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Bras » Ewa Michalak » Chp Oksana (1029) » 65E 30:6

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage67.6
B. perimeter21.6
Stretched Band72.3
Band Length55.6
Cup width12.8
Cup depth20.9
Wire length21.6
Cup height13.1
Cup separation1.7
Gore height5.7
Wing height9.3
Strap width1.5

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  1. 7


    Ewa is always making the same bra over and over again. Beige (sometimes other coloured) cups with black lace over it, and a black band. And unfortunately, I keep falling for her tricks! I now own Magqiue, Cappacino, Noir, Famme Fatale.. just to name a few.
    The fit of this bra is comparable to other EM bras of this cut and size. The band is nice and firm, it is quite tight as a "30", would be better on someone who is a "28". I can get away with wearing this one without altering the band on the tighter hooks currently as a 26 which prefers ... looser bands.
    The gore is on the slightly shorter side of Chp bras in this size. I usually see them 2.0-2.6 inches. At 2.3, it is still fairly comfortable and wearable for my close set breasts, but too high to give any cleavage on me. I may need to narrow the gore in the future, but so far I've only tried on the bra and it felt ok.
    The cups are pretty open, but not as open as cups without any sort of edging.
    The straps placement is typical as well. It is a little too far apart for my frame, but should suit someone built with a little larger just fine, as the size was intended for. The right strap is actually sewn like 1mm farther than the left one, but that one is my smaller breast, causing gaping if I slouch. I will definitely be moving in the straps a little bit, maybe 3-4mm for comfort while maintaining as much of the same fit as possible.
    Overall, I really do like this bra! It's utterly gorgeous, gives great lift. If you are considering getting a Polish bra, the Chp Oksana would be a great choice if you need open cups, vertical seams, and around 28F in UK size.

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      Looks gorgeous on you! Beautiful bra for sure.

    • 1

      It looks beautiful on you! Glad it fits :)

    • 1

      I love this fabric on you!

    • Thank you everyone :)

    • Looks great! I keep wanting to try this cut but I'm pretty sure it (the straps mainly) will be too wide for my frame.

    • This looks so lovely on you!

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  2. 3

    Didn't fit

    My shape is low set, narrow and short rooted, soft, and slightly pendulous.

    This bra fits and it doesn't. I usually fit 30F bras, but I sized down from my 65F - Ewa Michalak » Chp Oksana because I had to wear a cookie on my smaller side in that size. In this 65E, my larger side barely squishes into the cup. I have to tug the cup up over my nipple and then I still get a little side boob escaping. As soon as I move around much, my left nipple sticks out of the cup. It mostly fits my smaller side, but the wings and ... wires could be higher in order to cover the side boob completely. I do love the rounded, uplifted shape though! I actually have the appearance of upper fullness in this size, which is completely due to the bra's uplifting effect (because I don't have upper fullness normally). I'm in between sizes, so it's either going to be slightly too big or slightly too small, and I prefer slightely too small because I hate gaping in the cups. I think I could have handled the 65F if I had more upper fullness/taller roots to fill the open cups with.

    The lace is classic and elegant looking. It reminds me of antique lace actually. The lace ends just at the wings on this bra, and then the back of the band is a solid black elastic. The band is fairly snug in this bra, which is perfect for me, but others may need to size up. There's 2 x 4 set of hooks, so lots of room to tighten the bra if needed. There's a small black satin bow on each of the straps and also on the gore, and there is a small crystal also on the gore.

    Overall this is a beautiful bra with great cleavage abilities.

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    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on May 09, 2018 Flag this

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      This is really beautiful and the shape is great! It’s frustrating to be in between sizes.

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      Calluna... so frustrating!

    • Ugh--the fit issues. Sigh. Beautiful on you!

    • Love4Pollinators I know.. I love it so much but my nipples peek out as soon as i move around and wear it. I'm hoping I can lose 5 pounds and then maybe it will fit better. Being soft and short rooted sure has it's challenges...

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      Soft and short-rooted is thoroughly challenging. !!

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