is a little itchy but I am really sensitive to that sort of thing, and it usually goes away with the first wash. Considering what I paid for it, I think it's absolutely worth it.

    The worst part about it, I think, is that the seam at the top of the cups cuts me off. It's another slightly disappointing surprise because it's a vertical seam style with a pretty low neckline, but I have super tall roots and get this with most other bra styles (especially strapless!), so I probably should have expected it. On the other hand, I guess I could say I'm surprised in a good way about how well a bandeau cut works on me! Aesthetically, it's just enough to be noticeable, unless I have a garment neckline fall right on top of it, but not enough to dig or chafe. I do think it is this which makes the cups ever so slightly pointy, but it's a pretty natural shape and not really noticeable if I'm not looking for it. It's a shame because otherwise this basque has everything I could have asked for in an off-the-rack garment.

    Overall, an excellent investment. It will be a great undergarment to wear under a fancy dress - not slinky, mind, because the seams will show, but fancy, definitely - and I'm sure my fiance won't mind helping me into it again sometime soon." alt=":)" />

    Edit: After looking at the photos again, it's pretty obvious to me (and probably only me) that the wires under my arms are pretty narrow and they're resting on my breast root, but in the 2 hours I wore it I never noticed, so it didn't bother me at all.

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    black/ruby colorway

    Updated on Jun 25, 2015 Flag this

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      This is a great review. Thanks!

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      Thank you! I try to be detailed, because if I just say "fit me great", that doesn't give anyone else any frame of reference at all, and then what are the reviews for?

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    Didn't fit

    Beautiful, but the color isn’t flattering on me so I’ve never worn it.

    Updated on Feb 06, 2021 Flag this

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    Didn't fit

    Didn't write a review

    Champ/Black colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

    Added on Sep 20, 2016