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Bras » Ewa Michalak » Pl Onyks (196) » 75LL 34:18

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band91.6
Band Length66.0
Cup width19.4
Cup depth39.6
Wire length35.9
Cup height0.0
Cup separation1.7
Gore height11.3
Wing height13.8
Strap width2.0

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  1. 1

    Didn't fit

    This bra pretty much fits the best of any bra I own, despite the small issues that will have it show as "doesn't fit".

    This bra is really comfortable! I didn't understand how a bra like this could be so comfortable, but it really is. I especially love how the cotton lining feels on my breasts. (I'm used to various types of mesh and stiff fabrics.) The padding feels comfortable and protecting, but I'm a little concerned it will be too warm in the summer.

    The padded cups are a different experience for me! I've never had a padded bra before. The plunge is not a problem for me, even ... with my soft boobs, due to the larger sizes having a higher gore, it's really not that plunge-y. I really appreciate how the cup has more sections in bigger sizes (in this size, 3 vertical sections), but I actually feel like at this size it could use one more seam, about in the middle of the outer section. This would make the projection and shape a little better, and help move some of the volume out from under my armpits where I can't use it as well. When I first put the bra on, the top of the cups gape some, however once I swoop and scoop, and especially if I lean forward at all, they are filled nicely, and I certainly wouldn't want them any smaller. I'm a little concerned that there's a bit of depth-related orange-in-a-glass going on at the bottom of the cups because they are a little too shallow at the wires for my deep-immediately boobs.

    I would prefer if the cups were just a bit wider, though. The wires hit just to the inside of the outside of my breast root. However, due to the wires being padded and softer than some brands, it doesn't hurt or anything. It fits best when I stretch the top of the wires backwards a little while pulling my breast tissue into them, but they don't really stay like that. I could use the top edge of the band to be a little tighter/more pulled towards the middle of my back. I think the only way to accomplish this, really, would be a wider (4 or 5 hook) band.) Bending the wires to fit the curve of my body does improve the fit a little, both as far as where the wires hit, and the bottom of the cup issue.

    The band is pretty good. Most 34 bands feel comfortable, or even loose, on the tightest hook right away, but this is comfortable on the 1st hook, so generally a good fit. I do wish the elastic along the bottom edge of the band were a little wider, it's pretty narrow and digs in a little. If it were wider, the pressure would be more spread out. Likewise, I think it would be better if this bra at this size had 4 hooks (much as I find more than 3 hooks impossible to close, the bra would definitely fit better like that). I think a wider band would help counterbalance the weight of my breasts better, and also distribute the pressure over a wider are of my back, and along the entire height of the wires. The stretchy material of the middle of the wings is very smooth and comfortable.

    Ok, the straps. So this bra is supposed to be a multi-way, with regular straps, comfort straps (wide, padded shoulder section), and a halter strap. Ok, neat idea, certainly nothing else even close to this size comes with detachable straps. Except it would work better if the straps STAYED ON!!! I attempted to try on this bra and the straps kept flying off, mostly in the front, but in the back too. (It was kinda funny, actually" alt=";)" /> I seriously had to go and sew the attachment tabs tighter around the hooks to even be able to try it on. I think I'm just going to stick with the comfort straps (which are lovely, by the way, truly comfortable) and just sew them on, since I really don't imagine needing the interchangeable straps really (hah! halter? on me? Not a chance!) Then they will be secure, and also the attaching hooks dig into my arms, so sewing the straps straight on will fix this as well. I will probably attach them a tiny bit further in, if that works, to get the straps out of my arms, and have a little closer to center-pull for the cups.

    I have only worn it for a few hours at a time, so far, so once I fix the straps and actually wear it for a longer period of time, I will try to update this review.

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    Updated on Jan 06, 2013 Flag this

    • Thank you for your review. It's very helpful! I've got my first Ewa OTW in a 36KK as per the calculator (hahaha, yeah, we'll see about that). I was looking at the multi-way bras today and considering them for my shop. I thought it was good that Ewa did eventually make changes after buyers telling them that the straps were too wide, but my last experience with a multiway was some, oh, ten cup sizes ago and that didn't work out well then. Nice concept, though. I would sew them on myself, too. One less step from altering them completely.

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