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Bras » Bravissimo » Zara Bralette (LN605) » 34HH-J

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band99.0
Band Length74.5
Bust perimeter110.0
Cup width22.1
Cup depth35.0
Cup height28.0
Cup separation1.8
Gore height19.7
Wing height13.7
Strap width3.7

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  1. 5

    Didn't fit

    First I want to thank martka00 for this bra. She would not stop to recommend it and now I finally have one.
    I actually really like it and it's better than I expected. Okay... my expectations of non-wired bras are pretty low: I just wish I be able to wear it to sleep and lounge a bit. I never expected for it to be an option for full day wear and leaving the house at my size, and it isn't.

    First sizing... on Bravissimo page they recommend to size up. I agree, but it's not possible for me. At 32JJ/K currently this bra does not come ... in my size. So my only option is to size up in band and hope for the best. I think my 34HH/J would fit a true 34HH best. It is wearable in larger size maybe up to 34J/JJ (my sister size) but there will be bit over overspill either on centre or sides. Since it's a non wired bra it doesn't bother me too much that the "cups" don't fit correctly. I probably use part of the band as extra room for my boobs on the sides. Also there will be mono boob, it can't be avoided as the cups don't seperate.

    I really like how comfortable the bra is. It's like wearing no bra. I even prefer this over my sleep bras as they feel a bit bulky with their padding. Zara looks and feels delicate. You think it would be weak then, but it isn't. I think for a wireless bra it supports my boobs quite well. But there is a lot of weight on the straps. They cut in after longer wear (or thats why I only wear it to lounge) also the band is bit large on me and rides up so slightly. The decorative lace at the band will also roll up, I even had to hold it down to take my photo. It is what it is, but it doesn't bother as it's so delicate.

    The straps are non-adjustable. They are just okay to me but I doubt they work for everyone. For Bralette with adjustable straps I recommend Bravissimo Nova.
    On the other side there are no plastic bits on the straps so they are comfy to lie down and nothing cuts in. I think it's either this or that...
    I wish Bravissimo would expand the size range and make the Zara Super Bralette in sizes JJ/K and KK/L I'm sure it would sell like hot cakes. It's already good as it is but would be so much better if I could get my actual size.

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      Preach! I called in to Bravissimo to say the same darn thing! I kept this bra, and only this bra from my orders, but it fooled me. :(

      I wore the 30HH/J a couple hours the first day - no prob. Band was definitely in the 32, not 30 range and was slightly loose on the tightest hooks. But seemed ok.

      Second day - poor boobs were drooping a solid inch below the band and as a result the thick seam under the strap actually *was* cutting in to the front of my shoulders quite a bit. Ouch!

      So! What I've learned here is that tho you're a 32JJK and I'm around 30J/JJ/K your breasts appear to be more projected and your tissue definitely firmer than mine - no wonder they sit up so nicely off the band!

      Also! TIL from a bra blog that even tho I'm not projected at all, because I'm pendulous I still need some projection at the bottom of the cup so my boobs don't push up and out of the cups.

      Otherwise the heavy, pendulous tissue slowly but surely start to push the wires downwards out of the IMF and the cups start to droop as the breast tissue spills out wherever it can (Center mostly, for me)

      Thanks for the opportunity to compare! I'll try to get my bra measurements up, too - for bra science. :-)

    • 1

      CAGirlGoingPolish Actually they drop down too but I mostly wear the bra to lounge or sleep. Even then in the morning I notice straps cut in as my boobs "rolled" around in the bra. 32J - Bravissimo » Nova Lounge Bra (LN764) is better to keep them seperated, and the sleep bras keep them in but are not that comfy.

      The longest time I wore Zara was when i came home at 6pm and went to bed at 10pm it was a relief to wear this after my wired bra had hurt me. But I didn't do much. Def not recommend in our size range to wear it full day out and doing stuff. (Unless you have self -supportive boobs)

      Actually I also have very pendulous breasts and they don't look projected if I'm braless but as soon as I put on a bra I need projection. I wonder if there is a difference with firm / less firm boobs. Btw my boobs are not very firm :(

      Also didn't we talk other Bravissimo styles? I cannot find the post anymore and I think I had forget to answer.

    • 1

      Wow! Sounds like we have more similarities than I realized!

      I liked the comfort of the Nova, but holy Jerusalem, it literally made my boobs look like I plopped them on a shelf. Just a flat east-west line across my chest.That's how I realized I'm wide-rooted for sure! Still prefer narrow wires, maybe because I'm so close-set. Still learning something new every day here!

      To answer your question, I had responded to your Lacey review a little while ago. In fact, I placed a new Bravissimo order today, and I decided to try the Dina model thanks to your review! (thank you!) I find most of what seems to work for you looks like it would work for me. Fingers crossed!

    • CAGirlGoingPolish Ah it was on my Lacey review :) will answer there.

      Nova I got when I had a shoulder injury and my boobs made it worse while sleeping so I used it as a sleep bra. I liked it as such in hot summer months since it seperated. I agree it's not a good look and can be east west. Also I have 32J and there is bit of side overspill if I seperate my boobs at the center (with wear they spill to the center). Also the strap adjustors cut into shoulders even though when I'm laying there isnn't much weight on them --- honestly I doubt any wireless bra can give same shape and support like a wired bra for large non self supportive breasts...

    • CAGirlGoingPolish Good choice with Dina! Also a steal at the same price. I kept it in my Watch list in case anyone sends 32K back but no luck yet.
      It's a good balconette style but has better shape of wire and is more open on top than Alana. I'm mad that they discontinued it.

    • ugh I meant "sale price"

    • 1

      After 4 and a half months of use the bra looks quite rough. There are loose elastic threads and a seam has come undone. Added this new pic:

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    Hasn't set fit

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    black colorway

    Added on Aug 11, 2019