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Bras » Ewa Michalak » Bm Fluo » 65F 30:7

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage67.2
B. perimeter23.0
Stretched Band70.5
Band Length58.1
Cup width13.0
Cup depth22.8
Wire length23.5
Cup height15.9
Cup separation1.5
Gore height5.6
Wing height9.8
Strap width1.4

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  1. 7


    I received this bra about a week ago from jlcl119. Thank you! As I said in my last review for the BM Puder, the BM is my all-time favourite cut, and Fluo marks my seventh. I had a chance to wear it at work the other day, and these are my initial thoughts. First of all, what an awesome colour! It's so bright, vibrant, and fluorescent. This is one bra I won't hesitate to wear under white or light coloured shirts, because it deserves to be shown off in my opinion. The cups are all lace, the band is that silky, stretchy, satiny material (same ... as my Puder and Szafirowa Pantera), and the whole thing is lined in white to really make the colour pop. Also, in my pictures, it makes me look really tan because my poor little iPhone 6 camera can't handle it lol (compare these pics with my pics of Puder; I promise I didn't get a tan in a week!).

    When I bought this bra, I was worried that the band would be too big for me, but luckily that is not the case! I can comfortably wear it on the second hook and it stays in place throughout the day. I feel like the band actually doesn't have a lot of stretch in it, but as long as it stays comfortable, I don't mind. The cups are a perfect depth for me, and this bra definitely feels like the "old" construction, which means it feels like it has a lower apex and lower cup height/coverage. This works much better for me, personally. It is most apparent when you compare this with my BM Porto; the cup height on my Porto is 0.3" taller, and if you look at the angled pictures side by side, you can see a dramatic difference in the shape. (I do believe my Porto has softened a bit and rounded out through washing and wearing, though, so it may achieve my preferred silhouette in the future). Fluo gives me a perfectly round and minimized appearance, just the way I like it!

    Overall I'm extremely happy to add Fluo to my rotation. Now I just need to find some matching panties!

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      It's gorgeous on you !

    • Thank you Sonya! :)

    • 1

      Awesome! Good find!

    • 2

      I'm so glad you're happy with it, and it looks great on you!
      I hope you're able to find some bottoms that will go well with it.

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      It is one of my faves. Notoriously tight band, so good for the tiny rib crowd.

      Looks super on you. Really. Tan and all ;)

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      It's amazing how a good bra can make the day !

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      Wow, this gives you such a nice shape! It looks fantastic on you!!! I just got my BM La Gloria in the mail and it gives me a more 'natural' shape compared to the Koronkowa I tried recently (won't be able to do the review for another week as I'm out of town). I love the colour of the La Gloria, but I wish it gave me a more rounded profile like you get with this bra. Oh well, it's beautiful all the same. BMs sure are comfortable and forgiving of boob fluctuations, like I've heard others say. Glad you got another great fit!

    • 3

      Thank you everyone! Wilderness1 As I mentioned in this review, my BM Porto definitely gave me a pointier shape when I first got it, but I checked it again just last night, and it has definitely rounded out since I first got it. Not quite to the same level as Fluo, but it may get there in time, so I would just be patient with your La Gloria and have faith that it'll get closer to where you want it to be with wearing and washing :)

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  2. 4

    Didn't fit

    I love the bright color of this bra and really was starved for some color from Ewa so I am so glad she put this out. The band, on the other hand, is utterly ridiculous. It has no stretch. It goes from 23" unstretched to 27" with a HARD pull. Honestly, I can't get it on my body because of the lack of stretch. So all pics are taken with a full extender, and that's how I wear it, and it still feels suffocating.

    Otherwise I have no complaints. I don't quite fill out the very bottom of the cups, but that applies to literally every bra ever including all the Comexims, Ewa's SM, PL, and S... so I can't mark it as a fit issue or whine about it anymore unless I want to wear CH/CHP the rest of my life, and I don't. I really need a 4 part cup design in the BMs and SMs but I'm nowhere near the size range she does that for. The amount of space is about 1cm, so I deal.

    Updated on Jan 04, 2019 Flag this

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      I'd love a four part cup!
      She only does that in our size in the the SF and the stiffness of the material pretty much defeats that extra seam :(

      I adore the color of Fluo on you, I wish it fit better in the band.

    • Oh my god.
      I thought you two were the same person cause of similar usernames!

    • I share your woes...I need a true bowl at the wire - not a deep saucer ;)
      I found Fluo to be less projected at the wire (and smaller cup overall) than my Antonina (and yes, much firmer band).

      I have SF in Maryna and it's a lot less stiff than Gladzioch Bez and I have less wrinkling in it. I'm hoping she'll do more satin SFs this spring as well as more lace and embroidered SMs because I find my Rozmarzona heavenly.

    • 1

      AprilGoulding i recently got an Antonina that’s yet to be measured or reviewed & I was hoping for a similar experience as yours but while the band is TTS thank god, I find the cups just as shallow & to actually run smaller than Fluo. Sigh. Inconsistency abounds.

    • lcl0706 hmffffff. So frustrating!!

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    Didn't fit

    Didn't write a review

    This bra is not owned any more

    Added on Apr 26, 2018