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Bras » Comexim » Queen Of Hearts Plunge Bra (367) » 65N 30:14

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage76.2
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band82.1
Band Length59.7
Cup width15.8
Cup depth31.8
Wire length30.3
Cup height21.2
Cup separation1.5
Gore height8.6
Wing height13.1
Strap width1.9

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  1. 3

    Didn't fit

    This is another pretty and comfortable Comexim. Thanks to MamaPagan for sending it to me! I love this color combination, the red around and underneath the underwires feel like a special touch.

    This bra, like other comexims gives me a nice rounded and lifted shape. The band both measures and feels a little loose, I am wondering if it has stretched with wear, it is a mesh, so maybe it is a material that is easier to stretch out. Even though it is a little bigger than I need in the band, it is a small amount, and the band does not ride up. As I have recently grown, I am getting noticeable quadding, and some breast tissue escaping out the side of the cups.

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    • 3

      It must be so fun to get to try on so many different styles!! I wish MamaPagan was my fairy bramother, too!

      I am in a completely different size range, but I’ve always found Comexim’s bands to be inconsistent, and the mesh ones are always more stretchy and less secure for me.

    • 2


      This isn't the half cup, it's the original plunge version

      If you click on "my bras" then click on this bra, underneath on the left you can click the pink "edit" button and change the model

    • Yeah, if you check my band measurements for this one (under the plunge version as it is), you'll see it's not stretched out from wear. I only tried it a couple times max as the band was too big and the cups too small for me when I bought it.
      Too bad you didn't add this & the other Comexims in back when I sent them to you when you stated they fit perfectly. It would have been nice to see some "wins" reviewed instead of all being entered as "losses.". :-(

      @ennakym Thank you :-) If I had your size range I would send them to you too. <3

    • I know, I am so hopeful that I will shrink a little and these will become perfect again.

      When my father in law became so sick and passed away around that time my focus immediately switched to supporting my husband, children, and the rest of my family. It has been a hard time. My hobbies, and anything else that was not "necessary" was put to the side. I am glad to say that things are starting to get back to normal in our family, and I am starting to regain some balance in my life.

    • Glad to hear things are getting better :-) Life upsets are never a joy, and it is always amazing just how much of a domino effect they can have on the rest of our life. Gotta love that "mommy mode" switch in our brains that makes us "insta-nurturing " for those we care about when they are in need. While that can be emotionally draining, it sounds like you are finally being able to recoup a bit now which is good. Hopefully you'll have some bra wins soon! I know we all love hearing about great bra wins. :-)

    • 1

      I just went through the same things recently and I know the toll they can take on you. It's good to see you posting and nothing puts a smile on your face faster than a brand new(ish XD) bra that makes you feel beautiful.
      Even if this one isn't a 100% win it looks great on you and that cleavage is killer!

      ennakym We all wish Mamapagan was our fairy bramother with all her awesome bradrobe & fantastic understanding of fit!

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  2. 0

    Hasn't set fit

    Queen of Hearts in 65N

    Adding bra in for data/informational purposes only. This Bra is not owned by me at the time of addition to the database. ☺

    Queen of Hearts is a padded plunge bra that is all black with red around the cups on the band/center gore. The padding is a light foam lining.

    The band measures 23” to a max of 32.5” making it great for a 28 to 30 band. It has 3 hooks and 3 rows of eyes.

    Cup depth was 11.5” as measured by hovering the cup between the knees and placing the tape measure into the cup without any resistance, to a max of 13.25” stretched over the knee.

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Jun 09, 2018 Flag this

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