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Bras » Cleo » Natasha Balconnet (6841) » 38FF 38:8

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage92.7
B. perimeter33.0
Stretched Band97.3
Band Length76.0
Cup width16.1
Cup depth31.9
Wire length33.6
Cup height0.0
Cup separation2.1
Gore height9.8
Wing height11.9
Strap width1.9

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  1. 1

    Used to fit

    I got this in the mail yesterday and was super excited. Even more exciting was that it was SO CLOSE to fitting. It's definitely not perfect, but it's the closest yet.

    What's good about the bra: The material is fantastic. It's unlined, so I was sort of worried it would be thin and flimsy (as that has been my experience with other unlined bras) but it's not. It's strong. What's awesome about that is that it's still really soft, comfortable, and light feeling. It's also gorgeous! I'm not a huge fan of camo or camo-like prints, but this is beautiful. The purple is so rich. Love it!

    The negatives: The ... gore poked me a little cause it's so tall. That very well may be a sizing issue, as it's about a cup size too big. I also had some renegade flesh falling over the wings under my arms, so I think the wings are a bit short and/or unsupportive. I solved that by scooting the underwire over (there's a good centimetre or more of spare space for it) under the armpit a bit, but that made it unbearably uncomfortable, so I immediately put it back. I also think that I prefer to have 3-4 columns of hooks and this beauty only has two.

    Overall, it's a super bra. I love it so much I'm debating whether or not to re-list it. (It's pretty close, right?" alt=":P" />)

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    • yetanotherthing, I am *very* interested in what people say about this bra and how it fits you. I have very similar fit issues, at least in this specific instance.

      I'm wondering, actually, if the cup size isn't a little small, or at least the cup width is a little too small. I say that because it looks like the band is too tight, which could be spreading the underwires a little, distorting them, which in turn could be causing the wrinkling in the cup bottom. It also looks like there's some slight lifting of the band away from your chest in photos #9 and #12, although that might be because you have your arm(s) lifted.

      The upper cup seems to fit perfectly as seen in the side shots and the overhead shot.

      I'm really surprised the back band is so narrow. I'm totally with you on the 3-4 columns of hooks.

      If it were me, I would keep this bra. It looks very good on you.


    • MmeKristine

      I've put it on the fit check ( ) and gotten a couple of responses, which is where the cup size too big theory comes from. The responses were very helpful for sure.

      My snug underbust measurement is 35.5", and this stretches to 38"+, so I'm not sure that the band is too tight. Then again, this is my second or third attempt, so I could very well not have any idea what I'm talking about :)

      I was wondering if the bottom wrinkles paired with the top smoothness was an indicator of shape at all, since I'm still really lost in that area. I keep getting referred to the tutorials and explanations on it, but I just don't understand how to relate that back to my own boobs.

    • Well, that's that! I completely trust wendybien when it comes to *all* my issues.


    • 3

      The band tightness issue is tricky in some brands because the length you can stretch it to with your hands is not the same as the length it will comfortably reach once it's hooked on a human torso... does that make sense? So, I would go by whether it feels too tight, or comfortable. If you're comfortable in a range of normal everyday situations (walking briskly, taking a deep breath, lounging on couch, etc.) then it is likely a good length for you. If on the other hand it starts to feel really uncomfortable then it's likely too small!

      There are several reasons that a cup can wrinkle so I'm hesitant to make any pronouncements about what it means here. One possibility is the band being too tight, as Kristine says--it pulls everything out of whack and the distortion makes the fabric ripple/wrinkle. Another possibility is simply the "orange in a glass" effect: the bottom section of the cup is not deep enough for the breast to settle into it fully, so the boob rests a little higher in the cup than it's supposed to. This can make a cup look like it fits even when it's too big, because since the breast is sitting higher than it is supposed to, it nestles nicely against the upper part of the cup, which then sits smoothly.

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  2. 0

    Didn't fit

    The band is definitely on the tight side (I think it's the material -- it feels flexible yet strong), so I'm glad I sister-sized up to 38FF. Pretty good projection, very similar to the Bella and the Zia. The lace wrinkles just before the top edge, which moves inward quite suddenly, but I don't mind. The main material is smooth and comfortable.

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Dec 23, 2013 Flag this

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