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Bras » Ewa Michalak » Bm Bibi Beżowa Perła (533) » 65K 30:15

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage73.7
B. perimeter39.4
Stretched Band73.7
Band Length57.8
Cup width15.6
Cup depth36.5
Wire length33.0
Cup height25.4
Cup separation1.3
Gore height10.2
Wing height10.7
Strap width2.5

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    Okay, seeing as I've just got this bra (I literally just picked it up) I'll probably add some more stuff later, once the shine wears off.

    Off the bat, I will say, I definitely understand what you all mean by the narrow wires. Do you see how it's not stretching all the way to my back? I am amazed. lol. The band seems firm enough, but it also feels like there's more room to stretch. It has a measurement of 22 inches not stretched and 29 inches stretched. I'm somewhere around a 28 (for reference) and it feels pretty comfortable to me.

    The gore tacks, but it doesn't press in ... painfully as some brands can do (I don't really feel it actually), and there's also some overlapping of the wires. I guess this contributes to it tacking fully, rather than just having one wire tack.

    The cup height also doesn't feel uncomfortable. What I will say however, is those straps! Initially when I put them on there were on the slackest setting, I drew them up slightly because (and this is one point of contention with the bra) it didn't feel as if it were holding me up? Like my breasts honestly felt they were see-sawing... That I think is my major gripe with the bra. I don't feel there's much support with this. My second issue are those darn straps. As I said before, i tightened them (juuuust) slightly, but then I had to angle them inwards because the were wide (I think wider than my Jasmine from Panache). Now generally, this is a thing I do with straps, but after angling them inwards they felt like there were cutting in :/

    Granted all in all, it's not a bad bra, and I'd say it fits ^_^. I could deal with the straps. I love the wires. It's just the support that's bugging me.

    Just a side mention .. I like that little charm at the gore. It's a cute touch.


    Just a note on the measurements I entered for the cup depth. Both the maximum and minimum cup depth were recorded. Maximum cup depth was measured by stretching the cup over the knee. This was recorded at 15.75 inches. The minimum cup depth was measured by hovering the cup between the knees and hanging the tape measure. This was recorded at 13 inches.

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    • Welcone to the joys and frustrations of Ewa bras! I can say that the straps used to really bother me but after a few months I actually got used to them and now they aren't a bother. For additional support, try a middle hookset and see if that helps. Also, you'll get more lift in the cups when you can adjust the straps a bit more, but it may take some time to adjust to the wideset strap placement first. Once able to do that, the cups will feel more supportive. :-)

    • 1

      MamaPagan, I can see that happening with the straps (it not being a bother after a while) because the material is pretty soft (so is that lace..I can't stop touching it).

      Ah yes, I'll try that with the band and once the straps feel a bit more comfortable I'll do that.


    • 1

      You're welcome :-)

    • In my experience, the single layer EM bands do stretch out faster and more than double layered ones. Maybe it's just me though, I get really bothered by a loose band because I feel like it's not as supportive.

      As for the straps, they cut in and bother me the first time I wear the bra, but then I get used to it (and I think it softens up). After a wash or two the irritation completely goes away. I really really think it's the scallop-y edges on the bra where the actual discomfort comes from.

      That being said you are right that this bra doesn't look very supportive on you. Would you say you have firmer tissue rather than soft? Maybe the SF cut would suit you better?

    • And also, the half lace BMs do not have any lining. The full lace ones do and that might make a ton of difference when it comes to support!

    • 1

      brasaremean I think because I'm somewhere between a 28-29 back. The band doesn't bother me too much..but then we'll see after I wear it for a while and how it stretches. After taking on this bra and putting on my Jasmine it made the Jasmine feel really loose and uncomfortable.

      I can live with the straps but it's good to know they soften.

      I think I do have soft tissue (how do you tell though?), that's why I'm thinking of the SF. Thanks.

      Part of it could also be because of how the straps/band were adjusted. Everything was pretty much on the loosest level. I've since adjusted it and it seems to be a little better now, but I'm leaning towards trying the SF and seeing how that works.

      I'm pretty happy how this turned out though. There are a couple of fit issues I had before that got solved with this bra.

    • 1

      brasaremean double typing here.. didn't see your last comment. Ooh that works then also. So I can probably also try a full lace option.


    • 2

      The SF cups have a lot more structure, think Jasmine. However I will say that they feel like they have less immediate projection than the BMs (or Jasmine).
      Now I only tried one SF bra and I'm not even close in size to you so I'm useless with any information, however I know both MamaPagan and Sovavosi are about your size and they have some SFs reviewed (along with photos of the inside of the cup to show the structure).

      Overall I would say that SFs have more support than BMs but they also come with some different issues (for me).

      That's how it goes, every next bra gets you closer to that optimal (if not perfect) fit.

    • Since I already interjected on the BM vs SF post, I won't repeat myself here, haha.

      I do agree with brasaremean, though!

    • 1

      I don't notice the difference in support between the BM and SF because I have firm tissue. You can tell if your tissue is firm or not from how it behaves when you smoosh it... my boobs have the same shape regardless of what bra I put them in. They don't quad when a bra is too small, I just get a slight indentation.

      The S had the most support that I could feel, it's like boob lockdown... except that it's so shallow on the bottom. :(

    • 1

      Kk, I think in my long term plans (I'll try the SF and one of the all over lace ones to see which one works best). Thanks brasaremean , MamaPagan.

      @Sovavosi , aah I see. Not sure if I'll be trying the S but having them under lockdown does have their own appeal. Lol. Thanks!

      I think it's safe to say I soft tissue then

    • You're welcome :-)

      And I second Sovavosi with the S style lockdown. It is a great period and ovulation bra.

    • Aaah I didn't even think about that! They're always very tender around that time and the least bit of bounce makes it hurt.

    • 1

      That's one of the wonderful things about this community. We can brainstorm and come up with some awesome ideas and theories! :-D

      Working together is a glorious thing.

    • Frazzleberry maybe this is dumb but tentatively, judging from how this bra fits the few other users in your exact size and how similar-cut bras fit others in closeish sizes, I find you are getting quite a bit more coverage than the design intends. Combined with the fact I see a tiny bit of wrinkling around the edges/underneath and the fact you say you don't feel secure, I wonder if this is not one cup volume too large for you. Maybe going down one cup would pose other problems, I'm not sure, but maybe worth considering? As I said last week sizing up in the cup can be a totally valid bra hack (and one I am rocking at this very second as I sit here in my overly-shallow-but-fits-comfortably-in-2-cups-over-my-usual-size Passionata Brooklyn :-D). But since you're having trouble with the strap placement and feeling unsupported, in this case a smaller cup volume could be worth a look, because those two problems are pretty typical of a too-large cup.

    • Any thoughts on the above MamaPagan ? I imagine based on your past comments that you've more often been thwarted by EM cups being too small or snug since you are at the outer edge of their size chart already, but in the styles where you've gotten a fit, you probably have a pretty good eye for how much coverage and support would indicate optimal volume.

    • wendybien that is a thought, but honestly (and I'm not one to generally overshoot cup sizes) I think if i went down a cup it may be too small :/, but then I'm not familiar with Ewa's sizing. I'll go look back at the measurements. I will say this though after adjusting the the straps (I adjusted the straps - it was really loose at the time- and the band) it wasn't that bad.

    • 1

      whenever my next bra adventure comes I'll put that down as one of my options, I guess that would be around a 65JJ... And I'll see which way is the best to go

      I'll be wearing it for the full day tomorrow, so I suppose any support issues should show itself then..

    • wendybien I do tend to get a good/great/sometimes perfect fit in Ewa's BM 60KK, and based on what Frazzleberry explained and what I see, I am confident the fit will be better for her with tightening the straps a bit and trying a tighter hookset, though I obviously can't guarantee a perfect fit as a result. :-D

      A few months back I was having major skin sensitivity issues and had to loosen all my straps completely as well as my bands. Instant no support, and wrinkling at the bottom of the cup similar to what she is experiencing. Half an inch tightened and the wrinkles disappear, a bit more with the band at a secure setting, and I get the lift you see on Ewa models, but I don't like my straps that tight. Add my permanent shoulder grooves that hold the straps in place and I don't need them tighter to keep them on my shoulders. Off topic, sorry.

      I have several BMs I tried in a 60K and 60KK, and while the 60Ks looked like they fit, the gore was way off my sternum. The 60KK BMs that I have that are a bit too small and cut in at the top are more due to the lace not having as much give and me having taller breast tissue than the stretch lace on those models can accommodate. I may try those models in a 60L at some point, but I am not sure it would help.

      Point being that while yes, she may be able to fit in a cup size down, the result may be no tack and less support as was with my experience.

      When trying Ewa bras (Polish bras in general) after UK ones, the strap placement does take some time to adjust to and we tend to wear the straps looser than we should as a result.

      Honestly, @Frazzleberry's breasts look bigger to me than mine do, so I'd be leery about suggesting a smaller cup than I wear. I do see validity in everything you said, but the bra measurements seem normal for this cup/band combo in comparison to my 60KKs, so I would be more apt to suggest like brasaremean did and say try the full lace BMs for for reinforcement and the SF style as well for added support.

      That doesn't mean Frazzleberry that you couldn't try a size down if it's available and returnable. Doing so for me (several times) helped put my mind at ease about size and fit, and the realization my breasts are too soft to create the rounded mounds in a smaller size, but quad instead.

    • Frazzleberry Sorry, I was typing a book worthy reply when your comment came in so I missed it until now.
      I can't wait to hear the update on support and comfort after tomorrow's wear! :-)

    • am I the only one who does not see any pictures?

    • No, but if you go to the photos of the size up there you will see some photos, it's the only set in this size

    • She chose not to link them dbmamaz, but as brasaremean stated, they are visible under the bra's main page.

    • 2

      yes, this notification brought me to the page, looks good!

    • 1

      I was browsing Ewa's site, as usual :-D, and I must say that even her models get that wrinkling on the base of the cup. Plus the BM is a fuller coverage bra so it is supposed to provide more coverage than her SM or plunge styles for example.
      Two perfect examples:

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