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Bras » Heidi Klum Intimates » Poolside Affair Long Line Bra (H25-1226) » 34E 34:6

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage72.7
B. perimeter28.4
Stretched Band76.2
Band Length67.3
Cup width16.4
Cup depth24.1
Wire length25.4
Cup height17.0
Cup separation1.8
Gore height0.0
Wing height13.3
Strap width1.3

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  1. 4

    Used to fit

    Very short, projected, even, somewhat narrow, close-set breasts...

    As I type, I'm lounging in complete comfort on a couch in an underwire bra. When I stand, the all-too-familiar burning sensation will not emerge. I feel supported, lifted and very comfortable.

    This bra displays why most gores are too wide down the entire length of the gore. When lifted, my breasts are close-set from top to bottom. Sigh. The relief I feel in this bra...!

    There is more jiggle than I like--I won't exercise in this bra. It is perfect for a stroll, but not my preferred, zippy pace. This I will wear while walking with my little ... daughter.

    I wear 30FF/30G Curvy Kate and 60M Comexim 3HC. So, 34E, although a sister size to 30FF, was risky. learningaboutbras assured me the band ran SMALL. Delightedly, I can confirm it does: it stretches to 30". Fastening this 34 band on the tightest setting provides admirable and surprising support. I prefer 28" and 30" bands, yet feel fantastic in this 34".

    Due to the design, I don't know that there would be enough support for tall roots. I envision them falling quickly toward the open center. But, short roots will love this bra. The cups are relatively shallow, but the cup design accommodates my projected, very short roots well. Because the cups are shallow, this bra is minimizing: no complaints from me" alt=";-)" />

    The wings are tall, and yet, don't irritate my underarm. This "wall of silk" wing keeps my tissue in front and out of my arm pits.

    These measurements are my sincere attempt to capture what is almost impossible to measure. They are very rough and will likely vary wildly from your own; cup width and cup depth.

    Silk, silk, and more silk. After six scratchy, worse-than-curtain-sheers Panache bras and their stabbing wires, this bra is heaven.

    Sincere appreciation to learningaboutbras for
    1. Trying this bra when there was no dimensional information--what an expensive adventure!
    2. Sharing your discovery here.
    3. Sharing the 1 stockists on the internet with stock, final clearance, and a 20% off coupon.

    Thank you!!

    EDIT: Whoa!! This is the 1st bra that stays in my IMF. Thank goodness I bought two. The fit is so comfortable, I searched for a third. I will definitely look for continuous wire bras in the future. Literally, I can wear this all day with no discomfort!! Apparently, center full breasts can push most bras out of our IMF if there isn't space for our center tissue.

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    Skydiver/Shifting Sands colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Oct 17, 2016 Flag this

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    • 1

      this is so beautiful on you!

    • It is so comfortable. Swoon :-)

    • Omg. Do you know if they have any left? I need one after seeing it on you-so cute and I love all the silk!


      Extra20 is the discount code. I could not have purchased these full price!

    • 1

      Holy gorgeous!!

    • 3

      So beautiful on you. I want. I deserve silk. I am fat but I still deserve silk in my favorite color. I want to hold the designer hostage until they make one in my size.

    • 1

      Thank you for posting this!!! I have a major gore issue myself & I'm going to add this to my wish list!!!

    • lacey181 They are 50% off at Journelle plus another 30% off. I so hope you find relief SOON!

    • 1

    • I want it so bad but it's 2 inches wider then what normally works for me and pretty tall in the wings. I think I might have to live vicariously through you.

    • 1

      The width and depth are a guess. It was my best attempt. The wires don't bothere and 5.8" is usually as side as I can comfortably go. I thought the wing height would bother me, but it doesn't. Comexim wings at 4.6" rub me raw. I wish my measurements were different, but this bra is unusual and difficult to measure.

    • 1

      I should turn spell check back on....yikes.

      The cup width doesn't bother me and 5.8" is usually as wide as I can comfortably tolerate.

    • 1

      I'll photograph, tomorrow, how I measured this unusual will "see" how wacky the measurements are ;-)

    • Thanks! i'm so tempted. A uniwire seems like an interesting addition.

    • lacey181 The model at Nordstrom Rack is not the uniwire. Just thought you would want to know :-)

    • Ahh, thank you!!! @love4pillinatorS

    • 1

      Love4Pollinators , I'm delighted the Poolside Longline worked for you, too! I used to feel I was the only one who suffered from even plunge bra center gores' height and width. I hope they make a lot more uniwire bras that fit like the Poolside for you, me, and everybody else with the same issue. I'm finding the absence of pain an extra joy in hot weather. You described well the \feeling of relief and gratitude at finding such comfort.

    • 1

      learningaboutbras There is an entire village people here with the same issue. Bra revolution ;-) ;-)

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    Didn't write a review

    Skydiver/Shifting Sands colorway

    Added on Jul 17, 2016

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    Hasn't set fit

    Didn't write a review

    This bra is not owned any more

    Added on Jan 09, 2017