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Bras » Bravissimo » Erin Bra (LN441) » 32KK 32:16

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band82.0
Band Length68.5
Cup width19.0
Cup depth38.5
Wire length38.8
Cup height29.5
Cup separation2.1
Gore height11.8
Wing height12.8
Strap width2.2

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  1. 7

    Didn't fit

    I got this bra for a good price on eBay. It is a full - cup bra and has the same cut as my 34KK - Bravissimo » Darcy Bra (LN260) bra. The material is a soft silky fabric that is at the same time looking sturdy. Much better fabric than on 34K - Bravissimo » Georgia Bra (LN563) The top of the cups features stretchy lace but they are lined. The lace does not stretch much but feels very supportive because of the lining. I love the light pink color. The band is very firm and does not stretch too much. ... Ideally I would wear a 34 band in this bra.

    The support and uplift is superb. The bra gives a very center front shape with lots of forward projection, also a round shape from the side. The shoulder straps are not too narrow and fully adjustable and don't slip. The cups are rather tall and deep, there is lots of room at the bottom and top of the cups. I think this bra is better for full on top shape, if you are more full on bottom you probably have to size down.

    Issues I had:

    The band feels a bit too tight. The cups come up too high under my arms and I cannot fill the top section. If I adjust the shoulder straps very short to get rid of wrinkling in the cups. I feel like they don't need to be that tight and that it makes the underarm issues worse. I don't think it is such a bad fit, but I think I need to size down in cups to get better support and less tall cups. I'd love to try this in 34JJ.

    Edit: I decided to keep this bra because it's really close to a good fit. I thought it would work well on bigger boob days and it does. Fits perfectly on my pms boobs, I got rid of almost all wrinkling. Also I don't find the band too big anymore, I wear it now without the extender. With the extender I even felt like the band rode up a bit. The shape is amazing, boobs inside the contour of my body, I look like I'm 1 clothing size smaller in this.

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    Updated on Mar 04, 2019 Flag this

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      Thank you for this informative review. This bra looks supportive and comfy.

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      ooh here's to hoping you'll be able to try this in a 34JJ. It looks like it would be very supportive.

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      I decided to Keep this bra because it's the closest to a good fit I currently have besides Panache Tango. I thought it would work well on bigger boob days and it does. Fits perfectly on my pms boobs, I got rid of almost all wrinkling. Also I don't find the band too big anymore, I wear it now without the extender. With the extender I even felt like the band rode up a bit. The shape is amazing, boobs inside the contour of my body, I look like I'm 1 clothing size smaller in this.

    • 1

      I too have the Erin and can relate to your issues. I have a substantial amount of wrinkling at the seam in the under cup so I am glad to see that you don't have that problem. I noticed after about my 8th wear or approximately 2 months, the eyes have begun to pull themselves out and although this would not be the first time, I have never had this problem this early with any Bravissimo bras. I hope you don't experience this.

    • l454d Actually I just noticed that 2 of my hooks on this Erin bra already start to pull themselves out! I have this bra since a 2 weeks! I wore it 4-5 days in a row since I have no other bra that fit me well currently but that should not happen that fast. Also my 34KK - Bravissimo » Darcy Bra (LN260) already has hooks pulled out and I only worn the bra for 3 months. My old 34L - Bravissimo » English Rose (LN357) which I have worn so often for over a year never did that! Ugh quality is declining on Bravissimo it's just sad.

    • 1

      alisa I have had mine since Sep 2017 and although it is one of my more comfortable bras I seldom wear it because of this problem and the excessive wrinkling in the cup that I get . I just realized that some minor stitching on the eyelets to strengthen them might fix this. I will try the repairs for a few days and report back on whether this helps or not.

    • l454d I took a picture of the issues, does it look like this on your bra too? also I took another pic of my cup wrinkling, is it that kind of wrinkling on Bottom you get with your Erin bra?

    • alisa looking at your new pictures, have you ever worn your bras hooked unevenly, or with an extender hooked unevenly? It looks like the bottom of the band is too short and the top is too long and I wonder if the hooks wouldn’t pull so much if the tension was more even. This band is definitely for a very V shaped torso.

    • Hi alisa, yes to both the hooks and the wrinkling although my wrinkling seems worse. I get the wrinkling on my Erin only while my LN511 Maisie, LN521 Alice and LN436 Selina, which I believe are from the same cut, don't wrinkle. The wrinkling is not visible under clothing but still... I uploaded a photo of my Erin to my entry for this bra and you can see how the middle row are pulling out.

    • 1

      cupandahalf you are onto to something here! I have not thought about this myself yet. Today when I came home, my Tango 30K already felt unsupportive again and I wanted to get out of it and at the same time wear a bra with a tighter band for more support. I quickly (or not so quickly it is a bit tricky to do) tried what you wrote here about the hooks. The bra felt more supportive when the upper hook was on the tightest position and the lowest on the loosest. I will also try this with the Erin bra and an extender.

    • l454d do you have the issue with the hooks on the other Bravissimo bras too or only on Erin? I had a Selina bra but there wasn't much wrinkling on Bottom But Selina has a different fabric. Also when I was at a 34L I had less issues with bras in general than I have now.

    • alisa have you observed what the band does (no extender) when you loosen the straps a LOT (like at least 5cm)? I imagine the upper cups may become loose again but I just am curious about how the band will behave.

    • wendybien I did not try that yet, I loosened the straps a bit so they don't cut in as badly but not very much. I will try this tomorrow and take some pictures in the daylight. Should I try it when wearing the extender or no extender or both?

    • alisa if you've noticed that it's now too loose with the extender, don't bother with that. I just want to see if it still rides up or not when the straps are much looser. And how the sides of the cup/wing look.

    • wendybien I'm not sure if the band was really too loose or if too big cups made it feel loose :S The 32 band on this bra is on the smaller side compared to other bras.

    • alisa, I do not have problems with my Maisie or Alice but I get the feeling the Selina is close to becoming a problem. I have purchased well over a dozen Alana's in the past 5 years alone and while not perfect, I cannot complain about them, especially at their price. You appear to be going down the Ewa Michalak path and I hope you have good luck with them but they are too expensive for me.

    • wendybien here is how the bra fits with the loose straps: more wrinkling, more gaping in the cups and less support and no uplift, boobs just lie in the bra.

    • Yes, I see, so the band looks like it's not riding up when straps are loose. However it does indicate the cup is actually too big, as can be seen by the fact that the cup suddenly appears SUPER loose on you when you aren't artificially reducing/adjusting by tightening the straps. So I think you are right that your optimal cup volume would be at least 1 cup down in this bra. You could do 34JJ or 32K depending on preference I would think.

    • l454d I also had many Alana's in the past. It's a decent bra but I don't like the fabric very much and the shape is not the best for me. I still hope I can find a few Bravissimo bras that fit okay, because I also find EM a bit too expensive even more if in the FB size range.

    • wendybien Thank you, so I have to size down in cups in this bra or in another Bravissimo bra.

    • 1

      Yes, I would suggest that. This one does look like great proportions for you--so if you can, maybe try to stick with this?

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