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Bras » Kinga » Yvette Semi Padded (BC-463)

Yvette Semi Padded (BC-463)


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    Yvette is another beautiful semi-soft style from Kinga.

    After Calluna experienced fit issues, I figured I would review it to show how it fits me in the exact same size (I have bigger breasts of a COMPLETELY different shape).

    This form is the most deep and narrow of their semi-softs. That being said, I think I *could* take a bigger size (65H) but I like the lift and cleavage created by 65G and since I don't quad in it, I stay at this size despite always having a gore that floats at the top. It really is only at the top, is created by the fullness ... in my upper center quadrant and does not cause any discomfort. *This style is VERY good for showing this fit issue- it is sheer near the gore, so you can see that my breast tissue is far away from it. Thank you my dear implants for providing me with this all-around 360-degree projection 😜

    Side note: next time I'll try the 65H to compare fit #brascience

    The bottom of the cup is beige corsetry foam that is covered with a very stretchy black lace. (The inside of the foam is covered with soft black jersey.) The top/soft part of the cup is embroidered mesh. It is quite simple but lovely. Basic black satin bows and a crystal charm for decoration at straps and gore.

    Band is black powermesh. Comfortable, TTS. In this size there are 3 rows of 2 hooks.

    Matching thongs are very comfortable and a nice cut. TTS for a S in this brand.

    I love this form from Kinga and will continue to buy more.

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      This is such a gorgeous bra. For Bra Science! I haven't heard that phrase in a few months, haha!

    • 1

      It is a gorgeous bra. I should have noted also that the embroidery on it is NOT white - it is CHAMPAGNE, which is SOOOOOO pretty combined with the black and beige/nude.

    • Looks very lovely on you. Love the combination of sheer panel and embroidery. Very pretty with lots of visual interest. I totally feel ya when you say you choose the smaller size to get more oomph out of it. Sometimes I fall in between two sizes and generally pick the smaller to get a better look.

    • Our sizes are actually quite similar in measurements, but it’s my softer tissue vs your firmer tissue that really sets us apart. I become more fob and that can drag my cup size down a little whereas your implants create a firmer and rounder shape that’s more fot so you might have to size up. It’s basically a tale of two boobs. 😂

    • 1

      Calluna it is indeed a take of 2 boobs lol
      As my implants "drop and fluff" my bra size actually gets bigger because more tissue "falls" into the cup of the bra as opposed to sitting up and out of it. Right after my surgery in October I was 65FF in Ewa. Then I went to 65G. Now, I'm starting to wish for 65GG. I should send you my FFs because I never wear them anymore and it's a shame that they just sit in my drawer. 🙈😐😥

    • I’m open to the 65FFs. I can send you my Yvette if you want a second one, lol. I just don’t have a lot of money right now to buy so I am mostly trading. We’re working on paying down balances and rebuilding our savings after a long stint with one income. I have been able to get new glasses finally, so baby steps.

    • 1

      Calluna WooHoo on the new glasses!

    • 1

      Thanks MamaPagan ! One pair is just a cheap plastic pair from the groupon I used for the exam (glasses are free). I didn’t really have a lot of options given my face is very small and the Groupon selection is not very big. And I have three pairs from Zenni coming. Though I do not know if any of them will work, but I have a back up pair at The Bay that are a $99 complete pair.

    • Thanks MamaPagan ! One pair is just a cheap plastic pair from the groupon I used for the exam (glasses are free). I didn’t really have a lot of options given my face is very small and the Groupon selection is not very big. And I have three pairs from Zenni coming. Though I do not know if any of them will work, but I have a back up pair at The Bay that are a $99 complete pair.

    • Sorry for the duplicate post

    • Just out of curiosity... does drop and fluff mean the implant gets softer? I am confused why that happens.

    • 1

      Sovavosi when the implant is first put in, the pectoral muscle goes into shock and tightens up. The body pushes the implant up and in - at first, in fact, it looks almost square against your chest. Also, the skin around it is very tight. It was only "big" enough to encapsulate the natural breast tissue. There is also swelling for quite a few weeks/months - especially in the morning. After time, as the swelling subsides, the pectoral muscle relaxes and the skin stretches, the implant sinks down and the entire breast "relaxes". The implant itself isn't softer...the tissue around it is.

    • 1

      Looks very lovely on you. :)

    • 1

      Thank you for explaining 😀

    • Calluna I hope they all work for you. 🍀

    • 1

      It’s funny, I have the same problem with the same shape (round, orb-like) and a lot of firmness in my tissue once my breast is lifted and compressed- the gore not tacking at the top unless I wear very firm wires. But my breasts are natural and I wear a 42HH. My doctor calls my breasts fibrous.

    • 1

      Thanks MamaPagan. I have a few reservations because none of the zenni ones are 100% perfect in all areas. One is a good lens width, bridge and colour, but I’m concerned about the temple length and lens depth. One has a wider bridge than I would like but shorter temples, and the third has pretty good measurements but as it is also a kids frame, it has octopus and starfish on the arms. So cute, but kiddie cute. So we’ll have to see.

    • While I have implants, my breast tissue is quite squishy and soft, and I never had that initial riding high and hard/round look or feel. I know my doctor created a larger pocket (taller) and I was told to squish them up into the pocket several times a day for the first month (both times I had them done) to keep the pocket from closing. He said it was to keep them soft and prevent that hard singular placement that screams implants. 😄 I never tack and I quad very easily.
      Each breast/implant experience is unique I guess!

      @Calluna I am hopeful you will get a pair you love. 💕

    • 1

      MamaPagan I think it depends upon the surgical technique used also. I was FORBIDDEN to massage my implants. Mine are soft and natural now. Now that I have a man who loves big breasts, I just wish I had gone with the bigger size LOLZZ I could only go one cup size larger though...and they would have had an even rounder top (more sterotypical implant look), so it's not like I lost out on a lot.

    • AGBras True, techniques vary as well. If I ever get mine redone (they are over 15 years old now 😬) I would go bigger as well. I know it sounds insane but I would. I have 650cc high profile saline now, and I'd get 800cc extra high profile silicone semi cohesive next go around. Honestly if the 1200cc silicone implant was legal in the US, I'd do it. 😄

    • MamaPagan omg. You're too much. I have 450CC high profile silicone gel. The absolute max my dr. would put in my chest was 475cc (had to go ultra high profile to get that in the width that fit my chest) and she really didn't want to do it as she said it would look too fake, so we didn't.

    • Under or over the muscle? Mine are under the muscle which gives 20% compression but doesn't give that ball on the chest look typically. First set I had 450s but when I got my revision 6 months later, I went with 650s. If he was going to be in there anyway, why not?
      I said I sounded crazy! 😄

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  2. 3


    Didn't fit

    This was a from rachaelll. She offered it in exchange for the Panache Ava I had listed, and as I’d never tried this brand before, let alone anything like it, I decided to go for it. She said that it’s a little bit too big for her, which meant it might also not fit me, and in this case, my assumption was correct.

    This bra doesn’t fit me in many ways, despite being a pretty and unique bra. The cups are a little bit too big, deep, and tall, yet the padded lower section somehow feels like it is too shallow and wants to slip ... out of my imf. Looking at the side profile, it has a look of depth at the wire. And the band feels snug and firm enough. It’s very strange, to be honest. I have a very odd fit from the’s rather pointy and triangular (and not in a natural way), which I can’t tell if it’s a size issue or a shape/style issue. The straps feel wide and the whole thing is up in my pits and hugely uncomfortable. Is it a size issue? Would a smaller size fit better in this area? No idea. The embroidery in the armpit area is also a bit irritating, perhaps because it’s a tall cup.

    Now there are several nice things about this bra, though nothing that outweighs the negative fit aspects. Because it’s a semi soft, it’s lightweight since it’s not fully padded, and the padding feels lighter and softer than some. It’s also likely to dry faster. The sheer mesh on the upper section is nice and soft. The strip at the top is not a problem, but it’s possible that a smaller size would be. The straps feel really soft.

    I’m curious to see how AGBras finds this bra as she got the same size as well, and our shapes are quite different. I’m definitely softer, less upper fullness, close set, etc. I’ll be listing it to pass on to someone who is a little larger and/or fuller on top than I am. I’m still game to try more Kinga at some point, but this is not the style for me.

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    • Too projected at the apex? I think Panache Jasmine does this also.

    • Yes, I think so. But I also think that the combination of the padding and unpadded is a problem in that area with that depth. A softer bra in the same depth would fit better.

    • Too bad it didn't fit, it's a pretty black bra for sure. I see what you mean about the side profile though... odd. Good luck on your hunt for the perfect black bra!

    • Thanks Wilderness1!

    • 1

      If you go yeaaaaaars back in my no longer owned bras you will see a too-large Kris Line semi-padded bra. This style of bra usually looks really pointy when the cup is too big for you, cos of the slightly rigid lower half.

    • wendybien yes, I was thinking that it might be a size issue for the pointy shape on me for the same reason you suggest, but there’s also something about the way it fits at the wire is weird. It’s theoretically a deep bra, and allegedly has oodles of space at the wire, but it just doesn’t feel like that on me.

    • Calluna this bra is simply too big for you. I have it in the same size and since I am more than a full cup size larger than you, it makes sense that you're not filling the cup. Like wendybien stated, if a semi-soft bra is too big, it will look pointy because there isn't enough tissue to fill the lower section and the top section too. The top part needs to be filled in order to push the soft section out. Your soft tissue is just tumbling down into the lower part of the cup. I think the cup height etc is also a size issue. It's just being pulled into your body too flatly...does that make sense? I'll post my photos and review of this bra very soon...I just got back from Cuba late last night ;)

    • Calluna are you saying you think the pointiness and the shallow cup base issue are connected? I don't think so, no. Two separate issues IMO.

    • wendybien I have this exact bra in this exact size and mine is most definitely not shallow at the wire, so I am confused as to why she senses shallowness. (Head scratching...) The pointiness is definitely an issue of too much empty space in the cup.

    • wendybien no, I wasn’t connecting the two.

      AGBras the left (larger) breast does fit the cup decently as in it is not gapping or loose, but at the same, I feel like I do have room for more volume the same way my 65J Ingrid is.

      There’s just something about the bra that doesn’t work and it’s not just the size.

    • 1

      wendybien no, I wasn’t connecting the two.

      AGBras the left (larger) breast does fit the cup decently as in it is not gapping or loose, but at the same, I feel like I do have room for more volume the same way my 65J Ingrid is.

      There’s just something about the bra that doesn’t work and it’s not just the size.

    • I’ll try it on again later and try to put into words more about how it feels.

    • Ok. So the reason why I’m feeling that this bra is shallow is because I cannot get the wires into my imf. The wires sit about a pinky’s width lower. I took a picture and will try to upload it. The band is perfectly snug. Adjusting the straps tighter or looser makes no difference in the wires fitting my imf. The tighter straps, however, do make the cups a little bit better fit on my big side. I agree that it is a little bit too big. Not a lot though. I would say no more than 1 size. Maybe not even a full size. It’s really not hugely big on me ...I think that the taller sides do exaggerate it some, and my asymmetrical breasts will always look big on my smaller side.

      In any event, I am listing it for giveaway or exchange. It’s useless to me regardless of whether it’s size or shape issues.

    • 1

      AGBras I don't think it is a shallow bra per se, nor shallower than average at the wire--but the combined factors of the angle of the lower cup element, the robust materials of that lower cup and the fact that this particular size's construction and proportions are designed to lift a fuller, taller and heavier breast, may be contributing to this fit issue.

      Judging from the other user photos it is definitely a bra that looks like it's designed to give a lot of lift.

    • wendybien I think you meant for this comment to be addressed to Calluna. makes perfect sense, as this bra, in this size, fits me perfectly and my breasts are fuller (especially on top, which takes up space near the strap) as well as heavier than hers.

    • 1

      AGBras oh no I was answering the comment you made about being puzzled that she perceived it to be shallow at the wire! You may have forgotten about that by now--it was a while ago, I hadn't been back in a few days, sorry!

    • Sorry this does not fit well. I hope you find a black bra that you like.

    • 1

      braluv i have a black 30FF Curvy Kate Lifestyle Plunge on the way, and AGBras sent me a few black ones to try. I just got yesterday so I’ll be adding data soon.

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    Didn't fit

    Didn't write a review

    This bra is not owned any more

    Added on Jun 11, 2019