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Bras » Ewa Michalak » Chp Marcepan (514) » 70J 32:13

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage80.2
B. perimeter36.7
Stretched Band84.7
Band Length66.8
Cup width16.0
Cup depth33.2
Wire length34.8
Cup height19.8
Cup separation1.7
Gore height10.6
Wing height12.0
Strap width2.3

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    Used to fit

    I just received this bra courtesy of BumbleBean and I really like it! It is a much better fit than my CHP Opium that I just bought for one big reason: The foam on this bra is very thin. On the Opium, the thick foam rubs a lot under my arms, but I don't have this issue with the thinner foam of the Marcepan. Unfortuantely, part of the reason the cups are so thin is the lack of cookie pockets (though I don't really neeeed cookie pockets, so that wasn't a deal breaker for me).

    This is the first bra in my collection that can function as a nude for me, and for a "boring" bra its very nice looking. The little light pink bows on the gore and straps, as well as the light pink straps, dress up the beige color of the bra without taking away from its ability to function as a nude for lighter skin tones.

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      Oh yay, I'm glad it works for you AND it arrived sooner than expected! :)

    • I strongly prefer the thinner foam, too. Thrilled this works so well for you!! :-)

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      Congratulations, I have this bra too and I love it! I was wondering, have you tried any other CHPs? I only have this one, and I already find it quite thick. I'm now wondering what other CHPs have thinner and thicker foam.

    • Charlotteke Other than this, the Opium is the only other one I've tried. A 70J is a custom size in the CHP cut (at least now) so there aren't too many floating around out there

    • I think that part of my issue with the Opium is that I have to wear a cookie on the right size (I'm not sure why, my right side is actually slightly bigger and I've never needed to wear just one cookie before) and those are quite thick. The way the CHP cookies are cut, they extend all the way up to the stretchy part that sits in your armpit. But even removing the cookie, the foam on the Opium is still a bit thicker than the foam on the Marcepan

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      Good to know! I think the cookies in CHP cuts are such a pain to put in and take out! I don'tblike heavy padding, do I removecthrm straight away, but it is weird that you need one for your bigger boob, maybe the cups are not quite even?

      I was so happy with my CHP that I considered bulk ordering some more styles, but perhaps I should first try to figure out which ones have thinner padding.

    • Charlotteke Yeah, I found it pretty odd. I've seen a handful of other reviews of the Opium saying that they also had one cup fit differently than the other so maybe there's something with the construction of the bra

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    Added on May 04, 2015