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Bras » Betsey Johnson Intimates » Zipper Stripe Lightly Lined Demi Underwire (723100) » 32DD 32:5

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage76.4
B. perimeter25.7
Stretched Band83.2
Band Length61.3
Cup width14.1
Cup depth21.0
Wire length23.1
Cup height15.2
Cup separation2.6
Gore height5.1
Wing height8.4
Strap width1.3

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  1. 0

    Didn't fit

    When I am all in the bra I am definitely overflowing the cups. The straps are too wide for my frame and cut into my arms. The back rides up throughout the day and the band shifts and my breasts fall out of the cups with fairly minimal movement. I want to like this bra but doubt that even a larger cup/smaller band would address the issue of the straps.

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  2. 0


    Pretty comfortable... Bra straps lightly chafed where my arm meets my chest after a 15 hour day, but otherwise fit great. Is a keeper for me!

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  3. -3

    Didn't fit

    When I first got this bra I was SO EXCITED that I was a 32DD again because I had "lost" my 34D/32DD chest after an extended period of time of being in the hospital in 1999. My stay in the hospital after having a ruptured appendix left me with a "34B", and by 2010 I had become so "deflated" that I couldn't even fill out a 34A/32B push-up bra. But then by September of 2010 my best guy friend had fallen in love with me, so he prayed for God to give me bigger boobs because he knew I'd wanted them bigger (I had girl "friend" at the ... time that made fun of my chest and my push-up bras OFTEN), and he wanted more to have fun with after we were married. LOL And- WONDER of WONDERS- in six weeks I went from not being able to fill out a 34A/32B push-up bra to a BEAUTIFUL 32DD. It was a TOTAL and COMPLETE MIRACLE!!! Nothing in my diet had changed. My level of activity hadn't changed. LOL As a matter of fact, my breasts were FULLER the very next morning after his prayer, and I wasn't even due for my period! It was SO AMAZING!

    Anyhoo, by the end of six weeks I DEFINITELY NEEDED new bras, as I had eventually had to buy an inexpensive 34C bra, which only lasted me like two weeks before it was useless (my nipples kept peeking out the top and the underwires were digging SO PAINFULLY into the sides of my breasts- NO BUENO). So, I went to Nordstrom for a NEW proper fitting and some bras to accommodate my seemingly unstoppable, bourgeoning breasts. I fit PERFECTLY (I mean I packed it ALL in COMFORTABLY) into a simple, unlined 32DD with underwire. GLORY.

    Well, I happened to prefer lightly lined bras with molded cups, and at the time the only bras they had like that, that fit me comfortably, was the this Betsey Johnson. At first this bra was DREAM COME TRUE, because it was simply the most comfortable bra I'd ever worn. I felt like clouds were holding me up. It was so wonderful. But in only a month's time I started to fill out over the top of the cups (my nipple was peeking out), and the bra seemed to FLATTEN ME OUT when I would wear it. I mean literally, my friend's sports bra brought and kept me up front more than this thing. It was HORRIBLE. It was actually making my chest look flat from the side, and yet from the front my boobs looked very wide and full. I didn't understand what was going on. When I would hold my beautiful breasts up myself and bring them forward, I had quite a chest profile, but in this bra I looked big and wide from the front, and taped down from the side.

    As time went on the band stretched SO MUCH (and I babied these bras). I could never get the straps short enough for me to get any actual lift anymore. The wires would slide up and dig painfully into my breast tissue. Then my breasts oddly seemed to literally grow closer together, which made this bra even MORE painful, because the center gore that once fit nicely between my wider-set boobies could only now dig into the new tissue growth because the wires went so high and were spaced too wide for that development. LOL I actually thought that with the new tissue development the bra would stop sliding up- NOPE. Sadly, it just got more and more painful. In order for my breasts to get any lift, and to be up front where they're supposed to be the gore had to dig into them, and the cups themselves just flattened my chest and forced my breasts out to spill out the top leaving my nipples to once again peek out.

    Pretty much after the first month it seemed to become a battle between my bodies "developments and changes" and the bras dimensions. In the end, the seams held up VERY WELL on it, but it lost its battle with my body and was laid to rest.

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    Updated on May 12, 2012 Flag this

    • I so apologize. Yes, I know I haven't added any bras that have fit me correctly. But that's why I'm on this site. I am searching for a bra that fits me correctly. And at this time this bra and a pink version of it are the only bras I own that even KINDA fit. I also had two 34DD's that a friend gave me, but sadly they fit waaaayyyyyyy more poorly than these two Betsey's do, so I gave them back a few days ago.

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  4. Didn't write a review

    Added on May 11, 2012

  5. -

    Didn't fit

    Didn't write a review

    This bra is not owned any more

    Added on Sep 15, 2013