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Bras » Curvy Kate » Belle Balcony Bra (SG3501) » 30E 30:6

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage71.3
B. perimeter22.9
Stretched Band73.4
Band Length59.3
Cup width13.0
Cup depth23.1
Wire length22.2
Cup height14.4
Cup separation1.9
Gore height6.7
Wing height7.2
Strap width1.5

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  1. 4

    Didn't fit

    I tried a few Curvy Kate balcony bras and Belle was my favorite because it's such a pretty bra. I just love the black embroidery and the semi-sheer blush pink. The fit was close, but unfortunately not quite right. The cup was too tight at the apex, but the lace on top wrinkled where I couldn't quite fill it and I got epic in-cup quad boob. It's based on the Bardot cut which is known as projected and good for short roots. So if Bardot works for you (and even Florence), then Belle will fit similarly. Those with sensitive skin might not love the scratchy mesh. Personally, I need a cup that is even more projected at the apex and more friendly to very soft tissue. CK bands also seem to be incompatible with my ribcage and I get a weird gaping at the sides. That will be more visible in my later CK reviews to come. There's a full review on my blog!" alt=":)" />

    Blush/Black colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Apr 05, 2017 Flag this

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      Nooo scratchy lace! I almost bought one of these not too long ago, glad I didn't.

    • Thank you for this review. Despite my affinity for the blue model, I will avoid the scratchy material.

    • 2

      I really wish CK would work on its fabric quality/feel. I love the fit but hate the fabric all the time.

    • 3

      cupandahalf Love4Pollinators triumphof CK Florence has softer materials, as does Ellace. Apart from the lace on top, I didn't find their fits radically different. And their bras with the "laminated" cups are gentler on my skin. I still hope to find one that fits me one day :(

      I am planning on reviewing Florence, too... maybe I should do it next. I was going to break it up with another brand in between :)

    • 1

      Oh also, I only tried it on and never washed it, so I can't say if it will soften over time.

    • letstalkaboutbras I've got a Florence sitting in my pile of to-be-returned bras. I agree about the fabric, though, it's pretty soft.

    • letstalkaboutbras I have a Florence and an Ellace. I think the Ellace is great, but the mesh fabric is a little scratchy under the pits for me. Florence's lace itches me. I guess I just have sensitive skin. I can't stand the mesh on the band in my IMF either, which is why I prefer Ellace. I've sewed soft fold over elastic on a lot of bra bands.

    • cupandahalf Florence didn't work for me either (worse than Belle in fact for weird band gaping) and I wasn't in love with the material, but then I put Belle on and was like, well... that's worse, lol. I love the look of Ellace, only I ordered the wrong size and then gave up on it.

    • 1

      Florence fit me well when I was smaller, but now that I'm a cup or two larger sizing up it became too tall for my tiny little roots. Sob.

      My motivation to lose weight is seriously to fit into the turquoise Florence again, despite the itchy lace. I have the knickers to match! I must wear it this summer!

    • 2

      cupandahalf I know what you mean! Since I lost weight and dropped 2-3 cup sizes, everything has changed and it's motivation for me to keep the weight off. Cups that aren't up to my collarbones for once...

    • 2

      THANK YOU for this discussion at the end, cupandahalf and letstalkaboutbras ! It's not just me! I went down to a 30D after some weight loss a year or two ago and it was amazing how much better most bras fit since they were shorter. Now I'm back up to bordering 30DD/30E, and it's crazy how much *bigger* the cups are in all dimensions, I have to pay a lot more attention to cup height before buying. My boobs got bigger, but they sure didn't get that much taller..

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