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Bras » Comexim » Mimi Half Cup (288) » 60K 28:11

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage66.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band69.9
Band Length55.2
Cup width14.7
Cup depth22.8
Wire length25.0
Cup height16.3
Cup separation1.6
Gore height7.6
Wing height10.1
Strap width1.9

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  1. 2

    Didn't fit

    Ordered Alterations:
    - straps moved in
    - cookie pockets


    The stock photo shows a sort of silvery vertical ripple pattern. It does not exist on this bra. It's a very solid, plain-ish black. Others may be pleasantly surprised by that, but I was a bit disappointed. The straps have a cute solid black detailing to them. The only part of this bra that isn't black is the faux silver-and-pearl charm that is stitched onto the bow at the center gore.


    This bra wasn't available in a 65K, or any higher cups in a 65+ band, and I really wanted to try their half-cups. I think this ... would have worked for me in a 65L or even 65M, or maybe a 70K/70L. I do think their half cup might be a better shape for me if I can get the right size.


    The material isn't bad, but nowhere near as luxe as my AP's. The material inside the cups is soft cotton, but the material of the band feels much like the way I described my Cleo Lily in Swan Print-- like the plasticky-feeling nylon tea bags Tazo uses. For me, that's uncomfortable against my skin, and I'm the sort to blister if that's against my skin all day. I do think it feels quite sturdy, and would stand up well to wear. The charm feels like it may be made out of the same stuff as rings you get from the quarter machine-- it's cute, though.


    As previously stated, the inside of the cups are lined with soft cotton. They're lightly padded with foam, and there is a single vertical seam. I'm not sure if the bottom of the cups felt too shallow because they *are* shallow at the bottom, or if it's because the cups are too small. The height was great, though, even with my short roots (I think they're short? They act short). They are a bit wide on me, but that may not be an issue since Comexim wires seem more about support than murder, which is a nice counter to my experience with certain UK wires. *coughcoughPanachecough*


    The placement on these isn't as comfortable as on my Anna Pardal Nuance Plunges, and I think for me it would chafe the front of my underarms after a while, but it definitely doesn't murder them the way my CK Tease does. I do find that the cute detailing on the straps makes it very difficult to adjust them, although I think they tried to combat that with the second layer of wider, solid material under the ruched top layer.


    I adore the way Comexim set up the gore. It's .7" at the top, and for the top 1.25" it's no wider than an inch. At the very bottom of the gore, it's about 2" wide. EVERY gore is too wide/high for me, with the apparent exceptions of Comexim and Anna Pardal. Also, their wires are sort of more like Freya wires, so they aren't super painful even if they were to dig. However, I think I would need them to overlap to tack properly; the gore soft tacks, with the top not quite touching my sternum. I blame my boobs, for loving to cuddle.


    I'd hazard a guess that this would fit like a 28G or 26GG. The band feels like it isn't likely to stretch out much, or quickly. It can stretch further than 27", but the cups begin to distort. As stated before, the band is an odd, almost plasticky nylon-feeling stuff. Not my fave. It may have more give after a wash or two, as I think there's a ton of starch or whatever in it.


    Nope, not quite in my IMF. They're wide enough and then some, but the cup is a bit shallow, or just too small. Either way, the wires don't snuggle up to my IMF the way they should.


    - Straps are tough to adjust.
    - It's too small.
    - Oddly uncomfortable (for me) material for the full length of the band.
    - Dammit it's too small.

    I'll be listing this!

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    Updated on Nov 12, 2015 Flag this

    • 6

      "Comexim wires seem more about support than murder, which is a nice counter to my experience with certain UK wires. *coughcoughPanachecough*"


    • bonjourhi I'd asked for reduced cups and gore on my Queen of Hearts, along with straps moved in. I did say I only wanted the straps moved in on Mimi, but it's possible they reduced the gore. Maybe even the cups, which might explain the plungey slope, since they usually mostly remove cup near the straps. That would explain why one of the emails I got said the Queen could be "conquered" 3cm and Mimi could be "conquered" 1cm.

    • bonjourhi I wrote it in both, but I can totally see how it could be confusing with the language barrier.

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    Hasn't set fit

    Didn't write a review

    Added on Jul 04, 2019