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Bras » Ewa Michalak » S Orzechowa Pralinka (711) » 70K 32:15

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage76.7
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band80.9
Band Length62.2
Cup width16.5
Cup depth33.0
Wire length33.4
Cup height23.2
Cup separation1.8
Gore height10.5
Wing height12.4
Strap width0.0

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  1. 1

    Didn't fit

    My first try with Ewa and I loved the basic shape and style, but now know this style (particularly in this size!) is definitely not for me. Additionally, there were quality issues that will make me cautious about ordering in the future.

    There were some notable flaws with this bra that would have prevented me from keeping it even if it were a perfect fit. The wires were bent in different shapes. The left side wire-to-wire cup width was 7.5" while the right side was 6.5. The gore didn't lay flat and the wires jutted into my breast in a "defective" way, so ... I can't say if the wires would have been comfortable had they not been shaped so oddly.
    I got this bra on ebay from a woman who had gotten it directly from Ewa Michalak but almost a year ago. She was gracious in accepting the return (I wouldn't have wanted to try to sell or exchange it here and pass on the problems, the wires could not be bent back easily and the gore issue wouldn't have been resolved even if they could have been). The seller's listing described the cups in the this bra as "small for the brand and fitting more like a 70J or 70JJ" which is why I ordered it - I'm not a 70K in recommendations but have been recommended S cuts by bratabase in 70J and 70JJ. Looking at how gigantic the fit here was, even WITH the cookies in, I find it hard to believe a 70JJ or even 70J would fit any better! I hope people who have experience with EM can let me know if the measurements I got before I returned it are actually smaller than normal for the brand. I'd also be interested to hear about the band - the bra had 3 hooks and 4 (rather than standard 3) columns and I immediately put this on the last (smallest) hooks, and it still wasn't tight. The stretched band length was 33" easily (not "hard stretching") and if that kind of stretch is consistent in this brand I'd probably go for a 60 rather than a 65. It couldn't have been caused by being streatched with wear, the bra had tags attached and had never been worn. The major problem with the fit was the top of the cups - too wide and too tall - I measured straight up from the top of my breast to the edge of the cup (height measured 8.5" at center of wire) and I had 2 inches of height that was empty space. When I measured along the inner perimeter from where my boob stopped to the edge of the cup, I had 4-5" of extra depth! There was definitely room on the outsides of the cup too, so narrower wires probably would have made the cups fill up better. I think for my next EM attempt I'll try 65HH in a CHP... or maybe 65J?

    I wasn't wild about the bland color and decoration in person, and the design was a bit bulkier than I prefer, but an appropriate size wouldn't have been as overwhelming gigantic and the sturdy support and flattering shape I got a hint of will outweigh the size and quality problems and I'll definitely be trying again. I'm certain now that I need at least a 30/65 band, since every 32 band I've tried has been loose even on the smallest hooks, so that's one bra fitting issue solved at least! (Although I'd like to try comexim but their sizing system in bands and cups seems completely nonsensical! Advice?) The advice I'm giving myself is to buy from places I can easily return to until I get my sizes and cuts figured out better!

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    32:15 70K

    Need help with Ewa and Comexim!

    Ewa Michalak

    S Orzechowa Pralinka (711)

    2 suggestions

    nude colorway

    This bra's measurements have been altered
    Came with cups in two different shapes, averaged for measurements since bratabase won't allow a blank. L was 7.5 and R was 6.5, wires overlapped at gore.

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Sep 20, 2016 Flag this

    • As a rule, I've found that *most* Ewas run true to size or a smidge tighter. I've never ever had an issue with the wires: I wonder if that's something the seller did for some reason trying to make it fit better. Otherwise it's odd she wouldn't say something about it.

    • That band length is oddly excessive, not typical for a 70/32 in most brands. EM, while a bit inconsistent, usually runs smaller instead of larger than average (which this is). Funny... this is the second bra in as many days that I've commented on that was weirdly large in the band! Maybe it's the wrong phase of the moon for bra bands.

    • Depth looks like 70jj to me. If it was used 33" is pretty reasonable, new the band's are usually 31-32" in my experience. I had an S have different cup widths by .5", so I guess the same person made this bra lol

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