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Bras » Ewa Michalak » Hp Rokoko (299) » 65DD 30:5

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage70.3
B. perimeter23.9
Stretched Band73.0
Band Length56.2
Cup width12.3
Cup depth20.5
Wire length21.5
Cup height11.9
Cup separation1.6
Gore height5.7
Wing height8.6
Strap width1.6

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  1. 2

    Used to fit

    This is the last HP available in Ewa's shop and it's only available in two sizes. What a shame, because I found that I actually really love this cut. At least as much as the CH cut and more than Comexim.

    The appearance of this bra is so girly. My six-year-old calls it my Elsa bra, and it is. It's lingerie fit for the Snow Queen. I wasn't really drawn to it online, but I wanted to try the cut and it's the last of them so I had no options. Once I got my hands on it though I could see how really pretty it is. The ice ... blue fabric is soft and a really nice shade. The lace overlay is gathered at the bottom to create a pleating effect. Think of gathered skirts. The navy blue roses complement the iciness of the main fabric really well. The one thing I don't like that much is the gold. This bra would have been served much better by using silver in conjunction with the blues. Unfortunate missed opportunity, but lovely all the same.

    This is a 65DD. My other HPs are a 65E and fit perfectly. This does too despite it being a cup size smaller. The measurements between the two sizes are roughly the same. I don't know if the bra I got is a bit wonky and oversized or if it's a trait of the HP. It is so open in the top that the loss of a 1/4" of depth doesn't matter. I think it's just how the HP is, I've found the same true of the CH/P cuts as well. That openness allows more flexibility in sizing, if you're soft any way. It may not be so easy if you're firmer.

    The band is true to Ewa 65. It is firm, it is comfortable, and it is great on the loosest hook. It's not overly stretchy and the bottom elastic is thick and wide, so it doesn't dig in.
    The straps are comfortable. They're not too wide set for me, but may be if you have narrow shoulders. The front is the same smooth fabric as the band. The back is embroidered to grip the slider. Unfortunately, it's only half adjustable. I'll have to shorten the straps in the future, it's okay for right now. The sliders are easy to put into place and stay there.
    The wires are narrow and U shaped. They're very comfortable, stay in my fold with no problem, and hug my root. This is another bra that I don't notice much once it's on. I don't have to readjust at all through the day and it's just really great for my body.
    The shape is all up front and round. Again, it's almost compact from the side. Everything is pushed forward, up toward the collarbone, and in towards each other. It gives my soft and empty tissue the appearance of fullness and firmness.
    The one drawback for this bra is you can absolutely see it under most tops. The lace sticks out a bit and the embroidery is not subtle. I wear my seamed and embroidered bras under t-shirts and thin sweaters because I frankly don't care. But, this one is very much evident and I reserve it for thicker shirts or layers.

    Update 12/20/2015: Unfortunately this bra no longer fits me well. I've gotten firmer and this bra does not accommodate that at the wire. My breasts are pushing the bra down out of my IMF and it sits on my ribs and causes pain. I'm collapsing the cup at the bottom and the band feels too tight. I have gained just enough size and enough firmness so that the DDs I could previously make work need to go to a new home.

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    Ice colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

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    • 1

      This is gorgeous. It IS an Elsa bra. I love it!

    • Oh this is gorgeous! How does the HP compare to CH in your opinion?

    • 3

      PetiteCollegiate in this size range I honestly think they're very similar. The CH is more projected, more out in front. The HP is less so, more in and up. The CHP is kind of in between the two, sort of out but also up.
      Comparing my Kobalt, my Lawenda, and my Prohibicja the deepest portion falls in different areas of the cup. The Prohibicja is at the top, the Lawenda is at the bottom, and the Kobalt is along the middle. But, the depth only varies by about 1/4" at the most between the three areas of each cup.

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  2. 0


    Me: soft, FOB, empty on top

    This is the first time I've tried the HP style and I absolutely love it. It is different from the CH and PL in that it holds everything in towards the chest so there is not too much jiggle even thought the top of the breast is exposed. Because it is so open on top (but still deep on the bottom) and there is not much cup depth difference, I can get away with wearing multiple sizes (and in fact prefer the fit of the 65E, even though this also fits).

    This particular bra has a stretchy band for an Ewa 65. I can easily fasten it on the 2nd or 3rd hook. It has gathered lace on the front which can still be worn under a tighter shirt, but also gives the illusion of a larger bust. I wasn't sure I would like the color at first, but once on it is very very pretty.

    I am keeping it in the 65E.

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Aug 12, 2013 Flag this

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    Hasn't set fit

    Didn't write a review

    Added on Feb 16, 2016