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Bras » Empreinte » Ophelia Full Cup Bra (07119)

Ophelia Full Cup Bra (07119)

This bra is discontinued.

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  1. 32 E-E ... (32 :5-:5)
  2. 34 E-E ... (34 :5-:5)
  3. 36 E-E ... (36 :5-:5)
  4. 38 E-E ... (38 :5-:5)
  5. 40 E-E ... (40 :5-:5)
  6. 42 E-E ... (42 :5-:5)
  7. 44 E-E ... (44 :5-:5)
  8. 46 E-E ... (46 :5-:5)

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  1. This bra was seriously the LOVE OF MY LIFE before I went and lost weight. It is soooo comfortable, so beautiful, and despite being supposedly a 34 (85 in Empreinte's weird world) never rode up even on the loosest hooks on my 29" underbust. Even after wearing it quite regularly for 3-4 months it still only stretches to about 32.5."

    The shape it gave me was also my favorite ever. It sort of minimizes without minimizing... just "neatens" my shape by gathering the boobs to the center juuuust so, but without the flattening, spreading effect that all other slightly minimizing cups always had on me. Definitely sad to give it up.

    This bra is not owned any more

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      Oh Gods, that bra is *ridiculously* pretty! Gosh!

    • Are you sure about the band size? As far as I understand a 85 in french sizes / Empreinte would be a 32 in UK sizes:

      Maybe that explains why it stretches to about 32.5" :)

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      sunbird the answer with Empreinte is "it's complicated" lol. So, the across-the-board, standard size equivalency for French bands is indeed 85=70=32. HOWEVER, Empreinte use very expensive high-tech fabrics that anchor well but also stretch (if needed) an incredible amount on the body. There's also the issue that their cups run, like, twice as big as anyone else's. So to try and make their sizing legible to foreign consumers, they use their own custom equivalencies such that an Empreinte 85 band is considered (and marked on the label) to be a US/UK 32 and a European 75.

      So the answer is that this is BOTH a French 85 and (as marked on the label) a UK 34. And that it fits sort of like a slightly generous 32. Let's say that if you are an average or larger 32, or if you always wear 34s you will be totally fine in this. If you are usually between 34 and 36, Empreinte's "34" (French 85) might be a hair too snug.

    • ARRGGH that was supposed to be "Empreinte 85 is considered and mrked on the label to be a UK/US 34" not 32.

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      wendybien thank you for explaining. Empreinte does have such beautiful designs, but considering the usual price I'm still hesitant ordering one. I've seen you wear Prima Donna bras as well. How would you say their sizing compare?

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      Well the good thing about Empreinte is that, at least with their unpadded/unlined styles, their sizing is VERY consistent. I've tried a good dozen or more of their recent-ish styles and can honestly say that I am always the same size in their designs. Prima Donna is trickier because they are more variable: their lineup includes older designs that they have had around forever, like the Deauville, and that fit waaaaayyy deeper in the cup, and newer designs that fit definitely shallower. I can still wear my PD Tamise in 32G despite a tiny bit of wrinkling for example, whereas the Deauville in the same size is over 1.5" too deep for me.

      I would also say that in the size range I'm familiar with (32 and occasional 30) Prima Donna fits really pretty snug in the band compared to Empreinte. They also use high-quality fabrics but obviously favor firmness rather than elasticity. I am solidly a 32 and I can wear an Empreinte 30 (75 French) all day though I'll be somewhat uncomfortable by the end of it. I cannot even last 2 minutes in a PD 30 band, I would need a full extender on that.

      With Empreinte, after you've figured out your band size (their unique conversion system ought to take care of this for you) a good rule of thumb is that whatever UK cup size you are, you must size DOWN in Empreinte. So for example if you usually wear a 30F in Fantasie, you can stick to what Empreinte labels a 30 band, but you will definitely need to size down to an E cup--the F will be too big by a mile (again this only pertains to nonpadded... I have never tried their contoured stuff).

      What is your current size range or cup depth?

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      Your commment is enlightening as always! I wear 30F in the Panache and Freya models I've tried and mostly 65F im Primadonna and Primadonna Twist, unpadded all of them. If I get you right, it would be best for me to try a 75E/30E in Empreinte. I think I will give it a shot, those designs are just stunning and now that I've discovered what a well fitting bra is worth I'm looking for comfort an quality in the first place :)

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      Yes that sounds about right. If you favor a modern rounded look try the seamless lace cups or the so-calles "full" cups (that really aren't full); if you are super projected and don't mind cups that have a defined apex then the "low neckline" styles are the ones you want!

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      Good to know those differences between their cuts. I think I will start with one of their "full cups", as I'm not sure how projected I am. I do feel much more prepared for placing an online order now, thank you!

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    Very comfortable bra, gorgeous.

    Updated on Mar 31, 2015 Flag this

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