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Bras » La Senza » So Free Lightly Lined Balconette (0117-36007682) » 32D 32:4

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage72.1
B. perimeter25.1
Stretched Band82.6
Band Length67.3
Cup width12.2
Cup depth20.3
Wire length23.5
Cup height14.0
Cup separation1.9
Gore height5.8
Wing height8.3
Strap width1.5

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    Used to fit

    I have so many of this style bra, although this one in particular is my most recent one from last summer. I have a few others still, but they've honestly stretched out too much. It's been my go to bra and the only one that La Senza carries that fits. Or used to. I'm running into the bands bring too stretchy and now that I'm fairly firmly into 30 bands for the most part, the bands of the current ones are too loose and stretchy. Supposedly they're fixing this with newer models coming out.

    To be honest, this bra gives me great shape, and with a sufficiently low ... enough top, I have pretty good cleavage...cakes on a plate I think. I'll have to go back and add pics for that. I do find that it slips a little bit, but I'm not sure if it's projection and depth issue or slightly loose band. Or both. And the straps are usually pretty tight. Not fully adjustable. They tend to slip on occasion. Although I haven't added measurements yet, I did measure the width one day recently, and it's surprisingly 4.8-5" wide!

    My shape is shortish narrow roots with soft and malleable tissue that's also pendulous, and even to fob center full and somewhat close set breasts.

    Now, I know that you're all probably saying, this is a 32D...isn't it a bit small for you? Aren't you wearing more 30E/F 32DD/E bras? Well, the answer is sort of. I have a tiny amount of spillage with the D and a little gapping with the DD. And for some reason, the wires and band seem to be better on the D. This is probably going to skew my reference size but I've got two 30F bras on the way (squee!) so that will help with my overall experience and all that.

    I have to say that I really do love all of the So Free Lightly Lined Balconettes I've owned, but I so wish that they would extend this line to include 30 bands. My only hope right now is if they really have tightened up the bands and stretchiness and if the unlined version will be out again this summer, as the bands were better with that one.

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    Rose gold lace colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Mar 30, 2018 Flag this

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    • It fits you great and the cups also don't look too small. Weird that they label this as a 32D.

    • Yeah the cups are really quite generous. I honestly think it's a vanity size thing since it is a North American brand/market and we all know how the culture here is afraid of D/DD+ bras. 😂

    • can u input the measurements of it? according to this brands other bras, there other 32D's fit like all my other 32D's... so i wonder if this could be miss labed??

    • moriko Yes, I will post measurements at some point, but I’ve had probably half a dozen of this same style in various colours and materials and always a 32D in them. Even when I try the new ones in store, it’s the same. So I’m highly doubtful that it’s mislabeled.

    • For what it’s worth, when they were offering the 32DD in some other other styles like the perfectly me or the supersoft something or other, that did fit in the cup. Although it did dig into my tissue a little bit but that more the shape. And one style i went to 32DDD and it still didn’t fit. So I think it’s more specifically this style and not across the board with the brand.

    • Hopefully this will work, but here is an album that has 3 other 32D of this same style (just much older and stretched out but I have not tossed yet) and a few 32DD in other styles. The blue one originally appeared to fit but I was not s/s at that point. The red is same size and style I'd been getting but I grabbed it without trying when it was on clearance and I knew it was being discontinued. At this point, it's crazy small on me. The band was much tighter than the previous ones (max stretching is 28" or so) which is partly probably why the cups are also so small. I can actually handle the tighter and now, but cups spilling over badly. Again, way back when I got them, I never s/s (I did lean forward and jiggle in the cups but that was not enough, I found out later).

      I don't know if this helps.

    • Edit: I forgot that I had a few pictures of a style that I tried probably a month and a half or two months ago so I've just added them. So it's a pretty new style. Sort of a long line or midline. I had it on the tightest hooks and could still stretch it quite a bit. But you can see because of the tag on it it's also a 32D.

    • Calluna, I actually really like most of those bras on you. There's obviously a couple that you're quadding out of, but most of tehm suit your shape really well. I particularly like the black one you tried on recently, and I love the colour of that green one in the album.

    • 1

      Thanks Wilderness1. I like them too. The only issue is that they tend to have really stretchy bands, and at this point the 32 band (which is their smallest) is too stretchy from the start. So unless they do actually start making less stretchy bands, I really have to avoid the style. But it does look good. In that picture of me with the black one on, it was all the way on the tightest hug and I could stretch it back at least 3 inches.

    • But I'll say, that if any of those are in styles that I like on one of their $10 sales or supercheap clearances, I'll probably still snap some up because I do like how they look. The problem with their current styles is that there's a lot of external lace and boudoir styling that I really don't give a crap about. LOL

    • yeah stretchy bands suck, but you could always alter them to fit like 30 bands?

    • OK, I’ve added measurements for this bra, but I’ll be perfectly honest and state that measuring is not my strongest point. My hardest things to measure are the stretchiness of the band and the depth of the cups. I really don’t know exactly where to stop when I measure the band stretching. I can’t really see the difference in where the wires are flexing versus distorting too much. I know that this is a 32 band so theoretically it should start at least 32 inches, especially since it’s stretchy. But I’m not keen enough to spot exactly where I should be stopping so hopefully I’ve measured it correctly but I could be wrong.

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    Added on Jan 27, 2020