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Bras » Cleo » Blake Balconnet Bra (9151) » 30G 30:9

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage75.9
B. perimeter31.5
Stretched Band78.7
Band Length62.7
Cup width14.0
Cup depth26.9
Wire length27.6
Cup height18.3
Cup separation2.0
Gore height8.2
Wing height10.1
Strap width1.5

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    note: I ordered this before my size change. This is why I didn't originally get the 30GG.

    I fell in love with the colour of this bra (and the Cerise as well, but I couldn't find that one anywhere near my size) the second I saw it.
    Unfortunately, I do think a 30GG would have fit sliiiightly better, but that is impossible to find.
    On top of that, I have some issues with it that make me think it's maybe not worth even looking for a 30GG.

    I think Blake fits a lot different than my two other Cleo bras in the same size. There are some positives and negatives to that.

    One, ... the cups feel slightly narrower, and the wires extremely U shaped compared to the others. They are three part cups made of non stretchy tulle and covered with slightly sheer material (I really don't know what this material is called. Mesh, maybe? Not sure.)
    Unfortunately the cups seem to be a slightly wrong shape for me and by that I mean the wires make it so I can't quite fill out the bottom of the cup unless I try really hard. Like, I have to pull on the cups to make the wires fall into my imf (won't happen by just adjusting the wires and such). I have empty space along the wire. Regardless, the cups do have great lift, but I wouldn't say the shape is the typical Cleo shape I see in the photos (even on most of other women's photos). The shape is slightly more natural. Being a huge fan of the natural shape (with that slight peak at the apex) I quite like this.
    The cups are finished with a black non-stretchy strip, and this always cuts into my soft tissue but for some reason I am not experiencing this with Blake as I do with other bras. Make of that what you will.
    I do get some in-cup quadding however, both sides.

    The band is slightly stretchier than my other 30G Cleo bras as well. Not in a bad way, though, it's still tight enough for me. Only 2 hooks" alt=":(" />

    The strap situation with this one is BAD for me. They adjust long enough but they're so thin they might as well have just put a piece of string up there.

    The wires on Blake are sturdy! They wouldn't budge while I was doing my stretched band measurement, and kept their shape the whole time. No distortion whatsoever. The gore is narrow, it tacks beautifully, nothing much to say about it.

    Overall, I do like this bra and I think it looks amazing. I just feel like it's not quite right for me (and wouldn't be even in 30GG).

    Should I give up on Cleo? I gave up on Panache in general, but for some reason keep clinging onto their Cleo bras because they are so fun. Maybe they are just not for me. The 2 hooks and thin straps in 30G (and from some investigating, there are 2 hooks in 30GG as well) baffle me.

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    Updated on Dec 31, 2018 Flag this

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      BTW some might remember my first 30G Blake got stolen, but I managed to find a replacement for it because I really wanted to try this bra!

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      I do love the color of this one, but if the fit doesn't make you happy, there is no reason to continue to try them, right? (Keeping in mind I say this all while I keep trying Comexim even though I know they don't work for me, so my advice isn't really credible, heehee. So.....take my advice since I'm not using it? ;-)

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      Lmao, speaking of Comexim, I actually got the Bridget in 30HH and holy crap, it fits even worse than the 32GG, if that's even possible. Mainly because it fits the same as 32GG when in theory a band size down and a cup size up should fit considering the 32GG was too loose in the band, and too small in the cup. BUT NOPE. Fits almost exactly the same. What a disappointment.
      65L - Comexim » Bridget Half Cup (554)

    • Bummer! The cup depth is slightly larger on the 30HH, so could the cup fit issue be due to the new growth? :-/
      Otherwise yep, they look the same on for sure!

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      I have no other explanation. That's the downside of waiting for a bra to come... I'm sure a month ago it would have fit.

    • I have no other explanation. That's the downside of waiting for a bra to come... I'm sure a month ago it would have fit.

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      I am living that pain right now. No bra fits. Several (really a lot) on the way, while half most likely will be too small in the cup when they arrive, and I desperately need the few that should fit now (and two weeks ago at this point. :' -(

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      I'm sorry :( Sucks. Hopefully some fit of the new ones.

    • Indeed. Now if they would just arrive already! Waiting is torture.......

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    Didn't fit

    My shape: Projected, short rooted, even/functionally full on bottom, somewhat narrow, soft tissue.

    I've been on a hunt for a Lily replacement (without stretch lace), and I've been curious about the Blake for a while.
    Unfortunately, because of the thinner/less rigid fabric, combined with my very soft tissue, I get in cup quad. If I had firmer tissue with a little more upper fullness, I think this bra would work better. Will be returning.

    Turquoise colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on May 13, 2017 Flag this

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      I get the same problem with Blake :(

    • have you tried Curvy Kate Dreamcatcher Balcony Bra (CK2301) ? I found it a lot like Lily

    • maddy2596 Surprisingly I haven't! I will check it out, thank you. :)

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    So I just absolutely love this Bra! It is super comfy and it has pretty narrow and projected cups! It’s a nylon mesh type material so it’s got a little stretch to it but I felt from the moment I put it on the comfort and no break in time was needed! It may not be best under all shirts but if you need a go to bra for comfort this is definitely on my list. The band is TTS it feels firm but not so tight you have to take it off after wearing it a few hours or less.

    Updated on Jun 12, 2018 Flag this

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    Didn't write a review

    Cerise colorway

    Added on Jul 21, 2017

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    Hasn't set fit

    Didn't write a review

    Added on Jul 17, 2018