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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band73.4
Band Length53.8
Stretch ratio1.4
Cup width13.5
Cup depth24.4
Depth ratio1.8
Wire length24.4
Cup height16.8
Cup separation1.5
Gore height7.6
Wing height9.9
Strap width1.9
This bra's measurements have been altered
Altered straps, 2x4 hooks, straps moved in 2cm, and overlapping gore
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Used to fit

So this is my long awaited Valentine’s Day order set. I took the opportunity to order this with a different set of alterations than the Hot Chocolate plunge, and I chose this bra because it was one of the older styles which was less expensive to test out the new combination, and it was sort of Valentine’s Day themed with the red and black.

My initial order had a mixup with my address and it was quickly remedied and reshipped to me. Right before the Covid lockdowns started (early March). I finally got it at the end of May. Almost 3 months after shipping. Nevertheless, it did arrive. It was definitely frustrating, especially when it wasn’t trackable once it left Poland. It’s taken a while to get this up because I had to redo my measurements and I didn’t really wear it right away once I got it.

So this bra has smooth black cups with a crimson red cradle - the gore and wings included. There is a black and red flat bow at the gore. While others have bows at the straps, however mine doesn’t. I’m not sure if it’s an oversight or what, but I’m honestly not mad. I actually prefer it this way, as it is slightly more functional without (though it is prettier with). The overall smoothness of this bra is another reason for choosing it, and the red and black makes it super easy to match underwear with it, though I do have the matching bottoms. This is also the colours of my work uniform, so I feel like it was a good choice at the time.

So on to the fit. I went very conservative with the alterations. This was to see what the fit was like with minimal alterations, as I have tried a few bras in this size with various changes. Here’s what I went with:

-straps moved in 2cm
-overlapping gore
-2x4 hooks

As you can see, I went with pretty much no cup changes. I wanted to see what the cup height was like with simply the straps moved in, full gore height, and no added depth at the wire. My 70H Hot Chocolate, by comparison, was straps moved in 2cm, gore reduced 1cm and 2cm added depth to the wire. The cups fit pretty well, but I feel like maybe a little bit taller than I need. I’ve tightened up the straps a bit as it was a little gappy (more on my small side). It’s fairly slight though, so I think if the gore was a little bit lower, that might take off just enough material. I’m not sure if reduced cups 1cm in addition would render the cups too small, but I think I might be able to go with that. I’m also not sure if I need more depth at the wire, but I’m kinda thinking that maybe 1cm would be ok. A part of me is thinking about maybe a 70G with 2-3 cm of depth added. It would be naturally a little smaller overall in cup width and height, but the depth would potentially improve the cup volume (because it is otherwise too small). This would mean fewer alterations to achieve the same thing with the 70H/HH with more alterations. In theory. It’s all confusing, but I sent a long email asking for help with alterations and questions. I suspect that it was too long, despite including the translation, as I have not gotten a response yet. I would definitely like to place another order in but I am hesitant about the size and alterations.

On to the band. I definitely knew going into this that it might be snug. I did use the measurements here which seemed to indicate that it was a bit longer and/or stretchier band for a 65, otherwise I probably would have ordered the 70. As a precaution, I requested that it have a 2x4 closure. I knew I would need the extra column of hooks. It’s a pretty snug band but definitely doable with the extra hooks. It feels like the 70s I have from my last order, and those have relaxed with washing and wear. I have worn the bra 2-3 times so far, and it’s definitely a noticeable snug, it’s not that uncomfortable unless I have relaxed in my bed or on the couch. I do still have a mark on my skin from earlier today though, so it is kind of borderline. I’m not wearing it at work for full days yet.

The gore, I’m rather torn with. It’s not uncomfortable in this height, but it does feel a little bit tall for a plunge. I have not decided if I’m going to get future bras with lower gores or not. If I just got the cups reduced, how will that affect the look and fit? I’m leaning towards keeping the cup height, but lowering the gore 1cm to see how that affects the fit. I’m undecided if I want to try 1cm of depth in addition yet. So lots to think about with the fit of this and the other ones to prepare for the next order.

Now I have to say I’m actually not as in love with this bra as I was expecting to be. I think it’s the aesthetic of such a larger coverage of black cups with the red. I feel like if it was all black, the coverage from the cups would not appear to be so weird on me. With the design as is, I think that I would be much happier if the cups and gore were lower. Also, the cups seem to be a little pointy at the center of the seam between the upper and lower cups. I’m hoping that the heat from my body and wear will round it out some.

The matching bottoms, on the other hand, are absolutely awesome. I have a size medium and they fit me well. The lace on the back and edge is perfect. It’s a actually the bottoms that sold the bra to me.

I’m not sure if I am keeping the set or not. I feel like I have a good bra to wear with my work uniform and other tops which might require something a bit smoother. For the time being, I’m keeping it, for tbe reasons listed, but it might be listed sooner rather than later. I haven’t decided; especially as I need to give it a fair trial. For a bra that was supposed to be helpful to answering questions about the fit for future orders, I am still left with a bunch of questions. Lol.

Update October 2020: I have added new pictures of how the bra fits me currently. It is a lot better in the cups. The band is still snug but is easing up some with wear. It’s still not my favourite Comexim but I’m more comfortable with the fit than before. Still toying with getting the cups and gore reduced by a cm each on next Comexim plunge I order.

Updated on Oct 31, 2020 Flag this

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  • I think it looks great on you! It really is a lovely bra and one of my most comfortable ones. I just adore the matching panties you got. Hopefully you get the answers to all your questions from them soon. :)

  • I think this looks great on you too. Sorry it's not your favourite...especially after waiting 3 months! The bottoms are cute, and I find Comexim bottoms really comfy (though I haven't tried their boy/cheeky cut). When I fit a bit larger cut, I tried the poison Ivy 65HH and it fit tall on me too. I can see how a reduced cup might work for you. Do you think you'd need the extra depth though? Is this one too shallow at the bottom?

  • I think this looks so good on you! Gorgeous set!

  • 2

    Happy2BraShop yours was one of the ones I looked at when deciding to get it. I think if I had fuller and/or firmer upper fullness it would be better. I adore the bottoms. I kinda wish some aspect of them was up top, somehow. The lace maybe? I hope I hear back soon but I’m suspecting I won’t. I think I was too wordy and might have to email them again with less questions and get fit advise based off of the existing bras, not necessarily the answers to the questions I asked them about the alterations and how they change the fit.

    Wilderness1 Thanks. I think it’s maybe growing more on me but I like my others better right now. I don’t *think* that it is too shallow, but I wonder if adding the depth contributes to a more rounded look. I feel like my HC looks rounder, but it might be from wearing it and not the depth. I definitely think I would like this particular one more if it was lower cut, so less black overall. I just think it’s a lot of black, though I don’t think it would be a problem if it was completely black, if that makes sense. Also, I feel like it is lower on the model on the site. This cut of bottoms is the best of the three pair I have so far (excluding the Belen which I do like, but happens to be too small).

    Sonya I’m hoping that with wear, it will soften up and ease up a bit. I feel like I might attempt a reorder at some point once I settle on what I need to make it better for me. It’s definitely not a bad bra or fit, but I will say that I am more partial to my Hot Chocolate and Ingrid right now.

    I do want to try another plunge. I’m seriously thinking about that new one with the bras on it (Adele iirc). I’m wondering if I can do a 1:1:1 alteration (1cm straps, cup height, gore) or maybe a 1:1:1:1 alteration (same as above with 1cm added depth to the wire). But I’m also not sure if I need the cup height reduced if I reduce the gore and keep the straps moved in. Thoughts? This is kinda why I’m wondering if I simply sized down a cup to 70G, but added 2-3cm of depth, would I accomplish the same end results with less actual alterations. So much to think about!


    It’s definitely lower cut on her. I bet a different size and/or alterations would make it look better on me.

  • Calluna That would have been a lovely touch had some of the lace been incorporated into the bra. Even just a little bit. I was thinking about how you describe the cups as being higher up on you. The original owner I got mine from had breasts about the same measurement size. Even on her it looked like the cups are more full coverage, where as on me they look less coverage. This might be due to height? I don’t consider myself tall at 5’5”, but I have a long torso, so I think my boobs just sit lower than someone of comparable height with a shorter body. Maybe a reduced cup? A long while back I did try one that was a cup size up from what I wear now and it had reduced cups with straps moved in. I definitely noticed them being lower with the cups just feeling a little wider due to the larger cup. I’d say if the cups you have now are a good wire width, maybe ask for reduced cup? Maybe even a lowered gore? I just checked and see even though yours is a 65HH, your gore is .5 inches taller than mine.

  • Happy2BraShop I’m 5’1, somewhat higher set, but I have a shorter torso and ribs that seem to protrude a bit. You have more upper fullness than I do, otherwise we’re pretty close in size, so I think that’s why it looks a little bit less coverage on you than me. I’m a little softer and deflated, despite having tallish roots. Calculators sometimes overestimate my cup size because of my leaning measurement. They don’t take into consideration that they are like torpedos or bullets when hanging down. I have 2-3” difference in standing vs leaning, but not the overall fullness that the calculators think I have (but don’t). Sometimes I do wish I was just slightly augmented to have a bit more even fullness all over.

  • 1

    I'm not sure which alterations are best at this point (even for myself)! I would go for straps moved in 2 cm as opposed to 1cm based on where they sit in the photo. They still look a bit widely set. And I'm torn about the cup height/gore and extra depth. To make it more confusing, I don't think they always do all the alterations we request. I don't think my Yellow Bird actually has reduced cups.

  • Sonya yeah, there is the theory that I could do something in between this and the Hot Chocolate to further figure it out. Straps 2cm, gore 1cm (so same as HC minus the added depth). That would seem like the next logical progression. From there I can see if I still need less height and/or more depth.

  • Comparison:

    Anna Pardal Lady Grey 32FF (70H) sophisticate balconette (2cm straps, cups, and gore)

    Hot Chocolate 70H (straps 2cm, gore 1cm, depth at wire 2cm)

    Queen of Hearts 70H (straps 2cm, narrow gore, no other cup alterations)

    It’s kind of hard to add in the Lady Grey because even though it is made by Comexim, it is possibly still maybe not a set of alterations to go with/use as a reference.

  • Calluna is this gore sitting on breast tissue? Reducing the gore would help that if it is, but just don't go too low, as some of your centre tissue might bulge. I could see doing straps moved in 2cm, lowered gore 1cm, and lowered cups 2 cm.

  • Wilderness1 i don’t think it sits on tissue, no. I’ll have to check again later though. The Lady Grey is 2cm cups and 2cm gore and is a little bit small on my big side, so that’s why I am thinking maybe 1cm lower cups. Although it is AP, it’s a 32FF as you remember, which is a 70H. But I’m not sure if I should just try the lower gore first, or maybe if cups are lower, the gore kind of is automatically reduced a little bit? If the cups are reduced and not the gore, does the shape become a bit more horizontal than plunge? I feel like you have to lower gore if you lower the cups for it to look right, but not necessarily the other way. Lower gore and regular cups is still plungey. I could be wrong though.

  • Do you think they actually did all the alterations you asked for? Maybe your instinct to go down a size and just ask for one alteration might result in a fit you’re happier with?

    I agree with you that the fit looks totally different then the model they have! Looks a lot lower cut in the cups, could be a shape issue, but I can see how you would expect/want a fit more like the picture if you ordered based on that.

  • 1

    braluv since my alterations are minimal, yes, I think they did. I’m sure about the 2x4 hooks because it has that. The straps feel like the others so I can assume that was done. I can’t remember if I asked for a narrower gore or overlapping gore, but it seems to be pretty narrow. I’ll have to check the gore again though. I didn’t ask for any cup alterations as I was trying to identify how much moving the straps affected the cups alone.

  • Moving the straps in sorta closes the cup a bit right? But more so at the top I would think? Do you think it also reduces the overall depth a bit or no?

    Does it bother you when it’s a little bit “gappy” on the top of the cup? Maybe reducing the cup height 1cm might be all you need? Because if you also reduce the gore, it might change the fit too much and create some spillage possibly?

  • 1

    Tighter straps helps with the gap on the smaller side. The straps moved in 2cm is definitely a help with the cups. I feel like I have to reduce the gore if I reduce the height in order to maintain the shape overall. My Lady Grey is a 2cm reduction everywhere and it is a bit small on my big side. Assuming that this is how a true Comexim with the same alterations would fit, I feel like I would be ok with 1cm cups and gore. But I do worry that combination might be a bit small still. It’s hard.

  • Calluna I have some of those alterations with my 3HC cups. You may be able to guestimate what your alterations would do to a cup based on these:
    -Honey cookie: lowered cup height (I asked for them to be lowered "a little", no specific amount), overlapping gore, straps moved in 1cm,65J - Comexim » Honey Cookie 3hc
    -Natalia: lower gore 1-1.5cm, overlapping gore, straps moved in 1 cm, pockets. 65J - Comexim » Natalie Half Cup (491)
    -Gemma: straps moved in 1cm, overlapping gore, 3HC 65HH - Comexim » Gemma Half Cup (hopefully I linked the right 65HH as I had this bra made twice with different alterations. The newest one is the one I'm referring to).

  • Thanks Wilderness1. They definitely help me with the 3HC once I decide to order another one, but I’m still pretty uncertain about the plunge. Having tried your honey cookie, and some of the others, that was a huge help though.

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On Oct 2021 View measurements

Straps slightly too wide, band slightly too tight

Top of the cup:
Wrinkles, can't quite fill it

On Apr 2021 It fit her! View measurements

Band is in the edge of too tight.

On Jun 2020 It fit her! View measurements

Band is in the edge of too tight.

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