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Bras » Freya » Fancies Longline Bra (1014) » 30FF 30:8

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage73.8
B. perimeter27.4
Stretched Band77.2
Band Length65.5
Cup width14.5
Cup depth26.4
Wire length26.6
Cup height16.8
Cup separation2.1
Gore height12.0
Wing height12.7
Strap width1.7

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  1. 7

    Didn't fit

    This was my first attempt at this beautiful lace longline bra. Both the cups and band were too big for me. The band runs true to size for a 30, but the cups run at least half a size to a full size big. The wires are much wider than my Freya padded half cups in this size. The gore is also taller and quite wide, which did not work for my close-set boobs. The 4-part cups are fairly closed on top and projected, so good for full on bottom shapes, but probably would cup in if you're full on top. Other notable features of this bra are really soft and stretchy straps and only 2 columns of 5 hooks. The materials are soft and supremely comfortable, except, in my case, for the wide and tall gore. I loved how it looked so much that I ordered it again in 28FF - Freya » Fancies Longline Bra (1014). I've written up a full review of that bra on my blog.

    Chili Red colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

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  2. 4

    Didn't fit

    My shape: self-supporting teardrop (max projection/depth underneath, tall shallow roots on top, moderate overall projection), center-height, forward facing, very close-set, really wide roots and lots of side boob, and firm tissue that pushes push-ups right back

    This review is for the new Candy colorway. It's very sweet! The allover lace is subtle and not lumpy or bumpy, and the edging is simple and effective at dispersing the cup edge under clothes.

    But the very first thing I noticed, before even swooping and scooping, is the tall gore. Poke city! It's so bad that it pushes the whole bra down out of my IMF, and there's nothing else that could be ... doing it this time. I plan to swap this one for the 28FF or the 28G, but those wires are going to have to get bent as soon as I try it on.

    Speaking of swapping for the 28, the wires pushing down is not ameliorated in the slightest by how stretchy this band is. I am accustomed to Fauve longlines and the Patsy and Ivy I've tried a number of times, all of which are firm and supportive even 2 sizes up from my regular band. This is attributed to the way the taller band can distribute tension, I think, and is one of the many reasons I like them. Not so, the Fancies. It's better on the tightest hook (of which there are only 2 sets, I might add, not 3), but still not enough. Look at those photos! When I pull the band back far enough, I also notice some tension ease on the gore as the wires flex into a better position on my sternum. Hopefully this will all be better with the 28. So basically, ladies, I would definitely recommend sizing down at least one in this band, at least in this cup range. Good grief, Charlie Brown.

    Moving on, the cups are great. Wonderful! Dare I say perfect? I can't tell completely because of the gore issue, but I'm 99% certain I have enough immediate depth. This is so rare for me, especially needing half-cups for my upper roots like I do, since they usually run shallow on the draft and my poor boobs just have to make do. There actually might be a titch more room by the inner wire than I need, but it doesn't affect my fit. The top edge barely even buckles when I slouch. Hooray!

    The wires are another problem, but this is more because I have an unusual shape at the wings where my side roots are shaped like the Nike swoosh. This is the first time it's been so obvious in the photos, and I do have some tissue around where the cups want to buckle, that's where it kind of tapers off (so while it looks like I have almost an inch gap between the base of my root and the wire, it's more like a cm). The wires would be a great width otherwise (i.e. SUPER WIDE), I think, but they are just too steeply curved for me, and sizing down too much in the cup would probably put the outer end of the wires right on top of breast tissue.

    The straps are soft and comfortable, and they adjust long enough. They are too far apart, as always, and it affects how the top edge of the cup stays put, but this is Freya's favorite scaling problem in this size range, so if you were hoping for a fix for this on the Fancies, no luck this time.

    Thank goodness for free returns!

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    Candy colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Jul 13, 2017 Flag this

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    • 3

      I love long reviews!! This colour is soo pretty.

    • Beautiful!! Does the wire hurt--looks like it is poking your side boob? Mine are quivering in fear, "No! Don't do this to us again." ; -) ;-)

    • 1

      "...firm tissue that pushes push-ups right back."

      Yep, my tissue also puts a lot of bras in their place. calenlass , lol

      Thanks for the detailed review!

    • 1

      Love4Pollinators It doesn't hurt as far as I can tell, but I feel like I might be sort of immune to pain there at this point on account of the weird shape I have going on and the number of bras that don't jive and sit on top, and they just make me feel like I need to readjust every 5 minutes. Also I was VERY distracted by that gore, but I don't remember noticing any pokery or jabbing.

    • I'm glad you aren't in pain!! That gore left angry marks. I can tolerate those for 30 minutes maximum.

    • I will admit I'm surprised I'm not bruised today. It felt like it was stabbing straight in while it was on.

    • Yikes!

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  3. 0

    Didn't fit

    Me: FOT, center full, low set, projected and slightly narrow.

    Too wide in the wires for me, and it doesn't provide much uplift.....but I love this colour (Chili Red) - it's a gorgeous orangey red, quite 1980s actually, which adds to its charm for me. I love the look of longlines and I like the scalloped lace overlap at the bottom of the band on this Freya - much more flattering than a straight line, on me at least . But over several hours of wear it does bunch up around my underbust a little, and the edges of the lace disappear.

    The band itself is comfortable and seems stretchy - I'd recommend sizing down if you're inbetween band sizes. The wires seem fairly thin too, flimsier than those on my Freya Fancies Plunge.

    Updated on Oct 24, 2017 Flag this

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  4. -

    Hasn't set fit

    Didn't write a review

    Added on Jan 29, 2018

  5. -

    Didn't fit

    Didn't write a review

    Chilli red colorway

    Added on Jul 30, 2019

  6. Didn't write a review

    Chilli Red colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

    Added on Oct 10, 2019