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Bras » Ilovesia » Seamless Wirefree Comfortable Everyday Bra Bralette (S24527046)

Seamless Wirefree Comfortable Everyday Bra Bralette (S24527046)


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    Two years ago, I wore "small" in this model to provide support on my 28" underbust. But, my breasts were painfully compressed. Thankfully, now I understand "large" bras can provide gentle support on 28" underbusts.

    -4x4 fasteners
    -Wide underband
    -Front adjustable straps
    -Removable/Replaceable Thin Pads
    -Stretchy yet supportive fabric
    -Space for center-fullness
    -Accommodates immediate projection
    -Machine Washable
    -Flat seams

    -Narrow straps (I prefer wider straps)
    -Limited Size Range
    -Best suited for matrix breasts
    -Wish iLoveSIA would offer larger cups on the "small" band

    The included breast pads are my most favorite. They create a slightly projected, rounded shape under shirts. However, they are too small for me. Depending on breast shape, the included pads will fit 34D (minimum) - 34DDD (maximum) ... and sister sizes.

    After replacing the pads with a larger piece of foam, I can comfortably wear this all the time. Exercising, I wear a Boo Band over this bra. Swimming? I cover this with a rash guard. Sleep? This bra. Utilitarian.

    The band feels like a gentle hug. There are no wires compressing my lymph nodes and/or poking my arm pit, no painful compression, no wires biting my ribs, and no collision with tendons. Finally.

    iLoveSIA Wireless and Wacoal BSmooth Bralette 38 are the only bras I wear.

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    Black colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on May 12, 2018 Flag this

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      Glad you found something so comfortable, utilitarian, and nice looking. Bonus that it's machine washable!

    • 2

      That looks super comfy. Glad it works out so well for you!

    • I wish I had found this brand while breastfeeding. They make, primarily,nursing bras :-) :-)

    • Thanks for sharing. It looks so natural and comfy. Do the pads conceal your nipples? I really need something like this for my next 20+ hours flight.

    • 1

      aboobaccount It conceals my prominent nipples 100%. And, it is supremely comfortable on flights. Seriously, I've double checked that I'm wearing a bra because it is so comfortable. Hope it fits you just as well!

    • 1

      I might need to get this for my mom, who can't find a wireless bra that works because of nipple issues (will only wear lined bras).

    • 2

      Thank you Love4Pollinators . I just ordered a pack of 3 in size M for 23€.

      The last time I wore my Cleo Kayla on a 30 hour trip from Munich to Shenzhen trying to look professional - big mistake. The wires were digging in after 16 hours and the band started to squeeze the life out when we reached China. It's amazing how a comfy underwire bra can turn into a torture device if you just wear it long enough.

    • 1

      "Torture device"--Hope this trip is significantly more comfortable.

    • 1

      cupandahalf If pulling a bra overhead is something she can tolerate, Wacoal B Smooth has a removable pad, too; although Wacoal's pad is a millimeter or two thinner.

      Hope she finds a comfortable, shielding bra soon. Like your mom, I need lining. Once unknown to me, my mood improves when my nipples wear armor.

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  2. 3


    Didn't fit

    Ordered three. This is the second black one.

    Updated on Sep 17, 2020 Flag this

    • Looks like a nursing model of the same bra. Is the model number the same?

    • 1

      The model numbers are different although I don't see them on the tags. They may have washed away quickly because they are printed. According to my Amazon records, the bra above is 7026s338521p.

      And, the non-nursing model I purchased in 2018 is S24527070-040404L. A 2018 purchase I made six months later has a different model.

      This is another of their nursing models that I do not like so well: 7311#3423P. It is lower cut and less friendly for center full, close set breasts.

    • This little bit of information makes me think I need to create multiple new bra entries for accuracy. After 400+ entries, I'm not so motivated to do that right now. Sigh.

    • Done.

    • I'm glad it addresses some of your complaints on the other regardless.

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