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Bras » Anna Pardal For Comexim » Coffee Flower Nuance Plunge » 30GG 30:10

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage66.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band70.5
Band Length55.2
Cup width13.0
Cup depth25.4
Wire length22.5
Cup height19.1
Cup separation2.0
Gore height6.5
Wing height10.3
Strap width2.0

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    In my size range, the Nuance Plunge has the following alterations:
    - straps moved in 2cm (roughly an inch)
    - lowered gore
    - reduced cup height

    I also requested:
    - straps moved in further (Anna offered to bring them in a total of 3.5 cm-- paid customization)
    - cookie pockets (free customization).

    And this size includes a 3x3 hook and eye closure.

    FIT: On her website, Anna suggests that if you have a UK size you're comfortable with, keep your letter and go up one band. I have typically worn 28GG and 30G over the last several months. It's possible I could go down a band and up one cup further ... since I seem to be growing, currently, and it's something I will be considering and keeping an eye on. Currently, this and my EM S Kamea in 30GG (on Kamea's 3rd hooks) are my best fits.

    MATERIAL: I raved about the softness of the Caramel Latte colorway, and rightfully so! The inside of this bra is also luxuriously soft. The outside of the Caramel Latte had lace that was smooth, silky soft, and had a very stretchy quality to it. Caramel Latte's lace also didn't really extend past the edges of the bra where it would touch skin. The lace doesn't come into the inside of either of these bras.

    In contrast, Coffee Flower's lace extends beyond the edges of the bra both above and below to give this bra a frilly, feminine look. It's lovely, but might be a bit much for those with skin sensitivities or sensory issues. Coffe Flower's lace isn't as soft, and doesn't have Latte's stretchiness-- it may itch or tickle a little for some people, but it feels sturdier. I'm not as afraid that I'll snag and destroy the lace on this bra!

    CUPS: I said it before, I'll say it again. The Nuance cut seems to be pretty forgiving of boobs that are slightly too big/swollen for it. My slight quadding (PMS, what can ya do?) doesn't show at all in shirts.

    I have a ridiculously thin, pale pink shirt that I like to test my bras with. Due to the dark color of the bra and the slight bumps of the decorative gold stitching, this bra did not pass The Pink Shirt Test. I also tried a normal weight tee shirt with it, and while the color didn't show through, the bumps of the decorative gold flower stitching were visible from an arm's length away, but only if the observer was looking for it. My SO is my guinea pig, and did not notice the slight bumps until I pointed them out. It mostly disappeared under my work shirt today, and I had no problems with a somewhat heavier unisex "nerdy tee".

    STRAPS: I have been really happy with the Nuance Plunge standard of having straps moved in 2cm. This bra has them moved in 3.5cm. And I've gotta say, it seems to make a huge difference for me in terms of fit, comfort, stability, and support. It feels like serious boob sorcery. It's odd not to feel like I might lose my straps if I move the wrong way, or sling on a purse over my bra strap. If you plan on having other customizations already, I recommend trying having the straps brought in further if you have narrow shoulders. WORLDS OF DIFFERENCE!

    GORE: On my Caramel Latte in 30G, the gore soft tacked. On this bra, it fully tacks. And somehow I feel like I have more room near the gore? How?! Whatever sorcery this is, I'm cool with it. My boobs are pretty happy!

    BAND: Feels pretty firm. The inside is lined with the same super smooth, silky, ridiculously soft stuff as my Caramel Latte. If you miss the texture of Victoria's Secret bras, an AP might be just the thing to give you your fix. I will note again, though, that right below the bottom and top of the band on this one you might find some itchiness to the lace on this colorway.

    WIRES: Not only are the wires narrow, but they stay that way. After certain experiences with UK bras, I feel especially pleased with bras that don't have premature wire distortion issues. And I haven't yet measured this bra, so I can't say for sure what the difference is, but my swoop & scoop job stayed better in this bra than it does in anything aside from my 65K Comexim Queen of Hearts. The wires seem to stay right up in my IMF (worked a full shift in this bra, which seems to be my way of christening new bras).

    Also, I've always thought it was total BS when movies or photos showed girls who still fully filled out their cups when lying down, because my boobs always seemed to deflate and ooze away. I laid down in this bra to see if the wires hurt when I lie down (common problem for me). Not only did the wires not hurt, but my boobs STAYED IN! I still filled out my bra! WHAT BLACK MAGIC IS THIS?!

    DOWNSIDES: Slight quadding which could be due to needing a slightly different size, PMS swelling, or a slight shape mismatch. Also, that it took me so long to find a fit this good!

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    Coffee Flower colorway

    Updated on Dec 31, 2015 Flag this

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    • 2

      Coffee Flower has been sitting in my basket for months now, it's such a pretty bra.
      I'm so happy that you found a set of customizations that work well for you! It looks great, and I can't really see the quadding in your pictures.

    • 1

      What a great and glowing review! question - when bra straps are moved, are they moved in the front or in the back? I really wonder with how many ppl need the straps moved on comexim, why would that be? (and no, i dont need the whole strapgate thing, i get that finally)

    • jlcl119 Thanks! I'm pleased with it, too! On the subject of customizations, I do have an AP half-cup coming with (further) reduced cup height and an overlapping gore, which I think might be what I need to make a half-cup work with my short roots.

      dbmamaz Thank you! I think the overall position of the straps gets a change-- front and back. I am ~10" from shoulder to shoulder, and my "strap seats" are only about 8" apart, so strap positioning is a major deal for me. Typically, the bigger the band size (or cup size, in some companies apparently) the further apart the straps get set.

      Think of it this way: have you ever encountered a shirt where your sleeves/straps were just falling off constantly? Or where you had to brace your sleeves/straps every time you bent over, leaned, swiveled, or put a bag/jacket over your shoulders? This is what I often deal with on my bra straps. The regular Nuance Plunge is a *huge* improvement for me, as they do stay on-- but still felt like they might come off, so I found myself still bracing them when I moved. But having the straps brought in further actually put the straps in further actually keeps them securely where they should be-- no bracing required.

      I'm also beginning to wonder if it may affect the fit of the cups/band for me, as this bra seems to work *much* better than even the Nuance in 30G-- it doesn't seem like there should be that big a difference going up just one cup.

    • 1

      I think strap placement (as where it is on the bra itself) is just as big of deal as cup width and depth. I find with bras that have to wide of straps for me, that I over tighten the straps to keep the bra straps up where they should be. They also dig into my arm pit in some bras. I love that AP and Comexim off strap movement and that you can request them moved in more then just standard 2cm.

    • 1

      I do understand why people need the straps moved, I just wonder why its such a common request. I mean, i wonder why bra makers make the straps too wide. My straps stay one ok (I have to tighten them a bit sometimes to stay), but they all show under summer sleeveless tops. ALL of them. So wtf bra manufacturers?

    • dbmamaz Aaah! I misunderstood! LOL! Yeah, I don't get that, either. I wonder if part of it is that most people don't realize there's an option, and that among those who do know, not everyone can wear the narrow wires AP and Comexim use, so manufacturers still get away with massive profits on bras that could perhaps fit a bit better.

    • 1

      could perhaps fit better lol. Oh, you measure as a 28E so you should wear this 32D, perfect!

      otoh, I have seen a few ppl sad because Curvy Kate has been moving to narrower wires, panache too, i guess, and some women actually needed the wider wires.

    • dbmamaz Yeah, and honestly having a variety isn't bad. It's when we have situations of "there is only one company in the world (okay, maybe two!) that makes your size/ makes your size with a proper wire width /can help you out with X fit issue" that we have a problem.

      I think the UK companies took note that they were losing sales to Poland, so they're trying to bring us gone-Polish ladies back. In the process, though, those who need wider wires are being put into a tough position. If companies keep jumping on the narrow wires bandwagon, those who need wide wires may be forced to go American (or wherever else is known for wide wires).

    • 1

      american companies dont really go above a DDD cup

    • 1

      dbmamaz i am in Canada so I completely understand the frustration of finding anything above ddd. I actually just asked on Facebook if anyone had tried a certain shirt with big boobs and one of my friends replied they did and that they were a 30DDD
      I didn't even bother saying what I was lol
      Answered my question though probably not ok for a 30JJ or (30N us) lol

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