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Bras » Cleo » Della Balconnet Bra (9111) » 28FF 28:8

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band72.5
Band Length60.1
Cup width14.0
Cup depth24.4
Wire length24.7
Cup height17.1
Cup separation2.3
Gore height7.1
Wing height9.7
Strap width1.5

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    The colors are weird: It's a pink and brown animal print on a beige background. The beige looks a lot brighter on the pictures but it doesn’t look too bad in person. The cups them self are not too visible under a bright shirt but you do notice the black seams and straps.

    The fit is OK. The cups feel somewhat large one me but I am sure the black trim on top would be cutting in if they were any smaller. It probably works better for a full on bottom shape. Unlike most other Cleos this does not make my breasts super round. It is more of a ... natural very projected shape. In fact it only lifts my boobs a little without really changing their shape. The fabric is thin and the seams don't align with my nipples so they can easily poke though.

    The band is very loose and stretchy. It feels like a loose 30 (like Freya) or a snug 32. It is still OK on my 73.5cm ribcage but not very supportive. I mostly wear this one at home or when I just don't feel like wearing one of my tigher bras. The straps are also long and stretchy. I am tempted to shorten them even more but that just makes the band ride up. The wires are firm and a little too wide on me but they don't poke my anywhere.

    Quality is also good. I have it for almost 6 month now and it didn't stretch much and still looks like new. I also like that the wire channels are exactly the right length. On some of my other bras I have over 1 cm of empty wire channel at the sides which looks a bit strange.

    Overall it's a really nice and comfy bra but if you have a smaller ribcage then I you should go down at least one band size in order to get any support.

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    • Interesting print and colours. I’ve never been one for animal prints, although I am considering the CK Madagascar in pixie, and that’s a zebra print. I don’t think it’s quite the same. It’s actually quite complimentary to your skin tone though, I think. As for the band....see, I think that it’s fine. Doesn’t look stretchy or like it’s riding up to me.

    • 2

      Yeah in your shot of the back the band looks like it’s barely holding together & could snap. There’s nothing too big about this bra. It’s a better cup volume than a 28F. If you need to feel super compressed, i like Wendy’s suggestion of long lines on your Ellace review 👍🏻

    • lcl0706
      Believe this thing is stretchy. I can easily fit both hands under the band. Maybe the hooks are a manufacturing error. My Freya Enchanted ( fits much tighter and the hooks look perfectly normal. I also have quite a bit of back fat so most bras look tight on me.

    • I hate that hands under the band thing. My one requirement for a band is it to stay in place. So what if I can fit my hand or both hands or 5 fingers sideways under it... if I’m not pulling it back down all day I’m good!

    • @lcl0706
      Yes, it's a very inaccurate test. I also never understood why you are supposed to be able to get two fingers under the band. I can do that even if a bra is way too small. But I did this experiment some time ago:

      And the this one actually turned out to be a full size looser.

      I'm not too much into animal prints as well. But my boyfriend loves it for some reason. Maybe he will buy me the Madgascar if I show him the pictures. I already got my Cleo Marcie this way ;-)

    • aboobaccount lol! Men can be so manipulated when it comes to our bodies (or theirs) though, in my case, my husband prefers me with no bra....though he's happier I'm switching to more soft cup bras as he's not really a fan of the boob armour type lined/mounded bras I have been wearing for a while. I'm getting the CK Bardot that lcl0706 has listed and it's maybe he'll like it? I think that it's sexy as all get out. ;)

    • Also, I went to the abtf page and was totally lost when I looked at the information and results. 🤔

    • @Calluna
      My BF also favors no bra over everything else. But he does like my unlined 28Fs a lot more then my old, mostly padded 34Ds. I wouldn't say that I am manipulating him. I am just inspiring him to invest some of the money he saves on his underwear (he spends like 10€ per year) into mine ;-)

      As for the big excel sheet:
      I tried to figure out how much support a bra could theoretically give based on the force exerted by the band as opposed to how far the bra stretches (which is what bratabase records). But it turned out that you have to take the whole structure into account. I just used the link to point out that this particular bra fits nearly twice as loose (less force) compared to my others.

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  2. 0

    Didn't fit

    Fits pretty well, but the fabric is not as soft as I'd like and a little itchy

    9111 colorway

    Updated on Aug 11, 2018 Flag this

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    Floral print colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

    Added on Jan 31, 2017

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    Added on Apr 29, 2021