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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band73.0
Band Length60.3
Stretch ratio1.2
Cup width13.8
Cup depth22.7
Depth ratio1.6
Wire length23.0
Cup height13.5
Cup separation2.3
Gore height7.3
Wing height8.5
Strap width1.3
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Didn't fit

My shape is soft, narrow and short rooted, and low set.

This bra has been reviewed a thousand times and is discontinued, but I'm reviewing it and posting to the front page anyways. I once bought a used 30FF, which fit well but the lace was floppy (as I know is normal in this bra even when it fits), but the bra was in poor shape when I received it and the band was stretched out. Since my ribcage recently shrunk, I thought I'd give it a go in 28FF, and I got a good deal on this one through (check out the ridiculous box/packaging picture though). This bra fits except I get some bubbling. When I move the lace out of the way it's more obvious. I don't mind a bit of bubbling, as I'd rather bubble than gape or have floppy lace. I marked it as fitting for that reason. There's not much room for centre fullness in this bra. I have less centre fullness now that my boobs shrunk, but even on me I can see that there's not quite enough room. The shape is nice and round, and it's actually fairly narrow for a UK bra. The straps are thin and wimpy, but the band is true to size for a 28. Finally, I feel supported! It was definitely time to try some 28" bands! Wings are too short for me. Aesthetically this bra does nothing for me. It's just a boring beige bra (sorry if you love it, but it's just one girl's opinion), but it offers a nice shape and good comfort, so it'll get well used I'm sure. Plus... beige bras are very practical. Yes... this is a very practical bra.

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    This looks good and is a great nude shade for you! I’ve always been interested to try it because I love my Cleo Hettie and the round shape Cleo is supposed to give, but I see you’re right it does have low wings (which I don’t like). I would also call myself short, soft and low (but average width not super narrow) and I recently fell in love with Freya 4-part half cups like Lauren - just curious have you tried those and what did you think? Hettie and Lucy have worked for me. I have a Piper im on the fence about, and soon to try an Atlanta...

  • Thanks Jolie0216 . I used to have a cleo Hettie and did like it also (I think it was too big or something... can't remember but I got rid of it), but the Lucy didn't work great for me. I'll have to check out Lauren. I've looked at the Piper and would probably try it if it was on sale. I have read on some reviews that it causes a lot of underarm/armpit chaffing? Is that true? And yeah, that new Atlanta is super cute!

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    Do you find it to be projected enough at the wire, or is it a bit shallow? The packaging is ridiculous. How are we supposed to fight for the environment and reduce our footprint when packing is excessive?

  • Calluna hhmm. I don't know. I'd say averagely projected. I wouldn't call it super projected, but it's not quite shallow either. And I know, that box is bigger in person than it looks in the picture too.

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    You don’t have to be an environmental activist to observe that packaging is excessive for a single bra! And it is...usually if I purchase a single bra from somewhere they send in an envelope style package not a box. Why the vitriol?

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    Jolie0216 it's a troll

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    Calluna okay so I've worn it for a half day, and it slid down out of my IMF, so I'm thinking it must be at least moderately shallow at the underwire.

  • Thanks Wilderness1 ! I’ve thought about this one before just for a functional bra but always wondered if it would work.

    josepha I didn’t ask for your opinion. Go troll elsewhere.

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    So, either the troll's comments were removed or they have me blocked lol!
    Wilderness1 despite their habit of calling all their bras of this period "balconnets" Cleo didn't cut them low--so contrary to what you might expect, this is a bra that I'd expect to be almost full-coverage on a person with shorter boobs, not almost-demi-cup coverage like what you are getting. I suspect that is why it's not staying put--it's a just a little too small and your boobs are able to climb out/push it down as you move during the day. I think a 28G would fit without bubbling and the wing height would be more to your liking.

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    Wilderness1 As for the Piper, I’ve worn it all day today and can say there is no underarm chafing. But I’m low set so I’ve never really met a wire too tall! In fact I wish they were higher in almost every bra I have! Piper fits well - when I tried it on I thought the cups a bit small, but maybe I’ve lost weight since then or was on a hormone high tide. Boobs they’re a mystery lol! So I’m definitely keeping. My Atlanta in 30F though was def small in the cup, quadding in both sides. Trying a 30FF tomorrow since I really liked the look a lot, nice low gore!! Usually I’m a pretty solid 30F in Cleo so maybe the Atlanta just runs small....I’ll measure it before I send it back! Piper seems to be cheap on Amazon right now so that’s the only reason I decided to give it a go...but I think 30F will be just fine with it.

  • wendybien they must have been removed because I don't see the comments either now.
    Yeah, I wondered if a 28G would fit better. I used to have the 30FF and I thought it fit a bit small in the cup. Maybe if I find a good price I'll give it a go in a bigger size.
    Jolie0216 I might have to finally give the piper a go then. I'm low set too never have a problem with wings coming up too high. I like the looks of it (though I wish it wasn't a longline, as I don't tent to reach for them as often). Thanks for the recommendations. I'll be interested to see what your Atlanta looks like. Hope it fits you!

  • Troll account is gone.

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    Wilderness1 yep I imagine the reason the sister size of 30FF appeared to be (more) OK is that the band was really loose. Now that you've shrunk in boob volume that cup volume is probably just about right.
    Jolie0216 I am not sure when the Atlanta came out but if it's newer the wings might be fine, if it's older I don't know. All the older Cleos tended to have quite low wings generally because they were cut to appeal to very young full-bust consumers who were assumed to be super paranoid about "matronly" bra construction features (high wings, traditional full cups design, wider straps, 3 or more hooks on the band, etc.) Piper uses sheer materials and colorway to look youthful but it has features that are reminiscent of the main line Panache (Superbra), which embraces that "full support" look. Wing height is no exception--It is hard to compare the Piper measurements to the stats for Cleo oldies since it is a longline, but if you examine the curve that goes from strap attachment to outer wire tip you'll see the difference.

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Fit information

On Jan 2020

Bubbling a tiny bit, not a problem

Underwire length:
Is too short on the side, boobs escape
Top of the cup:
Cuts into breast tissue (quad boob effect)

On Nov 2019

Bubbling a tiny bit, not a problem

Underwire length:
Is too short on the side, boobs escape
Top of the cup:
Cuts into breast tissue (quad boob effect)

This bra didn't fit her, but these did