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Bras » Ewa Michalak » Sf Hot Pink » 70K 32:15

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band79.2
Band Length62.2
Cup width16.3
Cup depth39.4
Wire length31.8
Cup height24.9
Cup separation1.5
Gore height10.9
Wing height11.7
Strap width2.0

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  1. 3

    Didn't fit

    Bra band is a tad big. Everytime I take a deep breath and then exhale, I can feel the band ride up a little. This is actually pretty annoying. I think since the band is bigger, the bra straps sit further out. This means the straps are sitting right at the tips of my shoulder blades, and they rub my shoulder blades quite a bit. Then if I try to move the straps further in on my shoulders, the height of the armpit curve is miserable, so that curve rubs into me instead.

    The plus side is that there's ample room in the cups. I think this would work better in a 65KK for me.

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Mar 17, 2019 Flag this

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    • 1

      It’s gorgeous. Sorry it didn’t fit. Is this the one she never released from Instagram?

    • 1

      Hey thanks. I guess it was released to the wonderful Tina at Aphrodite's Closet. Not sure when, but I think it was a while ago. :)

    • 1

      At least it made it out to the wild!

    • Right? :P

    • It is gorgeous! Have you tried wearing it on a tighter hook set? This would put the straps closer together in the back and resolve the riding up issue.

    • 1

      I have. It does help a bit.

    • 1

      With alisa and cupandahalf we've recently been talking about their respective issues with a loose/unfilled upper cup leading to a need to adjust the straps very tight, which can pull up excessively on the back of the band and cause it to ride up, especially when there is a heavier bust also exerting quite a lot of downward pull in front. I can't say for sure if this is a too-large cup size per se or just an overly tall style of cup but it does look like this could possibly be a factor. One way to tell would be to loosen straps a lot and see what cup fit looks like then (though not for extended wear, since obviously this would make them fall off due to the problem of them being too far apart).

    • Would you be interested in selling this? I'm quadding out of my 70JJ Sf and would like to know if a 70K is the way to go.

    • 1

      wendybien Perhaps that's an issue for me as well. I'll have to check on it.

      @stinkmouse Unfortunately no as it's one of two bras that I can wear somewhat comfortably. Sorry.

    • I understand. Lemme know if it ever becomes available: )

    • 1

      Stinkmouse Absolutely.

    • 1

      Beautiful colour! I wonder how the other size you mentioned might be. Will you be trying it?

    • 2

      Not in this model, but I have ordered a few 65KK's in 3 SF shapes. Ideally, I'd love to order this is the 65KK, so perhaps in the future; :p

    • 1

      DerangedDragons19 A little is better than not at all at least, right? And comfortable is a wonderful thing! 💕

    • 1

      I hope the 65KKs work out well for you!

    • 2

      MamaPagan Absolutely. I wore it on the second tightest hooks today and that seemed to help with the riding up significantly. I also adjusted the straps a smidge, so that's helping alleviate some of the strap pressure too. :)

      @sovavosi Thanks! Me too! :D

    • 2

      That's great DerangedDragons19. Every win however big or small is still a win. 😍💋

    • 1

      Wow such a pretty bra! I love that hot pink color! If that bra had been on the website I would have bought it! I guess it is discontinued?

      I think that the cups are on the bigger side and a bit too tall for you? I mean on one picture there is slighty gaping where the cup meets the strap. If a cup is slightly big, the band also feels bigger even more with straps tightened to get rid of extra cup fabric.

    • 3

      alisa nobody fills out the top of an SF, not even Gosia.

      The bra is extremely tall at the upper end of the range.

    • 1

      MamaPagan Too true! :)

      @alisa it is not actually discontinued. I do not think Ewa ever put it on her website. I found this bra at a US retailer :) I think Ewa might still release it!
      I know it may look a little big, but I promise it fits like a dream ;)

      @sovavosi is correct. The SF is hard to fill out in the upper cup ranges since the cup is SUPPPERRR tall. It doesn't help that I have pretty short roots haha.

    • 2

      Sovavosi Yeah that's why I should not comment on Ewa Michalak bra reviews. I don't know much about her bras in general, I still wait for my first SF bra to arrive, I never had luck with the brand in the past so I avoided them.

      DerangedDragons19 take my comment as a EM noob comment. I mostly have experience with Panache and Bravissimo. I cannot delete it, so... *hides*

    • 1

      alisa we were all noobs once, it's okay! Honestly with Gosia's super squishy boobs it's hard to get a gauge on how tall her roots actually are.

    • 1

      alisa hahaha, don't feel bad! We're just explaining the fit differences so you can understand better :) no shaming here!

      @sovavosi Trueeee! Oh Gosia :(

    • 1

      DerangedDragons19 Yes I know now that the bra is supposed to fit like that. I'm happy for you!
      I hope she releases this bra, I would buy it. My favorite color!

    • alisa Plus, really, the depth measurement was DEEP. I was kinda surprised. I know sister-sizing is theoretically supposed to be accurate, but all of @mamapagan's 60L's don't measure close to the depth of this one. I think her closest is 15"? This measures 15.5", hence it's actually deeper than the 60L that worked in terms of depth for me a month or so ago.

    • 2

      Thanks everyone :) I'm so happy we have such a lovely and supportive community here and we can learn from each other :) :) :)

    • 1

      alisa Oh I hope she releases it soon! I know everyone is hoping to get their hands on it :)
      And also ❤️❤️❤️ no point in ridiculing someone for not understanding something. Why not explain it better? :)

    • DerangedDragons19 I honestly like the photos where they aren't purposefully giving her quadboob. I think it looks better.

    • DerangedDragons19 I always read here that you cannot sister size in EM bras like in UK bras because she does not grade her bras like that? Did I understand correctly that it's in all her bras or only in some sizes?

    • Sovavosi No doubt! I love her in la gloria; she looks so nice. :)

    • 1

      alisa this is actually pretty accurate. Ewa Michalak doesn't sister size well.
      That's why I said theoretically :p theoretically the cup depth on the 60L and 70K should have been the same, but here we are 😂

    • To confirm DerangedDragons19, yep, of the 60L SFs I have the range is 14-15" max depth. I have 4 more on the way so we'll see how they fare in comparison.
      Also keep in mind the wire tension on a 60 band on the same person would be more when compared to a 70 band even sister sized, which would make the cups smaller in the 60L even if it measures the same.

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