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Bras » Ewa Michalak » Bm Kleks (861) » 65F 30:7

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage72.5
B. perimeter25.2
Stretched Band73.2
Band Length57.7
Cup width13.1
Cup depth22.7
Wire length23.1
Cup height15.6
Cup separation1.6
Gore height5.7
Wing height9.9
Strap width1.5

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  1. 2

    Didn't fit

    I have hesitated for this review because I have sooo many mixed feelings about this bra right now, all jumbled in my head. Let me explain...

    Last year, I finally got the courage to try Ewa Michalak as lcl0706 sent me her 65F Mp Kleksik to try since it was fairly tts. I fell in love with the fit, and the colour was beautiful on me. I didn’t want to send it back! But I did, and used the data from it to start buying some Ewas on my own from the listings. Still a bit R&D and learning how the sizes and styles fit. Come ... summer, I was finally considering trying a BM, and so I began saving my money to buy one. I was going to order directly, but was now turned on to Broad Lingerie and Forever Yours Lingerie, two Canadian retail shops that sell Ewas.

    The fall/winter stuff was coming out and Broad had sent me a picture of the Cabernet and I had been eyeing the stuff at FYL. In the end, I opted for the Cabernet, because I had been dealing with Sam who was immensely helpful. But it was at a time when I had been experiencing growth and insecure about my size in the BM. In the end, we decided that the size to try was the 65FF, based on how the other Ewas had been fitting me. I ordered with the Black Friday sale and the deal was done. It was just a waiting game through the Canada Post strike.

    When I got it, I had a virtual fitting with Sam who said that it looked good but that I *might* be able to do a size down in the cups. She really wasn’t sure, but it echoed thoughts that I had about the fit. I rotated back and forth with whether the 65FF was the right fit or not.

    I knew that I would never be happy until I had tried a 65F/70E for Bra Science. I waited for a good opportunity to come along to try one, and I recently came across one. I decided to swap my 65FF PL Cappuccinowy for this 65F Kleks.

    I have to say that I have wanted to try Kleks forever. I think I might have been a bit spoiled trying that Kleksik way back when. It planted the seed for an inky blue bra. And while I do have my navy Marcie, Kleks is in a class of its own, in my opinion. I was super grateful that I was able to try this as part of a swap.

    Now on to the bra review. I’m gonna spoil it for you.

    It’s too small. In more ways than one. The band is full lace and thus a bit firmer. I don’t think that it’s actually all that different from the other BMs I have tried, but I’m guessing it’s the lace that makes it feel tight, but it’s also small in the cups which doesn’t help. I can easily and comfortably use a full extender with the bra and it’s still sung enough, though it does not ride up and it opens the cup volume up a smidge (although it’s still cutting into tissue and quadding on both sides but less so on the smaller side). I think that I have two sets of pics up, with the second set using the extender and loosened straps. I do feel like I am getting a rounder shape, but I understand that feeling of compression that some people in my size range have said that they had

    So this puts me in a real pickle. I love this bra. It’s a gorgeous shade of inky blue and the light on the lace reflects a a lighter shade. The traditional bows adorn this bra, with the addition of little twinkling gem drops. I saw a review, though I forget whose it was, and they said that the little jewels were like stars shining in the night sky. I can agree with that sentiment. They add a delicate elegance and I find this bra simply delicious!

    So what do I do with it? Do I wear it with my extender under tops that I know will not show the sight quadding, save it for when/if I lose weight and volume and it will fit better, or simply pass it on? I have not decided. It’s too beautiful a bra for me to want to give away or trade, but I also know that I might never loose the weight to fit in it.

    Such a heartache. I knew that I had a chance of it being too small, but I was hoping that it would work.

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    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Apr 17, 2019 Flag this

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    • Kleks in general seems to run small! Tight band, tight cups. So a different BM in 65F might work.

    • Oh darn! I think you should keep searching for your perfect inky blue bra.

    • Hmmm... brasaremean I don't find Kleks to really run any smaller than any other of my BMs.

      I have only noticed size discrepancies with Antonina and Wersal...I can squish into a 65FF, and that's what I have, but if someone ever wanted to buy them I'd sell and go for 65G like all my other Ewas.

      @Calluna ...I would sell it. I don't believe in keeping expensive things around, hoping that my body will change and then it will fit. It's not healthy for the psyche or wallet.

      There are many other gorgeous navy bras out there:

      Kinga has beautiful Adele(amazingly similar to Kleks but padded)

      KrisLine has an inky blue Fortuna for spring and a navy one for fall

      Gorsenia has 3 on sale right now: Felice $12 Can, Ashley $25Can and Deborah $24. All available in your size - 65F.

      They also have 2 navy blue stunners coming in is navy eyelash lace/mesh like my Paradise and the other is a navy mesh with navy and red flame-like embroidery.

    • 1

      Why not sell it and buy a 70F with the money?

    • cupandahalf I can’t sell it. It’s from a swap. I swapped it for my 65FF PL Cappuccinowy which I got from another swap. I don’t think that it’s ethical to sell from a swap.

    • AprilGoulding I will have a look at those but I am very unfamiliar with those brands and fit, or whether they are suitable for my shape. Plus, I’m saving y money for an Attollo bra, in which they have navy and light blue options (but sold out right now).

    • Calluna well, for less than $15 you can try the Gorsenia. If it fits : awesome! You know that you now have many options for less than $40. Gorsenia fit is very consistant and prices are great. You've seen me ranting...
      And if it doesn't fit, you didn't waste your savings trying an expensive bra.

    • It is sooo pretty, but it definitely looks too small. So disappointing. :(

    • 1

      I am curious if everyone thinks that someone should not sell a bra they got in an exchange? I have not don it, but am now wondering about it since Calluna brought it up. I think it is different than a free bra, since you did actually give something of value to get this new bra... I don't know. And it can be challenging to find someone else to exchange with who both wears the same size and has a bra that you are interested in. Thoughts?

    • 1

      I personally think it's fine.

      AprilGoulding My Kleks and Apricot are both tighter in the cup than my other 65GGs as well as a little tighter in the band!

    • 1

      I think selling after an exchange is perfectly fine too.

      @brasaremean hmmmmm...head scratching

    • veggiechic to clarify, I received two 65G S bras from a girl that was pregnant and no longer fit them. She sent them to me for the cost of shipping, so basically free. I think I paid about $10 to have them shipped to my friend when I was out in LA. I sent one of them to Korea as a swap for the 65FF PL Cappuccinowy. I decided to swap that bra which was also basically new for the 65F Kleks. So while the bra does have value, I did not pay for it or the two bras that I swapped prior to get it with. I don’t want to profit off of something that I never paid for. Does that make sense? I can still consider listing the bra as an exchange, of course.

    • AprilGoulding what size and style would I be looking at in a Gorsenia? Bearing in mind that I am not the same shape as you..

    • Thanks Sonya, I know...I’m heartbroken. But it’s not a total surprise. I knew that I had a 50/50 chance of it not fitting.

    • brasaremean I’m not sure, as the depth is pretty much consistent on the ones I have seen, with the exception of Bibi Black/Flamenco. And possibly the croptop (kroptop?) as the depth of the 70E listed is larger than the other 70E listed (which is comparable with the Kleks). And I trust that user’s measurements at this point. Plus, a review of that also said the cups of it are generous. So yes, a few potential 65F/70E BM bras might fit, as long as it is more than 9” depth.

    • 1

      AprilGoulding my apologies... I reread your comment and you said 65F is what I would need for a Gorsenia. I have no idea what they fit like or what sizing methods they use. I’ll look at the styles you suggested.

    • are looking at Ewa BM style here, which I would compare to Gorsenia softcups. Some are full lace with stretch, some are Bibi...I'm in 65G, so I would guess you to be MagdaBras4you She is the expert..

    • Ok. I can’t seem to find these sale bras mentioned. I’m not sure where they are. Nothing I have found is remotely similarly priced. Maybe I need some caffeine to google properly.

    • Thanks. The gores look tall and wide. Is that just a result of the size range (scaling) that’s being shown?

    • 1

      Calluna gore is about 1/2 cm higher but no wider than EM..wires are tiny bit more narrow - deeper U shape on outer edge.

      See photos here:

    • Thanks. I don’t know if I will pursue this brand any further. I have been seeing mention of an elastic strip on the top of the cup which I don’t do well with. It just cuts into my soft tissue and creates quad boob.

    • 1

      Sorry you didn't get the perfect fit with this bra. I felt the same with sizing though... wasn't sure if 65F was gonna fit but I had to try to know for sure. Good luck finding a substitute!

    • Wilderness1 yeah, at least I know.

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