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Bras » Kinga » Addicted Ii (BC-555)

Addicted Ii (BC-555)

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  5. 85 E-F ... (38 :5-:6)
  6. 90 E-F ... (40 :5-:6)
  7. 95 E-E ... (42 :5-:5)

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    My shape is low set, short and narrow rooted, and soft.

    This bra came to me through the generous Calluna . Thank you! It is in excellent condition, and it came with a matching thong (such a treat since I never get matching sets!). I'm so pleased with this set and I'm so happy that she was nice enough to pass it along to me.

    The bra has a fairly tall cup height, which I wasn't sure would work for me. I'm pleased to say that it fits, but I don't have as much upper fullness as it could handle. However, my weight tends to fluctuate, and ... I know that it will still fit if I gain a few pounds or if I'm puffed up from my cycle. This kind of fit is my perfect fit... the kind that fits the size I am now but could still fit later if I'm a bit fuller as well. The shape is fairly rounded, but maybe a bit more natural shaped with the size I am right now. I'm good with it, since It still looks nice under a shirt. It's not as pointy as some plunges are on me, so I'm happy about that.

    The band is a bit tighter than a true 30", which I need on my sub-30 inch ribcage. It has 3 sets of 2 hooks. The cup itself if a semi-soft, which means it has a lined lower cup with stretch lace on the upper section of the bra. It is my first semi soft, and I find it quite accomodating. It has the cut of a balconette with a three part construction. It gives support but allows for shape/size differences in the upper lace portion. The cup is a little wider than I typically need, but because my tissue is soft, it still fills up the space on the side and fits ok. The straps are fully adjustable, even on my low set tall frame. They are a little thin, but not at all uncomfortable. The gore has a tiny bow with a jewel on it.

    The bra itself is navy coloured with a floral pattern that is subtle and quite pretty. I liked this set when I saw it on calluna.

    Overall it is comfortable, pretty, supportive, accomodating, and good quality. Thanks again calluna!

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      Hooray! I’m glad it fits! I think it’s better on you. I was confused about the colour. I think it’s black but it’s definitely got a blue tint in some lighting. So maybe it’s actually navy like you said. Your last picture makes it look like it is black though, but who knows. Lol

    • Calluna thank you! It looked navy to me in my bathroom lighting, but it is quite dark, so maybe it is black. I'll have to look at it again in different lighting.

    • 2

      That looks great on you.

    • Thanks Sovavosi !

    • Happy to see someone gets to enjoy my bra set! I wore it once (and loved it) before my latest bra surgery, after which it no longer fit. Amusing, Wilderness1 that you see it as navy! It's listed as black by Kinga. Enjoy!!

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    Didn't fit

    When I tried it on initially and took a little video of the fit for AGBras , I said “yasss” initially. I do still really like it, but it’s not quite right in the fit after a day of wear. It’s a super cute Kinga semi soft with a bit of a stretchy upper lace portion.

    The fit is a little tight in the band, and with a full day’s wear at work, I could feel the wires trying to slip down. I was aware of this bra a lot of the day I was wearing it. I did find the wire marks appear to ... follow my roots pretty well, so I suspect that it might be a wire shape issue, or maybe related to the band being a tad snug, because it seems like it should be deep enough at the wire. I did have the same problem with the other Kinga semi softs I have tried.

    The print is super cute and the matching thong was pretty comfortable once I found the sweet spot. I feel like it’s not quite right. I want to love it. I’m going to try it with the extender next time and see if I have a different/better experience with it.

    A note with a lot of the Kinga and Gorsenias: I feel like the gore is both a bit too wide and tall for me.

    My soft, even to fob, functionally short breasts do feel good and secure in the semi soft styles but I think I prefer a fully lined or fully unlined bra.

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    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Nov 01, 2019 Flag this

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    • I loved Kinga bras at first as well, but found their wires to be a bit too Panache like and painful. Also, I found their band elastic to feel "biting" even when measurements showed it shouldn't be too tight at all. I didn't try all the styles available though (and there are ton of them), so maybe some are better than others.

      Is this a keeper or just a borrow and return? Maybe an extender would help to assess the issues a bit better by eliminating the possibility of it being to snug? Or maybe try wearing it around the house for an hour inside out to see if it's the elastic itself and not the band?

    • Too bad it's not quite right for you, it looks great and gives you a nice shape. I like the subtle and pretty pattern on the bra.

    • Would you say Kinga runs a little small across all styles? I’m very close to your measurements and I ordered a couple of their soft bras (totally unlined) in 65H during their sale last week. I hope I chose the right size!!

      Sorry this turned out a bit small but it’s really lovely and definitely a bridal vibe :)

    • Sorry I was looking at that 65G white semi-soft you have listed when I said “bridal vibe”. :). But I do like this one too, Kinga has so many great patterns! Hard to figure sizing though, not a whole lot of sizing data yet..

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      Jolie0216 yes the one I listed is very bridal vibe. I thought much the same thing when I tried it on. I have a 65G Kinga Furni that fits close to my 65FF Ewa BM bras. Does this help? I’m usually 30F/FF and take 65FF/70F in Ewas.

      Wilderness1 yes it’s a super cute one. I love the print and the lace is forgiving. It’s a good shape.

      MamaPagan it is a keep. She sent me a bunch to have/try. I’m definitely going to try it with the extender and see if I have a different experience. I mean, it’s not super tight. It was tighter initially when I received it but I was still on the tail end of the rib cage inflammation (Costochondritis?) flare up.

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      Jolie0216 I wouldn't say Kinga runs small. Each style is different though. All of their constructions fit differently. So is each Polish brand, btw. Kinga 65G not same as Ewa Bien 65G not the same as Krisline 65G not the same as Ewa Michalak 65G.

      Example: Gorsenia 65G softcup fits me. Kinga 65G does not. Not because there isn't sufficient cup volume but because there isn't enough cup depth/projection.

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