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  1. Lime Biustonosz Soft (0095)



    Didn't fit

    Magda at got Kostar to make me this one in a custom size based on my measurements & current fit, which was quite a bit out of their size range. Kostar’s listed size range for this bra (from Kostar’s website) is 70F-L (32:6-32:12) up to 120D (52:4), but their general range is bands 60-120 (28-52) and cups B-L (:2-:12) though not all inclusive. My general size is 28:16 or an EU 60P/ UK 28KK.

    This bra arrived with a 60L tag, which would equate to a 28:12, & would indicate it was 4 cups smaller than my normal size. ... Magda told me when it shipped that the tag said 60L but didn’t feel the bra was actually a 60L. It seemed logical since the L cup was their largest cup, that they wouldn’t have a tag for a larger cup size, but they didn’t want to send out a bra without a tag. As Magda said, the tag shouldn’t matter as long as it fits. And we know that sizes can vary and aren’t really universal so I tried to remain optimistic. (Spoiler alert: Don’t look at the photos first.)

    So now for the bra:

    The bra itself is a sheer white cup, with a very bright bold neon Lime green embroidery, straps, and band. It is a spectacular color & I absolutely love it. The construction is exceptional. I see no loose threads, no missed or off stitching, and no flaws. I always get a few loose threads on every Ewa, which is twice the price. I am actually quite impressed with the quality and cannot understand why we don’t see more from Kostar here on Bratabase as, based on this bra, it is a good quality brand at an exceptional price.

    This bra has the standard 3 parts to the cup, two lower vertical sections and one upper horizontal section. There is no stretch lace on this bra but there is some give to the material like most bras.

    The band measured flat at 19.5” and stretched to a max of 24” before there is wire distortion, but actually can be stretched to 28” max. It has 3 hooks and 3 rows of eye loops.

    The cup width was wide at 7.15” which was disappointing as I specifically noted my issues with wider wires, but figure Kostar has their standard way so I accept this. The cup height was 9.25” which isn’t a bad height. The depth has a flat conservative measurement (hovered between the knees with the tape measure placed into the cup with not resistance) of 11.9” but stretches over the knee to 14”.

    The gore was wider than I am used to at 0.8” but again, this is about average for most brands so it’s not odd, just not as narrow as I need or am used to with Ewa Michalak or Comexim bras. The gore height was 4” which is typical for my range.

    And now for the fit……

    I must admit, I was not too optimistic about how well this would fit, as my size is quite a bit out of their standard range. Plus with so few Kostar bras on BtB, I didn’t have much to go by regarding how they fit compared to other brands, and even less when you factor in the differentials that occur as the cup sizes increase.

    Does the bra fit? No, not at all. If I was to guess, I would say it was at least 3 cups too small, and is actually fairly close to the tag size unfortunately.

    Taking the bra out of the bag, I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to get it on, as the band looked tiny and the cups took up most of the band. It was exactly like the 28J-KK bras from Panache, Freya etc that I’ve tried. Surprisingly enough, I could get the band on and connected easily on the loosest hooks and the band felt comfortable. At my current underbust of 24.5-25.5” tight to comfortable firm, there was some wire distortion but the band did not feel tight or off at all which was surprising.

    The cups are quite projected, but did not provide enough depth for my breasts. With the wide wires, my breasts first squish under my arms and actually fill the whole space before popping out of the cup up front. Swoop n scoop is futile here, as the wide wires and too small cups allow for the tissue to immediately fill that side space. This is expected as typically the tissue will follow the path of least resistance before exploding over the top. Needless to say, the gore if far from tacking, which is expected with this much overflow.

    My husband argued with me when I asked him to take the “bra on” photos for me. He tried to convince me that there was no value to such photos as it was clearly not a good fit & he actually did not want me to post the photos online. This is the only the second time he has ever voiced such a complaint, so I actually found it kinda funny. (The Ewa 60JJ BM Fioletowy being the other.) Sure, it was clear that the bra didn’t fit, but still, why did it matter to him? Anyway, I did get him to take the photos despite his opposition, as there is value to all photos, even if it’s just to get a bit of a chuckle on the fit. Seriously though, the “bra on” photos always show the detail better, especially things such as projection, wire distortion, and angle of incline. Plus with so few Kostar bras, I wanted to add as much as possible for the brand, so that it would benefit all.

    While this bra did not work out for me, I am still impressed with the brand. I absolutely love the color and look of the bra, and wish it had fit but it was not unexpected that it didn’t work out, as again, my size is about 4 cups larger than their normal range. I do not blame Kostar or Bras4You for this not fitting, as my description of what I needed was very lengthy and over worded (any of you that have read my reviews or Adventure posts can attest to my habit of yammering on and giving way too many details) so I feel the lack of fit would have more to do with miscommunication on my part and not a fault of Kostar.

    The price on Kostar’s site for this bra is 101.90zl, which at current conversion rate equals $27.90. Magda has it listed as $30 on her site, so it is very minimal markup. I was only charged $30 for the bra, so there was no additional cost for the custom size, which is always a nice surprise. I had to request the invoice, as Magda wasn’t going to charge me until she knew if it fit, but my theory is that I requested the bra, and whether it fit or not is irrelevant. Kostar spent the time and supplies to make it and Magda the same to order & ship it, so they should be paid for those services. I am not one to return bras, so this was my choice, and again not a reflection of either the brand or the service.

    As I always say, Magda’s customer service is always excellent, & I am always happy to give her my business whenever it is possible. She has always gone the extra mile for me, finding items that I could not, getting brands to make me custom sizes more than once, and special ordering items not on her site.

    I would definitely recommend the Kostar brand, though I’d suggest sticking as close to their normal size range as possible to get a better fit. Quality and Price are superior to many brands, so if you are on a budget, Kostar is definitely a brand to consider.

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    Neon Lime colorway

    This bra's measurements have been altered
    Custom size

    This bra is not owned any more

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    • 4

      It's gorgeous, and such a shame about the poor fit. Now I know what brand to look for next time the longing for something new and pretty hits. Thanks for all the photos and detailed review. :)

    • 3

      it's absolutely gorgeous lime bra! and very rare color in lingerie too! I love it!

    • 2

      So glad your husband took photos! With the wider wire, I need to look for a Kostar, too. Impressive customer service from Magda !!!!

    • 2

      Seriously, I love your wordy reviews. It's SO SO HELPFUL. And this bra! It's so pretty. Now I have a new brand to check out, and one that is way cheaper than Ewa Michalak, hah!
      Thanks so much for taking the time to review this. It's a shame it doesn't fit!
      (THAT LIME COLOR AHHH! I think I need one that color in my life.)

    • 1

      Oh! Did you get a chance to try it on under a white shirt? Do you think the lime green would show up under white or any lighter colors?

    • Thank you all. It really is a gorgeous bra!

      @mandapandarawks I will pull out a white tanktop, take some photos today & post them. :-)

    • 2

      Okay-white tank photos added! It is my only white shirt as White shirts & I don't pair well. Mostly due to pasta sauce, hot sauce, etc that always seem to know the shirt is white & has a magnetic attraction to the material....

      As you can see, my tats also show through, but the bra is noticeable as well.

    • 1

      MamaPagan I think we must be twins, because I have the same problems with white shirts and sauce. It's worse when you DON'T NOTICE FOR HOURS and have been walking all around public places with a big ole stain...
      Thanks so much for checking!!

    • 7

      MamaPagan Thank you for the detailed and very real review of the bra Lime by Kostar. I read your impressions with great attention and interest. I honestly admit that I have wondered for a long time whether to send it to you. I had great concerns about fitting the size most under the bust. It seemed so small and indeed terribly narrow. I even measured it on my teenage daughter to check the fit of the circuit. However, your curiosity about this bra defeated my fears. As I wrote you, I did not want you to pay for it because my fear was in me all the time. I'm sorry that the bra turned out to be too small in the bowl ... :( Of course, if you want, you can always send it back, no problem, I will be in Kostar in the next few days and I will talk about sewing bigger cups for you. Maybe they can do something else. We must think positively.:)
      Thank you for all the positive words about my work and the store . It's very important to me. I am at the beginning of my journey and every note, advice or opinion is very important to me. Thanks to this I can improve my mistakes and improve myself all the time and make sure that what I do makes sense :)

    • 3

      If you want to have such a lovely neon bra, Lime or Orange, please contact me at the following address:

    • 1

      No worries magdalenahukalowicz!

      I will keep the bra for now & eventually pass it on to someone else as it is an excellent bra. I know I will find someone it will fit & I'm sure they will love & appreciate it too.

      Please feel free to share the review and pictures with Kostar & thank them for me! :-) I really do appreciate both your effort and theirs.


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  2. Lime Balconette (0095)



    Didn't fit

    My shape: FOB, projected, soft tissue, narrow roots and shoulders
    Appearance: This bra is a BLINDINGLY bright neon green. I love the look of it! It's got neon green straps, band, and lace detailing on the cups. Underneath the lime green embroidery is a sheer white mesh that has no stretch.
    Fit: I ordered this bra, and two others, for my first order from magdalenahukalowicz at She was super wonderful to work with, and very communicative.
    I'm not going to lie, I am super disappointed by this bra. I feel really guilty about it, since Magda had it ordered just for me. There is nothing ... about it that fits me at all. The cups are REALLY shallow, the straps SUPER wide set, and the gore is so tall that it doesn't tack. My boobs are so squished in these cups! There's no saving it for me. :(
    I coveted this bra when I saw MamaPagan post hers a while back, and the one I wanted was a different cup style. (The one with three cup sections instead of this balconette style.) Kostar did not have enough materials and lace to make me the one I wanted, so when Magda emailed me about this style, I emphatically told her yes! Make me one! Not realizing it was a different style. That's my own fault.
    Anyways, if you like shallow balconette styles, this bra would be perfect for you.

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    • Such a bummer! Would it possibly fit your sister?

    • MamaPagan It might! I'm not sure if she's as... adventurous with bra colors and I have become, lol. I will text her to see! I don't know why I didn't think of that myself!

    • This might just be the bra to make her want to be a bit bold and more free spirited! :D

      It is such a gorgeous bra!

    • I texted her the picture and she said, "That might fit me," lol. If I don't sell it here or on eBay before I see her next, I'm going to have her try it on.
      This is totally off subject, but who do you contact at Ewa Michalak with your questions? I have GOT TO HAVE THAT NEW BIKINI, the orange neon sherbet looking one. I want it so badly. I can't seem to find any info on it other than the pictures that were posted on Instagram. I figure you would be the right person to ask, o knowledgeable Polish bra lover! ;)

    • Kaśka at

      Ewa is closed Aug 15th until Sept 3rd for Holiday though so I don't think you'll get an order in now......

    • Yeah, I saw that. I guess it can't hurt to email to see when the swimsuit will even be available!

    • Ewa is notorious for delaying her "soon" releases, so I'd assume next Spring. Please post the reply as I want that one too!

    • Too bad this didn't come close to fitting. It's really a pretty bra.

    • Do you know if Kostar is typically shallow at the wire? I was thinking about ordering a Kostar from Magda. I've been indecisive because of little data on the brand, and I have a lot of trouble with her website.

    • Brash5 This is the first Kostar I have tried, so I don't really know if they are shallow or not. I have the orange one coming, and that's a different cup, so I should know for sure what that style fits like soonish. And I have trouble with her site, too! It only lets me look at the first page of any of the bras; when I try to hit next page, it just sits there with a spinning circle and never refreshes or shows me new stuff.

    • Will do! I sent the email a few hours ago; hopefully I will get a reply before they leave for their vacation! If not, I guess we will have to wait and see.

    • Will do! I sent the email a few hours ago; hopefully I will get a reply before they leave for their vacation! If not, I guess we will have to wait and see.

    • That's exactly what happens when I try to look at her site! I thought it was my computer. I'm eager to hear your review on the new Kostar. Also, did you find the wire width on the lime one about the same as Gaia? I'm a little nervous about the wide straps. I get so tired of pushing them back up all day.

    • 1

      I'd suggest asking magdalenahukalowicz about the Kostar bras for general guidance and input. Maybe she will be willing to add some of the Kostar bras here for us with photos and measurements. A great way to strengthen the database while promoting both Kostar bras and her business, so a win all around! :-D

      Also, last year Magda had the same issue with the site not going past the first page. Just shoot her an email and let her know and she'll get her IT person to correct it again. :-)

    • I just heard back from Kaska MamaPagan and you were right. She said it won’t be available on the website this year :(

    • At least they are consistent, haha! Thanks for the update : -)

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  3. Biustonosz Soft Pomarancz (0084)



    Didn't fit

    My shape: FOB, soft tissue, narrow shoulders and roots, projected
    Appearance: I LOVE the bright orange colors on this bra. It's mostly white mesh (no stretch) with orange embroidery on the cups, an orange bow at the gore, and orange satiny fabric on the band and elastic straps. The cup is constructed of 3 parts, and there is a thin, clear piece of plastic-feeling elastic at the top edge of the cups. The bottom 2 parts of the cup have two layers of see-through white mesh, and the top part, where the embroidery is, is only one layer.
    Fit: This style of bra fits me so much better than the ... Kostar balconette style that I got recently, but the cups are still too shallow. The measurements don't show that, which is odd. I think it's because the fabric has no stretch to it, so it smushes my soft tissue, giving me quad boob and the upside down 7, weird shape effect. The band feels pretty spot on, the straps aren't too wide, and the gore tacks. The bottom of the cup doesn't quite get filled, however.
    I like the quality and the BRIGHT colors of the Kostar bras I have tried, but I'm afraid the non-stretch fabric doesn't work for me. If they made these bras with stretch mesh, they would be perfect!

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    Updated on Sep 04, 2018 Flag this

    • Such a bummer! I think the measurements don't reflect the shallowness due to it being "correct" at the apex but not deep enough at the wire (not enough immediate projection) which seems common aside from Ewa really for the larger cup sizes.
      Sorry this one didn't workout for you as well. Kostar does quality craftsmanship, but I think work better for smaller or shallow projections instead.
      Plus you gotta love the neon colors!

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  4. Havana (0082)



    Hasn't set fit

    I really liked the colours on this bra, and since I had never tried Kostar before (and there's also not so much information about it), I gave it a try. This looks pretty and well made in real life, but fit-wise it's super wide (20cm cup width!) and extremely shallow (at just 27cm depth). I was quite surprised to see this, since usually Polish bras tend to have narrower and deeper cups.

    The construction and materials are quite good quality and very appropriate for the price point, and the colours are bright. The cups have a soft cotton-like jersey material on the outside, and an extra layer of ... mesh on the inside. The cup is closed off with an elastic, which will probably not work for a full on top shape. The materials are overall soft.

    The wires are quite flexible, and the wings and gore are relatively tall and there is also side boning. The band is stretchy and soft - although due to the too small cups I can only try the bra on with an extender (so this is the first time I actually experience a band feeling too small when just the cup is too small! Based on the measurements the band should fit fine). The straps are quite short, as for trying it on I've adjusted them to the maximum.

    About the fit, the wide and shallow cups don't work for my projected shape at all. Plus, the bra also runs very small in the cups, so for me (~36GG) this is probably at least 2 sizes too small. The shape is somewhat pointy (which would probably be the same also in a well fitting size) and also downward facing (could be just a matter of size, although the bra is probably better suited for bottom fullness).

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    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Oct 24, 2018 Flag this

    • 1

      Bummer it didn't work for you. Kostar has such great quality, but definitely seem to make shallow cups. Hopefully they will add some styles with more immediate projection in the future.

    • 2

      Wow, that is a... very... accurate?! copy of the Aubade Bahia embroidery and possibly even one of their colorways :-/ Obviously Aubade offer nothing even close to this size range, just uncommon to see something so exactly similar to a very distinctive design. I wonder if Kostar actually managed to source the same embroidered fabric somehow!

    • 1

      MamaPagan Oh yes, Kostar has some beautiful designs - I love the lime green bra
      @wendybien You're right, they're so similar! I'm not sure it's the exact same material though, because in the pictures of the Bahia the embroidery looks more..tightly sewn. And although I haven't had any bra from Aubade, I think that quality-wise they are more like Empreinte or Maison Lejaby - and the Havana seems to be good quality, but more like a Freya/Panache bra than an Empreinte one..

    • 1

      JulieCS yes Aubade is definitely a higher-end company, materials and finishes are super nice. So if Kostar is more mid-range, yeah I guess they would not be likely to be able to get the same fabric!

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  5. (300)



    Didn't fit

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  6. Unknown Model



    Didn't fit

    Comfy. Straps are very elastic, like a chewing gum. It is too loose for me.

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