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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band72.4
Band Length54.6
Stretch ratio1.3
Cup width14.5
Cup depth25.4
Depth ratio1.8
Wire length30.5
Cup height19.7
Cup separation1.7
Gore height8.1
Wing height10.2
Strap width1.9
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Guestimating that this style should work well for softer-rooted immediate-to-center full, even to full-on-top shapes, maybe harder to size for those who have dense, resistant tissue, or are augmented. I've rather solid tissue, tend to need extremely full-on-bottom, open topped styles due to having very short, wide breasts that extend to tall, deep but not overtly rounded, roots.
Those who are looking for narrow wires and deep projection, run, Digital seems to be suited to those whose breasts have wide attachment at chest wall & even rounded projection.
I wish someone had clocked my fit needs when I got into looking for something suitable, and told me just get this one as it's 'close enough'

It should be classified at running a size large as this fits similarly in volume to everything else I've been told runs a size big, which is basically true to size or depending on shape somewhat small for me (I guess I am about 2 sizes up for depth needs in calculated sizing?). Like other polish brands known for being voluminous, there could be half size deeper projection at the wire out, instead of standard slightly angled pattern, which just fights with IMF - this very slightly conical vs omega rounded tendency in the pattern could push breast back to the chest, and the cup slip down over time.

First impressions in hand told me dear god no this will not fit, it's at least 17 miles tall. Abort mission. Size down. Scurry away. Save yourself. So much fabric.

But then I also remember my favorite bra is Katherine Hamilton's Simone in 32G, and looking at the less curved panels, am like "Yeah... Digital might not even be big enough". And as it turns out, depth could be a half size bigger & fit with no troubles. So this definitely isn't as completely projected as her pricey highness, but it comes damn close for trying.

While the wires in this size are a smidge large even for me (my needs run about 3-4 sizes larger than average), they feel well-proportioned to cup dimensions. Easily can be bent to fit narrower. When putting Digital on, it's wires twiddle and flip about in the gore like they don't want to sit right. On closer examination, inside the band at outer wire is a narrow strip of tulle sewn to the inside of wire, but isn't attached as a functional wing. What on earth for? I'll have to sew it proper and see if this doesn't help the flippy wires issue.

The hefty straps are nice but the hardware a little to heavy duty for it's build and prone to slipping out of the mulitway tabs, maybe these will shrink up and hold better with washings. Despite mt breasts being very high set, the wing isn't especially tall and not finding any side spillage. These stronk straps also are not cutting into my remarkably wide shoulders- this is unusual as there is a scant 2.5" high zone where my body goes straight from 'midget' to 'linebacker', and most armscyes fit like hot garbage ascending directly upward from the end of cups. Maybe Digital likes me back?
This is where things get bizarre for me.

The cups. Given how even and symmetrical Digital's listing images are, nothing really prepared me for this. They are nearly 2 entire inches too tall! This spare length does not extend past the perimeter of my breast, it's just... unnecessarily vertical. The wide upper band isn't an issue as it's for once, actually deep enough for my upper breast. Not at all unusual to see patterns distribute volume into height, and create cups to be about half the width, depth I need. But after hearing how godwaffle moderately full this brand runs, I hoped for something a little shorter and deeper throughout lower cup, with a somewhat minimized apex. While this cup shape isn't nipple pocket city, there is an absurd slight shape where seams join at the center of cup, which makes a vaguely pointy bit for projection at the nipple.

At this point, I'm wondering who the hell they thought anyone wanted spare space in the very front to show off a puffy muffin titty? Or fit when overfilled like a nice wedgy box. Contrary to raging pms nips I've got this month. No, not I.

Attempting to shorten this discrepancy at the wire, creates a hideous pancake boob flap with no depth (shuddering in horror). Tucking an inch of height out along the upper seam down, to match my apex height, creates a fit like this bra was custom made.

Updated on Jul 10, 2022 Flag this

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