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I really like this bra and find it comfy. The back is very firm but doesnt dig in. I think it is quite shallow (althogh i am not good assessing such things). I get quite a bit of quad boob at the front and my breasts get squished together but i find it comfortable and very supportive anyway. Actually i know this probably sounds crazy but all my bras that i find most comfortable and supportive sit like this ie i seem to find them most comfortable when they are a fraction small and i get a bit of quad boob. For example the comexim and ewa bras are the same. I dont know if i am the only one who finds this? I sort of feel guilty admitting this as this site is to help find a true fit, and yet i am admitting that what i find most comfortable and most supportive are not perfect fits" alt=";)" />

The centre gore is super low.

This bra is not owned any more

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  • Sincerely, I prefer the bra world when I was wearing a bra several sizes too small. A non-tacking gore is significantly more comfortable than the tacking gores that sit upon 1/3 of each breast because they don't have enough center projection. But, we each can tolerate some things and reject others. I'm just thankful you have comfortable bras :-)

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    Thanks for your comment. I am pleased i am not the only one :)
    I think the most important thing is just to find something that is comfortable. And what is comfortable for one person may not be comfortable for someone else.

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    Comfort is a key feature of fit. If you are more comfortable physically in bras that fit this way, it is because there is some other fit characteristic of the non-quadding bras that is NOT working, i.e. they're not actually a good fit. Can you describe in more detail what part of the bra or what aspect of fit is more comfortable in your slightly quadding bras?

  • Thanks wendybien. Well, i guess that the bras that fit this way i can put on and feel comfortable and not even think about or notice my bra all day! I am not playing with it, fidling with it, adjusting it. Wondering if i should make the straps tighter or looser to make it feel better or maybe put it on a tighter hook or looser or.... Ie this is what happens in other bras. But in Jude and other bras that fit like this, no :)

    I guess they feel firm and my breasts feel supported. If i am running late for work and have to run a bit in these bras i could :) but in others, no....

    I dont have a photo in jude. But here is a photo of me in another bra that fits similar (maybe in jude the quadding is worse, but this photo will still help illustrate). This is a 30e marks and spencer (although as it is a 30 i usually wear it on the middle or tightest hook)

    And another example http:/

    This one is a bit old, but shows the same thing. Infact i almost feel like the more quadding the more supportive and comfortable !!!
    A debenhams bra in 28ff http:/

    I then tried the larger size and found it uncomfortable and not as supportive http:/

    This one is a bit different because it isnt such a plunge shape but still there is quad boob. I didnt keep it but i remember it feeling really supportive so i keep thinking maybe i might buy it afterall http:/

    And a previous experience with curvy kate (although this was a few years ago so i dont know if it would fit exactly the same now. And i think i heard that the fit/shape has recently been changed slightly??)


    I remember in the 28ff i thought it was supportive but too small. But then the 28g i no longer liked the shape, the look, wasnt as supportive http:/

    I recently tried some more curvy kate as i had heard that the shape of these were different and it seemed like it might actually fit.....but no. The quadding was fine but not as comfortable. You can see there is some wrinkling in the cup. This was a pretty good fit for me. Much closer to fitting than i usually find. But i know if i had kept it i would have been constantly adjusting the straps and fiddling to try and make it feel better.

    Sorry for writing so much! But it would be amazing to figure out what could actually fit and be comfortable! As over the years i have bought and returned so many bras. Plus the draw full of bras i kept because it cost more to return than it was worth or i thought it almost fit or i liked it so i kept it even though it didnt fit etc etc. So a draw full of bras i dont like and dont wear. I am sure lots of people on this site relate to this ;)

  • ok so the feeling you describe is how a properly fitting bra should feel, so if your non-quadding bras do NOT provide that feeling of being secure and supported then they do not actually fit! Perhaps you've been wearing cups that are too large in overall volume? This can happen when someone has roots that are wider or taller than average, or is more projected than average, leading her to size up to a larger than optimal size to fit that one breast dimension that's greater than what bra cup designers had in mind. Other possible causes could be choosing cups that are too low-coverage to firmly support the entire breast mass, or a band that is too stretchy, too large or too thin.

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Top of the cup:
Cuts into breast tissue (quad boob effect)

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