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Bras » Gorteks » Marilyn Soft Bra (B-202) » 70I 32:9

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band80.0
Band Length67.0
Cup width16.5
Cup depth28.0
Wire length28.5
Cup height18.8
Cup separation1.9
Gore height9.0
Wing height10.5
Strap width1.2

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  1. 5

    Didn't fit

    I ordered Marilyn before in 36E cause their calculator gave me that size. Bad idea. Do not use their calculator. The band was way too loose and the cup too small. I passed that bra on.

    Marilyn in 70I fits a lot better (if not a little too roomy in the cups?) I think in EU size I still have to order 70H despite this recent growth. Or maybe that's just Gorteks sizing.

    Marilyn is made of nice stretchy lace all over (similar to Wacoal's Halo Lace bra kind of). It has three part cups that are reinforced with mesh wings for a little side support. The cups.... honestly give ... a nice shape. Different. It's kind of east-west rather than front and center but in a shirt it doesn't look half bad. The top of the cups are finished with stretchy elastic, but it doesn't seem to cut into my soft tissue terribly, it's very very mild. It could be though because there is not much lift and so all the tissue under my collarbone doesn't get lifted either so there's nothing to cut into.
    The cups, however, are very very wide. At least in this size. They go all the way to my armpits. They are VERY firm. It doesn't bother me so much, I think what bothers me is that bra is kind of itchy on me which should be solved after a wash or two. On my smaller side there is some wrinkling along the wire, but overall nothing too terrible.
    The gore is a very strong (but not painful) tack.
    The band at 70 is like a Ewa old 70 band. It's more similar to my Fluo than her newer bras. Do not downsize in the band! It's very very tight.

    I think I want to replace these straps with a lot wider ones. They're just not very comfortable this thin.

    Overall, I like Marilyn. I do wonder if I could have ordered a 70H and gotten away with it? Right now I'm at my 'high tide' days so the cups fit, but I'm not so sure about when I'm on low tide days. We'll see.

    This bra makes me a little more confident that my 70G EM bras will fit just fine. The cups on these are huge (28cm depth, maybe even more) but they fit decently well!

    Update: I have tried on several occasions wearing this bra but the wires are just too darn wide for me and it bothers me A LOT. On top of that I find that after an hour of wearing it, the support just vanishes for some reason. It could be the cups are too big... who knows? I will not reorder this bra.

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    Updated on Nov 26, 2018 Flag this

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    • 1

      The pattern on this looks nice.

    • 1

      Yes it lets it look minimalist while still being interesting.

    • 1

      SO gorgeous on you. Certainly an excellent nude for you!
      Does it feel like the straps are too short? It looks like the band is trying to ride up your back & the straps look like they are digging in something fierce.
      I agree it also a very wide look, but if you ever become adept with a needle and thread (or have an seamstress friend of go to a professional) you could move that gore together and that would bring the cups more to the front of your chest. Though it would also make the band a bit tighter.

    • 1

      The straps are WAY WAY overtightened haha. My mum was playing brafitter and was like 'oh but you'd get so much better lift if you tightened the straps'.
      I forgot to loosen them for the photos.

      I do think I want to take in the gore (I usually do) but I wasn't up for the surgery today, lol.

    • I thinknit look very lovely on you! All over lace sounds so nice! I wish Ewa did some like that.

    • Edit: "I think it looks" not "I thinknit look"....darn phone "keypad" grrrr...

    • Lol yes, there's stretch in the bottom, stretch in the top, it's basically a very comfy bra (once I washed it and the lace got a lot more softer).

      BTW anyone wash their bras as soon as they get it? I tend to do it cause 1. IDK if the bra was a return so I kinda don't wanna wear something someone else's been wearing and 2. I don't really like the unwashed clothes smell (I can smell the dye and stuff)

    • I measure straight out of the box, do a quick try on & photos then wash before I actually wear. :-)

    • 1

      Exactly in that order as well!

    • 1

      Lol, she was just trying to get your boobies to lift above their roots. XDDD

      If you ever want to get deeper into surgery you could install some tulle or power mesh into the side of the cup like a slide sling if you want to pull it more front an center. ;-)

      I really should do my bras in that order as well, but I always just want to try the bra on SOOOO bad that I always rip it out the box and throw it right on. XD
      Then I measure it like after wearing it for a while. So all mine as like essentially "broken in" when I measure them.

    • Yea my mum is in some serious denial about my boobs. All women in my family are pretty small in that department so it's probably alien to her when she sees my behemoths. Whenever I get a new bra she's like no way, this will be waaaaaaay tooooo big for you and then I put it on and it's actually small and she just can't comprehend lol.
      Do you mean the mesh side sling it already has sewn inside?
      Btw, the 36E I ordered before didn't have that so it's a size range thing.

    • Oh no, I must have missed that part that it already had a side sling in it XD

    • 2

      Funny brasaremean, when my bras come in I have the same thought as your mum, haha.

    • 1

      LeProfessor Yea I mean I don't really hate the shape of it, though! Sometimes you want wide (it makes the waist stand out more :))

      MamaPagan Yea the shock is severe but I honestly now assume, now matter how big it is, it's prolly going to be small, haha.

    • brasaremean I don't know if I'll ever get used to it. Maybe we all have those Gosia magic boobs afterall! :-)

    • 2

      Too funny MamaPagan and brasaremean, I have the same thought when I get a new bra for myself too.

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